Riot in Belgium After Teen Riding a Scooter in Lockdown-Anderlecht Killed in Police Chase (VIDEO)

The fuzz fled and left a police van and a gun to the outraged youthful citizens

Young inhabitants continued to make their outrage at the zealotry of the police felt across the night

The mayor of a Brussels neighborhood has called for calm and promised a full probe after a teen died while fleeing police enforcing the city’s coronavirus lockdown. The accident sparked riots leading to dozens of arrests.

Anderlecht, a neighborhood of Brussels, descended into chaos on Saturday following the death of a 19-year-old. The teen, who was riding a scooter, reportedly collided with a police van on Friday while trying to evade officers patrolling the streets for potential violators of the Belgian capital’s coronavirus lockdown.

Youths angry at the authorities used rocks to break police station windows and set fires, Mayor Fabien Cumps told local media on Sunday morning. The riots have resulted in at least 57 arrests so far. Cumps argued that the mob “clearly didn’t come to gather in memory of young [man], they came to be violent.” The city official said in a message posted to Facebook that he visited the young victim’s family and would ensure an independent investigation into the tragic incident.

A video posted on social media shows a group of men attacking a police van. The furious crowd is seen smashing the vehicle’s windows. Belgian outlet RTL reported that a gun was stolen from inside the van.

Belgium ordered a nationwide lockdown on March 18 in response to the global coronavirus pandemic. The measures prohibit all non-essential activities. The country, which headquarters the government of the European Union, has registered nearly 30,000 cases of Covid-19, resulting in 3,600 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Source: RT

  1. Emmet Sweeney says

    Wondered how long it would take for this to start. Surprised it’s taken so long. One response from the cowardly bullies who govern our societies is to let the immigrant communities to do what they want, whilst terrorising the natives. That, a far as I’m aware, has already been happening in many parts of Europe and America. Expect it to continue and become more prevalent.

  2. Canosin says

    muslims……north African and Arab Muslims again and again and again and again……..why is it that these boils are not eradicated? why keeping them in the society……send them back to their home countries…..let them try out there what these vermins are doing in all of Europe……would these parasites dare there doing the same?

    1. itchyvet says

      Europe, and Brussels which is the EPI center of the European Union, is accountable for the plight of the countries destroyed by their policies and actions, depriving these people of earning a living and the destruction of their economies/homes/cities. It is NATO, which has destroyed Libya and forced many of the victims of their actions to seek a better life after their was deliberately destroyed by YOUR nation and it’s partners. Therefore, it’s only right, that you be at the end of the blowback, of what you caused in their countries. L.O.L. Maybe the next time, you think you can bomb another country into the dark ages, you MIGHT have a rethink of the outcomes of what your proposing. I say MAYBE, because I can’t see any common sense coming from the European Union at all these days.

      1. Canosin says

        I always pledge for the dissolution of the criminal NATO and EU…….and I am not a fan of western imposed so called “democracy ” upon other countries under the cover of a humanitarian intervention in the MENA countries…….however, I am not a fan of the criminals coming from those countries either……

        1. itchyvet says

          Of course, until you’ve walked a mile, in some of these people’s shoes, you can have no understanding at all, of the depredations these people have endured. Rest assured, if you’ve been in their shoes, you will discover there is no such thing as LAW or fairness.
          Let’s face it, where is the LAW, when it comes to their homes being bombed, and innocent people being butchered in the streets, when their homes and livelihood destroyed, under bogus ILLEGAL pretexts. I’ve been in war, I know what it entails, rest assured the biggest criminals are the ones waging the bloody war in the first place. Maybe YOU could enlighten the victims, how they should respond to all the above, seeings as you don’t support them in their hour of need ? B.T.W. the MENA countries you mention, are not the only countries suffering from such attacks. WHY have you singled them out ???

          1. Canosin says

            because these are the main countries from where the scumbags are coming from….you may call me a racist…don`t care…
            btw…..quote from your above
            “”””until you’ve walked a mile, in some of these people’s shoes, you can have no understanding at all, of the depredations these people have endured. Rest assured, if you’ve been in their shoes, you will discover there is no such thing as LAW or fairness”””
            I ask you: have you ever been in one of their countries yourself? have you ever been working/living in one of these countries??

            if not, you better stfu……I was working more than 30 years in those countries….at least I can share quite a lot of own experience…..I know about what I am talking about

    2. Per says

      To daft to see the difference btween a human and a takfir eh.?.
      Now fuck off back to whatever hellhole ukrop MIGA lovers like you come from.

      1. Canosin says

        you had too much booze eh?

      2. cechas vodobenikov says

        u cannot cure racism—some parents do not care to civilize their children

        1. Per says

          Sad but true.

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