‘Approximately 65% of Our Student Body Is Vaccinated. Because of That, I Teach Gripped by Fear’

"I’ve felt like a frustrated, triple-vaxxed, double-masked observer in the ninth circle of hell"



Earlier this semester, many students at the school where I teach in Los Angeles confessed to me and each other that, on more than one occasion, they’ve faked results for the COVID tests they are required to take each week. They do this by converting the PDF of their results to a Word document and then changing the dates. When I asked why, one student just shrugged and said, “It’s less of a hassle.” I suppose this explains why the COVID testing sites on campus are seldom crowded (even though students are required to be tested regardless of vaccination status) and the school’s COVID updates remain stagnant.

I tried this scam myself weeks ago. When I approached the security guard at the entrance kiosk where students and teachers are checked for symptoms and test results, I felt like I was hiding a ticking bomb — not a doctored test result ― in my briefcase (though maybe it’s the same thing). The guard glanced quickly at the document and waved me through. It was that easy. I do, in fact, get tested every week for COVID ― because I care about the health and safety of the people I work with and teach ― but I’ve frequently shown altered test results over the past several weeks to see if I’d ever get stopped. It’s never happened and, as far as I know, no one else has ever been stopped either.

Am I happy about this? Hell no! I contacted the administration at my school but, as far as I can tell, there have been no changes to procedures and tests are still being doctored. As Albert Einstein once said, “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do bad things, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” Meanwhile, in California, COVID cases for those 17 and under have surpassed cases reported for those over 65.

According to our union representative, approximately 65% of our student body is vaccinated. Because of that, I teach gripped by fear — fear of the five or six unvaccinated students in each class of 35 to 40 students sitting less than 2 feet from each other; fear of the reckless students who blatantly and constantly let their masks slip off their faces; fear of the untested students; fear of the students who are doctoring their test results; and fear for the exhausted teachers and other school employees who have to deal with this on a daily basis.

Sadly, this fear now informs how I teach. I can be in the middle of a lecture on Dante’s “Divine Comedy” and right in the middle of discussing the labyrinth of circles and sub-circles in the “Inferno,” I will spot a transgressor.

He sits five seats to my left with his nose poking out of his mask. He’s just inches away from the student in front of him. Rather than concentrating on divine justice and the punishment measured for hell’s many sinners, I’m focused on a sinner right here with me and I transform into Minos seated at the entrance of the second circle of hell.

“Can you please pull up your mask and cover your nose?” I growl like a beast, fire spewing from the sides of my KN95 mask.

There’s not much else I can do. Until the district’s vaccine mandate for all students over 12 goes into effect in January, my hands and the hands of my fellow teachers are tied. Without the support of our administration, some students will remain untested and continue to provide doctored test results to get into school. The health and safety of everyone in my school ― and I’m guessing many other schools ― will continue to be at risk. And why? Because people are too lazy to get tested? Because the school district doesn’t know how ― or isn’t properly equipped ― to enforce the testing requirements it put in place? Because people still believe that COVID isn’t a big deal or that vaccines are dangerous, despite what we’ve all seen with our own eyes over the last 20 months?

In ”De vulgari eloquentia,” Dante makes it quite clear that in order for any community to successfully work together, communication and listening are paramount. A few days ago, I listened to the chants of anti-mask and anti-vaccine protesters outside our school. I wonder if any of them listened to news about the 88,000 COVID cases in children aged 12 to 17 and the 26,300 deaths due to COVID in Los Angeles alone so far — or the 4.79 million COVID cases and 70,160 COVID deaths in the state of California.

Listening requires courage. Processing what we’ve heard and taking action takes even more courage. Sometimes we hear ugly details ― things we don’t want to hear ― but we must face them for anything to change.

I think Dante would sum up what’s happening at my school by saying that people have “lost the good of intellect.” Without it, people do not have the wherewithal to figure out the right thing to do. Dante, who believed that criticism is necessary for the health of a society, was exiled from his beloved Florence because he challenged power by speaking the truth.

Now, I am doing the same. I tried to call attention to the COVID testing results scam happening in my school and nothing happened. I’ve felt like a frustrated, triple-vaxxed, double-masked observer in the ninth circle of hell ― the one reserved for the kind of sinners who betray their humanity and fail to recognize the deadly toll of this pandemic. But I can’t merely observe any longer. I’m hoping this essay might amplify my voice. I’m hoping someone might finally listen to me and do something.

Note: Due to concerns regarding privacy and safety, J.S. Heaney is a pseudonym.

Source: The Huffington Post

  1. ken says

    I do, in fact, get tested every week for COVID ― because I care about the health and safety of the people I work with and teach”

    Com’on,,, this is from the Babylon Bee… yes?

    And why would Mr. Heaney be a pseudonym? This is inline with the government mantra! He should be a proud covid lunatic. Now it is minutely possible everything he is saying is said sarcastically. If so my apologies,,, learn how to write and convey your emotions.

    Obviously a place mat aka a teacher that teaches fear. Does he notice that all his students are still there,,, not dropping dead at their desks. Does he investigate…. no. He is a teacher after all and already knows it all,,, has a piece of paper to prove it! Turns on CNN when he gets home and soaks up government bullshit. Can’t call it propaganda because the quality is so poor its laughable. A five year old could discern their lies. But today the intelligentsia don’t have the intelligence of that five year old and that five year old won’t have it either when he graduates as any intelligence he had is ripped out in 12-16 years of government skools by teachers like this.

    If he has had the killshots then he had better be careful this winter.I imagine if he was to come down with ADE caused by the shots he would ignorantly accuse those students faking the tests just before dying.

    Those tests are dangerous. Many injuries from idiots that are not trained. Only a small membrane between the swab and your brain. Many infections. An interesting note,,, They have immunized cattle through the nose so with today’s liars in government, no telling what is on those swabs.

    This essay expresses a special kind of stupidity,,, one of many found on the Huffing and Puffing Post. Articles showing any resemblance to intelligence is purely accidental.

    1. Len says

      Yeah, I had to double check to see if it was the Babylon Bee. These people don’t live in reality.

  2. XSFRGR says

    I think this teacher is a fear crazed lunatic, but that’s common among teachers who tend to be on power trips. It’s hell for teachers when students begin to wake up to the hoax that’s destroying their lives.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      When I was a student 70 years ago, those so called teachers of today then, would have been locked in a secure mental institution …

    2. guest says

      If any of you stood along some road, or in a park, with a sign protesting lockdowns or facemasks, you know that there are many (many) beings like that among us.  They actually believe they are in mortal danger from you. Until now they didn’t have the opportunity, the license & encouragement from the government.

  3. Klipfisk says

    How could such an idiot be responsible for teaching anything to other people? Another good argument for home schooling…

    1. Unseen Sabis says

      Centralization + Credentialization

      In the early development of US Public Schooling, the local School Teacher was hired by a town council who selected someone who met the criteria of the local norms and standards, and evinced some reliability and intelligence.

      Today, these candidates are all eliminated unless they have completed indoctrination academies as a prerequisite, that are now DEFINED by refusal of local norms and standards.

      The ‘credentialed’ are no longer paid at the discretion of committee’s composed of local citizens, but through mandatory, direct taxation levies, which are not negotiable because they are enforced by centralized beaurocracy.

      While centralization ensures consistency and efficiency, it remains that what you are making consistent and efficient will evolve or devolve over time, because, what the social engineers failed to disclose, is that all social norms by design continue to engage in ‘discrimination’, as a means to enforced cohesion. Only what you are enforcing is actually contested.

  4. Emmet John Sweeney says

    Imagine pricks like this actually allowed to teach young people.

  5. TRM says

    Someone should tell this idiot that vaccinated people still get covid and still transmit it to others. What a joke. And this clown is teaching? What? Uncritical thought?

    I find the best way to get people to think about “vax-ports” is to ask them:

    “How many shots are you going to take?”

    Then tell them the following:

    “Canada has bought 135 million MORE shots for 38 million people. That’s 3 MORE each plus extra for spoilage and waste”

    Then follow up with:

    “Israel just took away privileges from 1.5 million people for refusing the 3rd injection. They’ve announced the 4th is coming. Lithuania is the same but announcing the 4th & 5th shots”

    And finally leave them with this thought:

    “You can say “NO” at zero injections or you can say “NO” at 3, 4, 5 and the result is the same. When you REFUSE you lose all your PRIVILEGES because you have NO RIGHTS. You gave them away when you agreed to the vaccine passport”

    The deer in the headlights is obvious. Some deny but you can see the gears kicking into action in the vast majority.

    How many shots are you going to take? Say “NO” now or just leave your sleeve rolled up and be a pin cushion for experimental gene therapy injections.

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