Anti-Empire — Shadow Banned by Google

Loved (for now) by Duckduckgo

The site has never been much liked by Google but has now gotten to where more people find it via Duckduckgo (2.3% of the market) than with Google (87% of the market):

By some measure, pageviews originating on Google are more than 90 percent down from where they were back in 2019:

It was bound to happen. Google does not hide it has employees check news sites and manually assign them “authoritativeness” and “trustworthiness” ratings, which then determine if Google will promote you, or suppress you.

  1. Vonu says

    Why would anyone who has the URL search to go to any website?

    1. Jose says

      Its more that someone searching for something generic will never come across this site

    2. Richard Monette says

      Because they don’t have the URL…this is elementary Vonu

  2. ken says

    Strange… I tried searching with google and it came up okay. I use bookmarks rather than search engines once I find the site I want.

    Over all it seems a fairly balanced site. I have noticed a drop in commenters.

  3. yuri says

    g and fb etc have long been funded byCIA

  4. Weniger Gottquatsch says

    Putin did it!

  5. Jerry Hood says

    That’s the doorstep of Jew World Order with masonic Novus Ordo Seclorum in 2033 !!!

    1. Hal_Womack says

      “Odor” rather than “Order” ?

  6. brian says

    Google is the problem. Using another search engine and not using android, gmail or the rest of their garbage is the solution. 

    1. Maiasta says

      I suspect many visitors to this site would naturally avoid the surveillance tool that is Google. There are lots of alternatives out there. Yandex is a very useful one, with search results that are essentially neutral.

  7. Jerry Hood says

    Google ir freedom voice gargle???

  8. Afshin R Nejat says

    You all really have to start thinking more dynamically and carefully about this. It is worse than you think that it is.

    1. David says

      Much worse….in a nutshell everything everyone believes came from a 33rd Degree Freemason and his master which is the Master of the 33rd Degree…..The Son of Perdition….The AntiChrist….they have everyone fooled on a quantum level about every subject there is under the sun…and the length they go to in order to make this happen is something few people could begin to fathom is even possible. The deception is so powerful that if it were possible even God’s very elect would be deceived……

  9. Josep says

    With Google doing all these dirty deeds, does this site intend to continue using Roboto as the interface font?
    Not that I’m against the choice of Roboto itself – I get that it is free and open-source, and by itself it doesn’t look too bad. Heck, can the choice of typography be a political decision?

  10. RedPillVideoTube says

    I found you guys via someone dropping a link into a comment on Rumble at so I’m thankful for that! 

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