Are Athletes Dying From Heart Issues at an Increased Rate in 2021?

Inflammation-causing injection meets long-standing occupational hazard

Many such stories in the news space. What is the cause?

On the one hand, particularly footballers collapsing from heart issues has been a thing for decades.

On the other, covid injections that have marked 2021 irrefutably cause heart inflammation. So much so that in some countries young men and teenagers are told to forsake taxing physical activity for days or weeks after getting the injection.

Possibility A: The frequency of athlete deaths due to heart complications is at the same level it has always been, it is merely that people are now much more sensitive to these deaths, and they get more attention.

Possibility B: The inflammation-causing mRNA has indeed heightened the frequency of cardiac deaths among those who tax their hearts the most as part of their occupation.

Which one is it?

It would be great (and invaluable to athletes) to have a survey that would look at this question systematically. So far we only have compilations of anecdotes.

    1. ken says

      Yeah,,, but it isn’t the usual experts! We have to have government tell us something is happening before it’s official. The same governments that are usually the culprits.

      Amazing eh…. The government kills you but one has to have government confirmation that government killed you! (lol)

      The ‘investigating’ urinalists today go to government sites for confirmation….. Maybe Gates, Schwab and their merry men have a valid point in eliminating us…. After all,,, they haven’t given one shot,,, killed one old useless eater,,, built one quarantine aka concentration camp or beat the living hell out of people not following the ‘rules’.

      We have…..

    2. guest says

      Gladiators are dime-dozen. There are plenty more where they came from.

      In any case, didn’t they ask for a vaccine ?

  1. Mr Reynard says

    Hmm.. Funny ??
    ‘Devastating news’: Aussie cricket great in ICU after stroke at 44

    But if you read the article , nowhere mention of Covidiot Vaccine ??
    It is reality that sportspersons have to be vaccinated ?
    Make your own opinion on that ?

  2. Chacko Kurian says

    Just wonder how long more before even the true believers will be forced to admit that the vaccines causing plenty of adverse effects far worse than the disease it was supposed to cure. Big question is intended or unintended consequences? I know what to believe.
    There will be hell to pay for when the majority wake up.

    1. Chacko Kurian says

      Only problem I can see is that the useful idiots for the NWO are the ones who will be hauled off to some courts for trial. The real perpetrators will be positioned as the good ones. Look at the Nuremberg trials, many of the real culprits were seen as heroes, the useful idiots like the Nazi hierarchy taking all the blame. One good examplethe Rothschild bankers who were financing both sides, not just making a killing but pretty much controlling the world financial systems.

  3. ken says

    So the article is implying that the same people doing the killing need to do a survey. That until people with PhD’s, and other professionals tell us this is happening it is more conspiracy theory. We are totally brainless until the experts speak!

    And has anyone noticed that just about all headlines mentioning any deaths is always phrased as a question.

    And finally using Wikipedia as a reference. Yep,,, nothing but the straight scoop from Wiki!

    Today we have city buses with advertisements “Kids have heart attacks too”… I’m sure just a coincidence.

    The Genius Martin Armstrong wonders why Gates and Schwab are doing all this.

    It seems most don’t want to think these jerks want us dead when it is exactly what they want. Going on 19,000 dead in US and they are still punishing people for not shooting up…. Does this sound like they care for us…… For Gods sake. Get real!

    1. Art says

      It’s a psychological operation. It is not a health pandemic. You know this. The number of deaths you mention (only between 1 to 10% of the actual) is the best you’re ever going to get. That number will fade and disappear. Only deaths by PCR’s COVID will continue. Anti-Empire suckered people in the beginning of this false narrative, and now it prints this kind of bull shit regularly.

  4. FedUpWithBS says

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  5. raymond lambert says

    These super fit sportsmen should face a fine if they took the covid shots and are now attempting to disscredit it by falling ill or worse!

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