Anti-Empire Was Down for 9 Hours

Anti-Empire was down for 9 hours earlier today. If you tried visiting the server displayed the message “It appears you don’t have permission to access this page.”

This had several people writing in thinking they had been banned. That wasn’t the case.

What happened was that the hosting company suspended Anti-Empire from the cloud on the account of a surge in traffic (that was already normalizing).

On a normal day Anti-Empire gets around 4,000 visitors but Tuesday it was 7,500.

That took up more resources than the hosting company figures Anti-Empire’s bargain hosting package entitles it to.

I’m glad to be creating value for so many people and helping to inform so many on the things that matter, but it was a little more than the server package could handle.

Anti-Empire serves thousands of people, including over 2,000 who check-in at least three times a week. (At least 12 times a month!)

If you’re one of the regulars please consider backing it. It will improve it in every way, including on the technical side like this, improving your experience.

  1. Dave welsh says

    Thanks for the explanation. I thought I needed to reprogram browser settings.

  2. Mary E says

    Whew! That was a shock! I, like many of your readers, thought that your site had been shut down by the powers that shouldn’t be! Glad it was that so many people have now found your site and are getting the real deal on news that we can’t with the mom!!
    Keep strong .. you do have a cheering section…..with all of us!

  3. Michael says

    Okay. I thought I was banned too but the method was odd. Then I thought Google search engine dropped this site and I had to go to “duck duck go” an alternative search engine. This is good to know

    1. Mary E says

      We all should be using Duck Duck Go!!! I started quite a while ago and I never get unwanted ads from sites that I have checked on….ever… like I did with Google.

      1. Michael says

        We should but I am used to Google. My brother dropped Google entirely and only uses duck duck go. He also uses bit chute which gives youtubes and youtube dot com which also gives youtubes. Facebook is about dead (I never used it but that is what I hear) and Trump’s tweeter is not doing well either.

        1. Per says

          try to switch to the yandex, brave or vivaldi browser.
          they are very similar to g00gle and you can sync your gmail account so you never have to use or log on to that garbage again..
          I know habits are are habits but do as i and your brother did and stop using imperial runned browsers 😎
          i use yandex and have not regretted it one day, i even got a .ru email adress i use when i communicate with the local gov

          1. Michael says

            Thanks and I am saving your comment. Right Now I am trying to figure out vpn accounts to bypass websites that have barred me and I am running into a wall.

            1. Per says

              my first answer seems to have disappeared… i use nordvpn @ the moment but i will change soon.
              when you decide which one you want and download it they are intuitive and easy to use imo, you must sadly pay for the ones that work, i paid 2.75$ pr month for mine. The “free” vpn gadgets are garbage and spy on you..

            2. Per says

              you need to use a paid vpn, the “free” are no good..
              @ the moment i use nordvpn but i will change it, i have not yet decided on which one i will go for..

            3. Per says

              this one seems ok and was not expensive.
              i use nord rn but will change when my 2year sub goes out later this year

  4. bob says

    Blimey i must be one of Anti Empires best readers as i check in about twelve times a day!

    Not that people appreciate my input

    1. captainnemo2 says

      Yes we do!

  5. Garry Compton says

    Tried to Donate – PayPal came up with the same – Negative on any Permission to be on this site. I seldom get thru – maybe because where I live – Krym. Enjoyed your writings – read you on other sites – Spacibo

  6. Jihadi Colin says

    I was among those who got the message and assumed your site was down. However I thought it was a deliberate DoS attack. I suppose that will happen too soon enough because they go after all the anti imperalist sites and you’re getting well known enough to come to their attention.

  7. Per says

    i am happy that your site grows and sad that i seldom can afford to support any of my regular “go to” news sites..
    I visit your site almost every day and i was worried earlier that you might have been shut down.
    Know that even if i cant afford to support you monetarily i am grateful for all the work you do.

    1. Jihadi Colin says

      That’s my position basically as well. I would be more than happy to submit cartoons to Anti Empire if Marko would be willing to run them.

      1. Per says

        If he ever need something translated from or to Norwegian i would be pleased to help him.

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