Australia Abandons Covid-19 Vaccine Which Included Part of AIDS Virus as ‘Stabilizer’

"Some participants recorded false positive HIV test results"

“A small component of the experimental drug was derived from the human immunodeficiency virus, also known as HIV. It is used to give the vaccine stability”

Clinical trials of a COVID-19 vaccine being developed by Australia’s University of Queensland in partnership with biotech company CSL have been abandoned after participants returned false positive HIV test results. The treatment was a key part of Australia’s response to the pandemic, and the government had signed a deal to buy 51 million doses.

Vaccines typically take years of painstaking research to develop, but COVID-19 has sent scientists around the world racing to find an effective treatment.

The Australian government was no different, but it has announced the sudden termination of clinical trials of a vaccine being developed at the University of Queensland.

A small component of the experimental drug was derived from the human immunodeficiency virus, also known as HIV. It is used to give the vaccine stability, helping it to recognize and then neutralize the coronavirus. Some participants recorded false positive HIV test results. Researchers have stressed that the treatments are harmless and do not expose patients to the risk of disease.

Biotech giant CSL, which has worked alongside the university team in Queensland, has insisted the vaccine had a “strong safety profile.”

Phase one clinical trials involving 216 people began in July. Phases two and three have been canceled.

The University of Queensland vaccine was one of four potential coronavirus treatments secured by the Australian government for potential use next year, including the Oxford University-AstraZeneca drug.

“At no stage we believed all four of those vaccines would likely get through that process,” said Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. “If that had occurred that would have been truly extraordinary based on the process of vaccine development not only in this country but anywhere else. So, that is why we spread our risk. The advice we have received is that the University of Queensland vaccine will not be able to proceed based on the scientific advice and that will no longer feature as part of Australia’s vaccine plan.”

Morrison said the decision to end the trial should give “Australians great assurance that we are proceeding carefully” toward a COVID-19 vaccine.

But some experts fear it could damage public confidence in the inoculation program.

The government has said Australia’s vaccine agreements will be enough to cover the entire population of 25 million people, even if one or two candidates proved unsuccessful.

Australia has recorded 28,000 coronavirus cases since the pandemic began, and 908 people have died, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

Source: Voice of America

  1. ke4ram says

    Voice of America… Yeah,,, never ending BS. Sorry,,, I hate to bring the sad news,,, there is no such thing as an AIDS virus. The drug AZT was the likely killer. Death rates down after they stopped using it.

    Edit: Check out Dr. Robert Wilner who injected himself with the supposed HIV. They used the PCR test for that as well. In Japan, Aids is rare but a quarter of their population “tested” positive for HIV. Sound familiar?

    From Kerry Mullis inverter of the PCR test:
    “If you think a virus is the cause of AIDS, do a control without it…. it hasn’t been done. The epidemiology of AIDS is a pile of anecdotal stories, selected to fit the virus/AIDS hypothesis…”

    Both are alleged to have died from a heart attack…. Mullis died just four months before the launce of Covid.

    1. tomonthebay says

      Another HIV/AIDS denier. Complete idiocy.

    2. mothman777 says

      There is much truth in what you say, but the earlier accounts talked of a ‘weaponized’ form of HIV 1, though I have read this sort of thing also, that like those with flu or a broken leg who also test ‘positive’ for COVID-19, as absolutely anyone can, and are then written up as COVID deaths to bump up the numbers to justify the murder vaccine, so many people, dying from starvation, antiobiotic abuse, drug abuse and so on are written up as AIDS deaths.

      I have read that HIV is actually a pretty harmless and highly common retrovirus, that is why they have everyone searching for a cure for it as a red herring, so that all resources are completely wasted looking for a cure via that means, whilst the real agent causing that condition does its intended work without interference from any ‘do-gooders’ as HIV has nothing to do with AIDS, after all, everyone gets cold-sores sometimes, so they could conflate that with AIDS too if they wanted with a clever bunch of bent statisticians.

      Many people who have AIDs do not test positive for HIV and many who test positive for HIV do not develop AIDS, and some with full-blown AIDS just spontaneously just cure themselves, and their blood is worth a fortune to drugs companies.

      And then again of course the man who claimed to have isolated the genome of the HIV that allegedly causes AIDS was convicted of fraud. They are having a laugh.


    Idiots think anybody with a brain taking this
    it is now my duty to stop this with deadly force
    Agents move at your own risk

  3. abinico says

    Vaccine stability? WTF is that?

  4. mothman777 says

    And if you believe HIV was added as a stabilizer (to create a more stable rigor mortis perhaps?) then you will believe anything at all. If it is indeed harmless then why take it out? Taking it out is a kind of admission of guilt surely.

    These vaccines and the variants of the specially-produced COVID-19 bioweapon were all produced and experimented with many years ago says Igor Shepherd, a former Russian biowarfare scientist who was working on mRNA weaponized vaccines himself before he became a whistle blower.

    Moderna claims their vaccine was developed within 2 days of apparently receiving the complete genome for COVID-19 from the Chinese, yet other nations do not seem to really know the genome of COVID-19.

    The even more surprising fact is that Moderna say it took them just 3 hours within those two days to actually design the vaccine. When it normally takes 15 years to design and test a vaccine, do you believe that?

    I think they have had the Moderna vaccine already for around the past 15 years, and that they have been thoroughly testing many potential vaccine weapon formulas as well on ‘unwilling’ test subjects on military bases far away from prying eyes, or on unwitting hospital patients who doctors experiment on without the patient knowing at all, a extra little something in a cannula feed or in an injection here and there?

    See ‘The Great Culling’ by Jesse Ventura, this is what is happening right now, if anyone takes the vaccine, they are toast, sooner or later.

    And of course, if they don’t get a COVID passport they won’t even be able to do much in their own country, to absolutely compel people to take the vaccine, but they never went to all this fuss over TB which still kills more people in the world than any other infectious disease, a real indication there that something is very wrong with all this assertion that for this one disease, we must have not only a world-wide vaccine, but a completely new and untested mRNA type of vaccine. What could possibly go wrong?

    You can see how pigs eating GMO foods with modified mRNA have vastly increased numbers of abortions, still births, and even produce just bags of water sometimes instead of baby piglets. They have mentioned some possibility of sterility in some women from having the Pfizer vaccine, obviously, there is something very wrong, but will many of the people have the courage to confront their Stasi governments over this on the eve of their intended extermination? I think that not enough people will protest in any sufficient numbers to actually bring about a policy change, and because of that, the most awful kinds of coercion will be used to make everyone accept the vaccine and do everything else that the NWO world government will start to demand from that point on.

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