As Much as the Western Political Class Is Loathe to Admit It Russia-China Is an Alliance, and an Alliance of Equals

In fact so far it is Russia which has been dramatically boosting China's power than the other way around

Do you recall this?

Or this:

Putin’s Shame: Russia Is Becoming China’s Junior Partner.

Or many other things of similar nature, so you get the gist of propaganda which was pushed for years at Western and, by design, Chinese, Russian and other consumers of Western mass-media sewer and “analysis”.

While I may disagree (and radically at that) with Saker’s definition of Russian-Chinese relations as symbiotic and as double helix, I feel a need to address the latest events in Russian-Chinese relations and namely a stunning revelation by Vladimir Putin that Russia effectively builds a Chinese (SRPN) Missile Attack Early Warning System. But not only that, once one considers WHAT military and civilian technology Russia increasingly begins to offer for export.

It is an established fact that Chinese economy is about four-five times larger than that of Russia, with Chinese population being 10 times that of Russia. It is also an established fact that Western assessment methods of the actual power of the states are an institutionalized fraud built around dubious at best, deliberate lying at worst, criteria, which are also aggravated with, pardon my French, very shitty so called “intelligence.”  So, in order to measure actual power and status of the state one must be able to unify economic, soft and military power much of which rests with what time after time, using numbers and opinions of people of such scale as Sergei Lavrov, always comes down to Corelli Barnett’s prophetic:

...power of the nation-state by no means consist only in its armed forces, but also in its economic and technological resources; in the dexterity, foresight and resolution with which its foreign policy is conducted; in the efficiency of its social and political organization. It consists most of all in the nation itself, the people, their skills, energy, ambition, discipline, initiative; their beliefs, myths and illusions. And it consists, further, in the way all these factors are related to one another.

In modern world it is the ability to build machines, amazing machines, which counts hugely towards the status and real power. I addressed not for once this issue. Time to address again. Russia produces machines China cannot. Those machines unlike undeniably impressive China’s commercial technologies, such as 5G, massive commercial shipbuilding or high-speed trains, directly change global balance of power.

Russia has a state-of-the-art system which enhances China’s global position dramatically, in fact, in revolutionary way, Russia shares (some of) this system with China–this is unprecedented historically. Chinese know that, they also know that it will be Russian aerospace industry, through joint venture which will produce CR-929 with Russia responsible for wing, center section and PD-35 engines for this aircraft. And, of course, Russia supplying domestic versions of Su-35 and S-400 to China.

The question which MUST be asked here is not who is “junior” or “senior” partner in this now almost official alliance, but what technologies and machines Russia is NOT exporting to China. Once this issue is pondered, one will stop driving this propaganda BS about Russia being a “junior” partner. This is not how it works and it becomes increasingly clear that it is Russia’s technologies which increasingly drive the emerging security arrangement of Eurasia and globally. China, of course, contributes too, not least through mutual cooperation, such as direct investment into Russia and trade. Enough to take a look at some of the massive gigantic cranes at new Russia’s monstrous shipyard Zvezda in the Far East, those cranes and control systems were made in China.

This dated photo merely shows cyclopic Chinese-made cranes, the area today is occupied by the hulls of few new Aframax tankers being built at Zvezda. So, in general, Russian-Chines cooperation, including military one develops extremely well.

Obviously, for the combined West which sees the surrounding world only as a place for zero-sum interactions, such a level of relations is simply beyond the grasp. But latest events have shown that “revelation” in terms of Russia’s technologies will continue and they will continue to shake and reshape the world in the most profound way. So much for a “junior” partner.

So, West’s propaganda campaign, against Russian-Chinese relations failed miserably and, in the end, can West provide China with what Russia can–an enhanced security? No, in fact, it becomes increasingly clear that there are no machines in the West which can do that, especially against newly emerging technologies. As, forgive me, I predicted years ago.

Source: Reminscence of the Future

  1. Charles Homer says

    Here is an article that looks at recent developments in China’s missile program:

    China is well on the way to creating a scenario where it will be increasingly difficult to remove the nation as a world power.

  2. John C Carleton says

    China has led the world before, thousands of years before folks in America, Russia, the Isles learned to bath and rid their huts of vermin.

    China takes her place once more as the world leader.
    Russia best stay on her good side.
    Might start by stopping supporting the evil of Israhell and ISIS.

    You know that trouble Israhell and her Rat masters stir up which is being imported into some areas of China?

    Don’t think China will put up with that Micky mouse betrayal from an “allied power” for very much longer.

    1. Kapricorn4 says

      But now Trump claims that he has made a trade deal with Xi to allow western banks to invade China as financial vampire squids to rob the Chinese people.

      1. John C Carleton says

        One should not think the Red Shield dragon has not bought or compromised high ups in the Chinese “government”.
        But China does things differentially, and when the Chinese people identify those who are betraying them, they will be dealt with, Chinese style.

        The trickster trumpeter has to ask permission from Tel Aviv, which has to get permission from THE CITY OF LONDON, (Red Shield dragon’s lair), for the obese blowhard to take a leak in the Oval Office head.

      2. John C Carleton says
      3. Canosin says

        harharhar harharharhar…… you made me laugh…..
        China will absorb these squids for food….. a delicious delicacy…..

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