As Covid Deaths Hit Zero San Francisco Brings Back Force-Backed Muzzles

Woohoo! The holy sacrament of the virus cult is back!

San Francisco was one of seven Bay Area counties that announced Monday it would be reimposing a mask requirement for all indoor public settings following a rise in COVID-19 infections.

The Associated Press said the new restriction comes as public health officials struggle to contain “the highly contagious delta variant.”

“It is unfortunate we have to do this at this point in the pandemic. None of us wanted to be here,” said Dr. George Han, deputy health officer for Santa Clara County. “But the virus has changed.”

Sundari Mase, interim health officer for Sonoma County, said the delta variant accounts for roughly 95 percent of new COVID cases in the region.

“We are facing a much more aggressive and contagious opponent right now,” Mase said.

Government statistics show that 93 percent of San Francisco residents over the age of 65 are at least partially vaccinated (86 percent are fully vaccinated), while 84 percent of all residents over 12 are at least partially vaccinated.

San Francisco is just one of numerous local governments across the country that has passed or is considering passing new restrictions, as average daily cases in the US have crept back up to 80,000, a figure not seen since February.

Fortunately, though the delta variant may indeed be a more contagious opponent, it’s also proving to be a less deadly one, as data show the rise in cases has not been accompanied with a corresponding surge in mortality. Nationally, average daily deaths remain near pandemic lows at about 350 (per the 7-day rolling average), about half of what it was in mid-April and about one-tenth of the pandemic peak reached in January.

This is particularly true of San Francisco, where COVID mortality has all but disappeared. In fact, the current 7-day rolling average COVID death count is zero.

Source: FEE

  1. yuri says

    amerikans described: “over-conformist semi-automatons”. David Riesman

  2. GMC says

    Yep, turn those centrifuges up to 40 on the dial and watch all those positive tests – race in. Doctor Han and Sundari Mase – You’re Fired !

  3. Mark says

    You have to admire American persistence; if you cannot achieve herd immunity with more than 85% of the population vaccinated, then herd immunity is unachievable and if you continue to see hundreds of ‘cases’ then your ‘vaccine’ is not working. But the answer is cloth non-surgical masks?

    It is plainly a punishment inflicted to increase peer pressure on the unvaccinated, because they are being blamed for ‘this dreadful disease’ not being wiped out. Typical that liberal California would be a leader in ennforcing Democratic doctrine.

    Ask yourself this – if all the globalists claim that the earth is unsustainably overpopulated…why are they fighting a war against death, and trying to save every life, even those who have already surpassed the natural lifespan?

  4. Sally Snyder says

    As shown in this article, there is one very serious side effect to the COVID-19 vaccines that is not being discussed as part of informed consent with those being vaccinated:

    It is interesting that this adverse side effect has been listed on the National Institutes of Health (Fauci’s employer) website since March 2021 but has received no coverage by the mainstream media.

  5. Raptar Driver says

    Typical, the bay area is home to the most egregious perverts in the country.

  6. ken says

    As the virus is not real,,, the tests unreliable at best, and the data totally juiced up. None of this is necessary in a ‘real’ epidemic. Seven billion people are under siege and from what I see are assisting with the demicide.

    Everyone from the medical doctors, government, social media, websites, businesses and church are involved with this worldwide attempt of mass murder by forcing a experimental concoction of unknown substances to be injected into their body. So far in 7 months tens of thousands are dead and millions maimed,,, yet the relentless march to death continues.

    A website I used to go to that gave reasonably decent information on this siege has now flipped and is posting articles that make light of the murderous injection.

    Not being a religious man I have however come to the belief that Mr. Evil himself does in fact exist. Yes, it is a few bonehead billionaires pushing this but it take a special kind of evil to get 80-90 pct of the population behind their own demise. Especially when there is absolute proof the virus has not been proven to exist and that the test has been carelessly used to promote the narrative.

    Now they are admitting all of this and it doesn’t seem to faze anyone. In Alberta the health authority has admitted no isolate is available thus proving the virus is fictional.

    The CDC has come out and admitted the test cannot distinguish between the flu and the covid. Since the covid is fake it goes without saying that everyone has been locked down, wearing masks, unsocial distancing and shooting up a gene therapy concoction over the flu or a cold.

    An internal Phizer document shows the [vaccine] does nothing to stop the deaths or the spread. But again,,, it’s out there but ignored.

    Doctor, after doctor, after doctor are trying to explain the truth only to be cancelled and censored. The people see all of this yet ignore it.

    Not only are they killing you with the injection but thousands are also dying from lack of medicine the evil powers are withholding. Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectim and a new cure from Ely Lilly. Folks,,, this is medical murder.

    Killing babies via abortion isn’t satisfying enough,,, 82% of pregnant women in their first trimester aborted after taking the injection. Why a real mother would volunteer her children for this is a mystery to me.

    Corporations forcing their employees to take the kill shot not caring that it is against the law,,, worse,,, not caring if they die or are harmed. Congress critters are out there begging private businesses to force the injection and to enforce vaxx papers.

    Law enforcement around the world are beating and killing people enforcing the lockdowns. Leaders of nations like the Philippines are forcing the shots on everyone including children or jailing them if they refuse. The creep even come out and told them to leave the country if they didn’t like it.

    In Canada they are arresting preachers for having an assembly. This reinforces my belief that this is a spiritual war and the bad guys are winning hands down.

    What to do? Only thing I can come up with is to refuse to do anything they want. Other then that the human species as we know it will disappear and any left will live a miserable life.

  7. Jerry Hood says

    Satan Francisco is the fag capital of the world, and nomone gives a damn about that queer and dykes , twisted populace!

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