As Many as Three Nations Flock to Empire’s Anti-Iran Naval Force

Britain, Australia and...Bahrain

Change Bahrain for Poland and you have the four idiot governments that invaded Iraq in 2003

Heavily courting NATO, EU member nations, and other global powers, the US initially presented this back in July as a huge deal. In the end, they managed to get three other participants, Britain, Australia, and Bahrain.

Many nations were very public in rejecting the idea of joining the operation, both in that they don’t envision Iran posing a threat to their ships in the first place, and particularly in that in joining the US fleet they’d be making themselves a target if the US escalates this into a war.

Indeed, even this paltry collection of participants was inflated by Britain announcing their own fleet, recruiting for it, and then folding it into the US version when it became apparent there was so little interest.


  1. Ilya says

    It is sad that the chihuahua needs to bark so loudly.

  2. ArcAngel says

    The “losers” can go and ‘hang out” with the floating duck USS Abraham Lincoln. Cowardly on station 600 km away from the area of concern.
    The US of Insanity should just stop, as they are becoming quite the laughing stock, and my stomach hurts so much laughing so hard.
    I thought Orangeman Trumplestein was a howl… Mike “Pompass” is a walking talking clownish idiot of 3 Ring Circus fame.
    Britain still has a fleet- go figure!

  3. Mary E says

    Loser Washington can’t get the help it desperately needs because everyone else is either still in the nuclear deal with Iran and/or don’t have any problems getting their ships in and our of the Hormuz Strait….the US has got itself into a sticky situation being the aggressor in a matter that doesn’t even qualify for military action – but the US uses their military as forceful diplomats…no talking for them..they know they would lose any argument they got into…

  4. JustPassingThrough says


    See it while it’s still there.

  5. John C Carleton says

    Poison ivy, has a three pronged leaf.

  6. edwin says

    That’s really a great backup. 3 looser countries, 4 tugs, and a few row boats. All helping out. Wonder what that little program cost them. But at least the area is shallow.

  7. Peter Five-Oh says

    Britain didn’t learn in their last confrontation with the Iranian Navy and will have to back down again. Or lose their first Navy ship since the Falkland Island War.

  8. thomas malthaus says

    Who else but Israel, John Bolton, and Mike (lying, cheating, stealing) Pompeo would obstruct these discussions?

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