Anti-Empire Is a Virus-Obsessed Site That Slanders Real Anti-Imperialists

It's a useful stooge for the Empire's divide-and-rule effort. Says a disgruntled reader

World according to Anti-Empire (according to Raghead the Friendly Terrorist)

Editor’s note: What follows is a critique of the site’s editorial choices since March 2020 by a reader, Raghead the Friendly Terrorist. I am publishing it as part of my invitation to submit takedowns of the site. I will reply to it sometime next week, as I am currently occupied with other things. You can check out Raghead’s work, which I’ve used at least once, at his site: Raghead the friendly neighborhood terrorist.

If you’ll want to comment on his text presented below try to be charitable if you can, and do not begrudge him the weight of the accusations he lays out. Keep in mind that I’ve explicitly said the submitted critiques can be given in a tone as harsh as the writer feels appropriate. Unlike so many others he has accepted the challenge of open debate and I think this earns him a measure of respect.

As always I’ve highlighted the parts of the text I think are the most crucial to understanding the text and the flow of the argument. I’ve also come up with a headline for the text I feel accentuates the argument and is in typical direct and uncompromising AE style.

Let us take as accepted that the whole Covid-19 “phenomenon” is a wildly inflated, deliberately hyped gimmick that exists more in the media and among politicians than in real life, and whose purposes are:

1. To make profits for pharmaceutical companies.
2. To try and stem the rise of China.
3. To crush dissent and control people’s lives, and, very importantly
4. To distract attention from the crimes of the imperialists whom “anti”empire (hahahahahaha) still pretends it is opposing.

Whether Covid-19 is actually dangerous or not, we can state with confidence that the whole thing has been massively and deliberately turned into a weapon to subjugate people and divide opposition, right? You and I agree on that, I take it?

So please tell me why “anti”empire is fully and unreservedly letting itself be made use of in the distract attention and divide opposition campaign?

You claim to be an anti imperialist site. Yet looking at your homepage just a couple of weeks ago, 12 of the top 13 articles were about Covid-19 (or covfefevirus as my girlfriend and I dubbed it). The 13th was about, if memory serves, Susan Rice or some other person.

Yet at the very same time:

1. American supported TPLF and Oromo secessionist rebels were (and still are) advancing towards Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and America supports them against the legitimate Abiy Ahmed government;

2. The Houthis were closing in on Ma’arib and had forced the invading Saudi Barbarian headchopper regime to abandon a key port;

3. America claimed Russia was “about to invade Ukraine”, something even the Ukranazi coup regime denied before suddenly changing track;

4. The Modi regime in India was compelled to withdraw agricultural laws that had elicited massive farmers protests and meanwhile created fresh border confrontations with China;

5. Russia gave permission to the zionist entity to bomb Syria at will without Russian intervention;

6. The Iranians foiled the American Navy’s attempt to hijack a tanker of Iranian oil;

7. The propaganda kept claiming China would invade the Taiwanese rump regime;

8. The Taliban and Iranian border guards fought a pitched battle.

(And these are just what I remember.)

Yet not one person perusing this “anti imperialist” site would know anything about that, because you only choose to babble about covfefevirus.

That is apart from your dubbing Jair Bolsonaro a “hero”. Apparently to this “anti imperialist” site, this man can lock up his opponents, destroy the Amazon, pack the judiciary with his stooges, join the imperialist crusade against the legitimate government of Venezuela, and all that does not matter to you because he makes noises about not enforcing vaccines. You even claimed “it must be nice to have a president who’s not a fascist” about Bolsonaro, who’s a literal fascist. And that’s from your “anti imperialist” site, which also had Lukashenko pegged as a “hero” before he switched to supporting lockdowns and vaccines. That he saw off a major colour revolution attempt and his convoluted relationship with Putin isn’t apparently a factor either way.

Also, your calling people “covid nazis”, “covid maoists”, and so on its just illiterate and pathetic. Especially when you direct it at people who are actually reporting about imperialist crimes, like Bernhard.

So this is what I am charging you with:

1. Deliberately cramming your site to the brim with covfefevirus claptrap (while the likes of Moon Of Alabama also occasionally go into their version of the claptrap at least they don’t talk about it to the exception of everything else).

2. Failure to report on actual imperialist crimes.

3. Lionising CIA stooge criminals like Bolsonaro based entirely on what they say about covfefevirus.

4. Smearing actual anti imperialist sites that continue to be anti imperialist instead of descending into being covfefevirus sewer pits obsessing about it to the exception of all else.

  1. Bogdan says

    For now, the topic of Coronavirus is the most important, because it represents the exacerbation of globalizing, supranational imperialism. Any other manifestations, respectively the national ones, are subsidiary.

    1. Rebel Forever says

      Well stated, Bogdan! The CNBC idiot Cramer wants the American military to be at the forefront of forcibly injecting Americans with the death jab. Bring it on…we Rebels will be waiting for you.

    2. Marshall Lentini says

      All that really needs to be said about this guy’s criticism.

      He seems aggrieved that the site’s authors aren’t mired in Chomskyite critique of traditional power, even as regimes all over the planet line up in lockstep to form an unprecedented Voltron kind of power in the name of “coronavirus” at the behest of the WEF and Gates’ WHO.

      A development – in fact a new kind of power – which “other anti-imperialist sites” legitimize with casuistry about these regimes “failing to address the pandemic” and similar slants.

      If he doesn’t want to acknowledge that coronamania and the Great Reset are real and upending everything, that there is in fact a globalist plot to form a technocratic mega-empire, then his understanding of geopolitics is all in the foreground. He can go read Verso and Crimethinc to satisfy his worldview.

      However, there could be some more mention of regional events. Why not?

  2. Eric the Red says

    It’s hard to determine whether this disgruntled reader is a hard-core socialist, or simply another “third-way” proponent, or indeed one disguised as the other. If socialist, then not much can be done for his mind, which is already lost in a miasma of equality that permeates and degrades every single thought he tries to think. As per this article, he’ll be hung up on stale socialist buzzwords and memes from now until forever, so it’s a lost cause even trying to respond to him.

    Alternatively, the “third way” people think themselves tremendously more clever and morally superior to everyone else, as they prattle on about how nobody but them is aware of “divide-and-conquer” schemes, and “both sides” are morally equivalent. As with the socialists, it’s predictable and trite.

    The primary issue of everyone’s life is globalist vaxx tyranny. If you can’t see it, then your priorities, your ability to think in terms of a hierarchy of categorical importance, is monumentally flawed (e.g., due to equality-on-the-brain). By now, people have chosen a side, so there’s no longer any surreptitious plan to divide them further, it’s already been accomplished. And if you haven’t chosen a side, it’s because you’re too oblivious and dense to understand the stark differences between them, or else you’re too much a coward. Moral equivalence is not an argument, it’s a cop-out.

    1. Maiasta says

      The globalist vaxx tyranny is a matter of biopolitics and the Left has always had a terrible time understanding biopolitics. But so have the manichaean “anti-imperialists” who do not even understand realpolitick, let alone modern technocracy.

      It would take far too long to deprogramme the mind of this “Raghead” before anything useful could actually enter it. I think it’s just a waste of energy. It’s difficult enough just trying to wake up even the people around you. A fiend of mine is just starting to see what is happening after almost 2 years of me hammering away at him. But it took several friends and family dying from the vaccine before he opened his eyes.

      What can you?

      A lot more of us will be dead before any critical mass is reached in the public consciousness.

  3. Maiasta says

    The Taliban and Iranian border guards fought a pitched battle.

    Border skirmishes are common. And the two governments here don’t like each other. So, what of it?

    America claimed Russia was “about to invade Ukraine”, something even the Ukranazi coup regime denied before suddenly changing track;

    A claim made just about every week since 2014.

    The propaganda kept claiming China would invade the Taiwanese rump regime;

    Hello? Is there something new here?

    Russia gave permission to the zionist entity to bomb Syria at will without Russian intervention;

    So, following a meeting between meeting between Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Puttin, Israeli airstrikes picked up. That’s not necessarily due to a greenlight from Russia, because Russkies are not currently able to stop the Israelis, not without going to war (which they’re obviously not going to do). It is conceivable, though, that Russia prefers to weaken the Iranian influence in Syria, and so doesn’t do much to stop the air attacks (which are overwhelmingly focused on Iran’s military presence, including that of Hezbollah). All said and done, what is the great significance of this? Nothing substantial has changed in over a year in this regard (since having gifting Syria a better air defence system) ?

    American supported TPLF and Oromo…rebels were (and still are) advancing towards Addis Ababa…

    Yes, this an actual news story, and it is important to know these things. But is it as important as knowing what is going to arrive very soon on your own doorstep? Hint: It probably won’t be Ethiopian refugees. So, this bring us to the next point. You’ve accused the editor of Anti-Empire of being an “infantile hypocrite”. But your obsession with the minutiae of international political conflicts reveals far more “infantilism” here than anything that appears on this website. You’re literally obsessing over events which you have zero influence over, and cannot directly impact you.

    But here (below) are a few things that definitely can impact you:

  4. Maiasta says

    These (things that can affect you) are:

    • A banking conspiracy by the World Economic Forum that plans to demolish the current economic system in its entirety and put in its place a new, centralised, digital transaction system that will require a global mandatory biometrics system, a transaction system that provides a Universal Basic Income whose ‘units’ will be pegged to your use of natural resources. And since this system is digital, you will have no way to avoid it, and no means of operating outside of it.
    • Fascist police state control on all movements, stopping people from travelling, forced quarantine, concentration camps. Australia and Canada are now prisons that you cannot leave without taking the poison jab.​​ 
    • A “two-tier” society championed by medical fascists and their enablers. In this society: mass firings of nurses, doctors, national guardsmen, airline pilots and others are now taking place, due to the huge swathes of professionals refusing to be jabbed; hundreds of millions of people around the world (in the Global South) have been plunged into poverty by the bogus and completely arbitrary lockdowns. In the West and in Japan, suicide is at epidemic levels as businesses fold like dominoes and kids are deprived of social contact; supermarkets like ALDI have given their employees until March 2022 to provide proof of vaccination status, or be fired; elderly Greeks now face fines of up to €100 per month for every month they don’t get vaccinated (In other words, we slowly rob you, or we quickly kill you);
    • The end of free speech (which will certainly put an end to the career of “Raghead”). Mass bannings and gaggings by Big Tech, even of sitting presidents (Bolsonaro and Buhari, not just Trump). And a new UK law provides for two years in prison for anyone distributing “Covid misinformation” (i.e. any information the government disapproves of)
    • Mandatory vaccination with a genetic modulation tool of unprecedented lethality, whose recombinant mRNA is encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles containing the extremely toxic substances graphene oxide and graphene hydroxide. After more than 6 months of waiting, we finally have confirmation of the presence of this substance in the vials, hidden behind trade secrets laws.

    What are some of the results of this mandatory medical experimentation?

    A huge wave of teenage heart attacks, never seen before, and a massive increase in long term risk for heart attacks amongst the general population, now admitted even by the most mainstream cardiologists.

     A 29 times increase of stillborn babies in Waterloo, Ontario, in vaccinated mothers.

    Some 1,614 recorded US fetal deaths following COVID-19 injections of pregnant women in VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) as of September 10th.

    According to FIFA, there has been a 5-fold increase in sudden cardiac deaths of FIFA players in 2021, with 183 professional athletes and coaches suddenly collapsing and 108 having died! (as of November 18th)

    The Times has reported a staggering 25% increase in heart attacks from blocked arteries in Scotland, which it deems a “mystery”. Yeah! What on earth could it be? 

    Data analyst Steve Kirsch methodically set about estimating how many deaths could be linked to the Covid vaccines just in the US. Clearing through the statistical manipulations affecting the VAERS figures, he reaches a range between 150,000 and 200,000 (this was in September. It will be higher now)

    Globally, Matthew Crawford of the Rounding the Earth Newsletter looked at data from countries that have substantial vaccine uptake but low rates of “COVID-19”. He identified 13 countries with a combined population of 354 million.
    in which the number of “COVID” deaths is 11.61 times higher post-vaccination, compared to before the jabs were rolled out. In five of the 13 countries, a whopping 90% of their COVID-19 fatalities have been logged after their vaccination campaigns began.
    “On face, these results reinforce the case that the experimental vaccines are killing people,” Crawford writes.

  5. Ilya G Poimandres says

    You make valid points, but there is only so much people can cover.

    Southfront is good for the war stuff, MoonOfA is (still) good for that interesting political discussion like Modi and all.. even if b is a little authoritarian.

    But nothing to do with Israel, Syria, Iran, China, whatsoever, is as close to home as politicians building concentration camps for their own citizens, voting to suspend democratically elected MPs from voting, and generally shifting public opinion towards ‘yeah, it’s ok to line up and shoot people to protect us from a 0.1% IFR virus’

    Modi may be screwing over the farmers – but he shut down India’s economy, and India had 4.5 million excess deaths (yes – it wasn’t covid, it was starvation for the most part).

    I would say Off-Guardian covers covid well too, but they stick to the western side of the story more, and I enjoy hearing about how it is being used to impose tyranny in further flung places personally.

  6. Maiasta says

    You also “charge” Marko with “deliberately cramming [his] site to the brim with [coronavirus] claptrap.”

    “Coronavirus” certainly is claptrap. But the murderous policies based on it, unfortunately, are all too real.

    You also “charge” Marko with a “failure to report on actual imperialist crimes.

    Oh dear. It seems you really are living in the past. Like so many other “anti-imperialists” you are fighting the battles of yesteryear. Actually, the colossal crimes of the pseudo-medical lockdown regime are as imperialist as it gets. In fact, no imperialism like this one has ever been seen before. Its unique features are due to a technocratic convergence of the world’s major powers, in fulfilment of the UN Agenda 2030. This goes far beyond the conflicts of the two world wars and the Cold War in its implications. We are being dragged into a new global governance, a dystopia that, if it succeeds, will create a reality not worth living in.

    Other sites besides Marko’s have been accused of ignoring their traditional anti-imperialist issues. This accusation was made, for example, against Off-Guardian by their former contributor Eric Zuesse, whilst Caitlin Johnstone (another former contributor) also accused Off-G of obsessively focusing on the lockdown regime, which she (living in Melbourne!) had no criticism of. While i can’t compare your literary skills to those Zuesse or Johnstone, you evidently follow in this same myopia

    You whine about Anti Empire’s celebration of Bolsonaro’s position on medical freedom and his opposition to medical fascism, claiming that he “[locks] up his opponents, [destroys] the Amazon, [packs] the judiciary with his stooges, [joins] the imperialist crusade against the legitimate government of Venezuela.”

    But, to the best of my knowledge (and i regularly read Brazilian media) he hasn’t locked up anyone who opposes him politically, and wouldn’t be able to even if he tried. The judiciary in Brazil is highly independent of the executive, as is evidenced by the Supreme Court’s aggressive push for mandatory vaccination. Re: the Amazon. His policies have not been good here, no question. But neither have they represented – in practice – any serious departure from what has gone before. All Brazilian governments have trashed the Amazon to a greater or lesser extent. Re: Venezuela. Again, there’s nothing exceptional in his position on Venezuela. It is more or less the standard position of all right-wing governments in the region. Bolsonaro hasn’t – to my knowledge – engaged in any espionage or military activity against Venezuela. He simply sees the Caracas government as authoritarian and illegitimate (he’s right on the first part ).

    Whatever his real deficiencies (they definitely exist) Bolsonaro is doing what he can to look out for the Brazilian people in the face of an unprecedented assault. By the summer, 22,000 Brazilians had already died from these pseudo-vaccines. And that is why Bolsonaro confronted Tedros at the UN and tried to get some coherent answers from him. You can carp all you like, but right now, he is Brazil’s strongest bullwark against the most sinister and formidable international mafia that has ever been assembled.

    1. Marshall Lentini says

      Great comments, worthy of their own guest post.

      1. Maiasta says

        I get frustrated, Marshall, at how many people have their heads stuck in the sand about this. They think it’s just business-as-usual, or that it will all blow over soon, once the “virus” disappears. People need to listen to what the Davos crowd are actually: We’ll never go back to normal until the whiole world is vaccinated. And, anyway, this whole thing is a “unique opportunity” to remake the global financial system.

        They’ literally killing us all off, and this kid is concerned that there aren’t more updates about the Houthis and Iranian border guards.

        1. Maiasta says

          *What the davos crowd are actually saying.

        2. Marshall Lentini says

          We just have to accept that a majority of people will not be able to grasp the magnitude and significance of the hoax. As I said to Slavsquat, it is higher-order thought which most can’t or don’t want to deal with, in a way harder to grasp than advanced math, in that it calls into question not only one’s life and understanding of reality but the entirety of civilization. Indeed, that is precisely and explicitly the point of what the technocrats are doing.

          The vaxx proposition ⁠— get jabbed and maybe die, or be nobody ⁠and probably worse ⁠— is in fact a great sorting mechanism for the species: the majority who comply out of fear, convenience, idiocy, or even vindictiveness, and those who do not.

          So you’re going to come up against people like this guy who acknowledge the fundamentals of what is going on, but for some preexisting psychological reason are intent on ignoring it or brushing it off as less important than whatever their perception of order fixated on prior to the alleged Great Reset. This is why you saw Chomsky himself, bizarrely, take the side of the state during lockdowns ⁠— rather than adjusting his thought to reckon with the facts, he adjusted the facts, i.e. what he knows about the state, to leave his worldview intact after this new species of power stepped onto the scene.

          Even though it has some surface merit, that is the heart of this guy’s criticism. He doesn’t want this thing to be unprecedented, omnipresent and undeniable, because it threatens his habitual mode of thought and ideology.

          Attempting to convince anyone is a waste of time. This thing will be seen through no matter what. It was a long time coming, it’s here, and we just have to survive it.

          1. Maiasta says

            Wow! That’s an incredible summation. I couldm’t have summarised it so well. This need, you mention, of keeping our weltanschauung intact, accounts for so much of the blindness that plagues society. And it makes true objectivity almost impossible.

            A further aggravating factor is the utterly extraordinary nature of what is taking place. The inability to grasp this reminds me of a saying by Marshall Mcluhan: “Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.”

            For example, i recently brought up the issue of bluetooth codes that are being registered amongst the vaxxed, and another commenter on Anti Empire dismissed it as disinformation. It seems way too far out and sci-fi heavy for the average person to imagine. But recent work by Spanish dctor Luis de Benito appears to have confirmed it. Not only are we being seeded with graphene oxide and other nanoparticles, but it it seems that these also constitute part of a technology that is far more sophisticated than anything known to the public.

            This was probably inevitable, given the vast sums that have been embezzled by Pentagon “black projects” over the decades. Catherine Austin Fitts pointed out that Rumsfeld’s admission of $2.3 trillion in Pentagon funds that were “unaccounted for” (which he conveniently announced on September 10th, 2001) was only the figure for one year. The real sums that have been diverted, she says, are off the charts. And a consequence of this is that the uber-elites have effectively created a parallel civilisation. It is one whose capabilities are wholly unsuspected by even the smarter minds amongst us. Who, two years ago, would have ventured that we’d be looking at nanorouters in our vaccines?

            Finally, the formula “get jabbed and maybe die, or be nobody ⁠and probably worse” is rapidly becoming the core criterion for inclusion in the great social reordering. Since these people have a full-spectrum monopolisation of just about all resources, anyone who wants to escape this will be confined to mountains and deserts, eeking out the most marginal kind of existence.

            As you seem to suggest, the real mass awareness of this will come only when it’s too late to stop it. All we can do is attempt to ride it out, to survive it. And where exactly we choose to do that is a question for each family, and each individual.

            1. Marshall Lentini says

              Since these people have a full-spectrum monopolisation of just about all resources, anyone who wants to escape this will be confined to mountains and deserts, eeking out the most marginal kind of existence.”

              Don’t get me excited.

              Great comment, I like your style – good flow.

              I believe the nanoparticle / graphene oxide angle is actually a canard, or only secondary to the use of luciferase and bioluminiscent imaging, which will of course be “rolled out” for scannable tattoos. Gates was a big investor in one of the start-ups developing this tech. He’s also the largest presence behind ID2020, which is tied to GAVI, of course.

              Someone needs to chart all this out. I’ll pay them if they can avoid saying “Rockefeller”, “Rothschild”, or “satanic”. We should be trying to rescue all of this info from hyperventilating Christian websites and the like.

            2. Maiasta says

              “I believe the nanoparticle / graphene oxide angle is actually a canard,”

              It’s no canard. I spent many weeks in the summer researching this issue and looking at it from many angles. Here is what i wrote.

              Now, since that time, the amount of information we have on this has increased greatly. Most crucially, we have the definitive report by Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid on his Micro-Raman spectroscopy analysis. Reduced graphene oxide is definitely there, no question.

              We also have the patents showing the inclusion of GO in some newer generation vaccines, including intranasal flu vaccines, and also at least one Chinese coronavirus vaccine.

              “I’ll pay them if they can avoid saying “Rockefeller”, “Rothschild”, or “satanic”

              I get that, and i agree with you 100%. But sometimes the sources through which information is transmitted are only a secondary consideration. The fact is that Pablo Campra Madrid is an eminent professional, as are the Quinta Columna. If the English-speaking sources who’ve interviewed these guys happen to be right-wing Christians, then that is possibly due to the squeamishness of everybody else when it comes to examining these issues. Whereas Bible-thumpers dont really care how they appear in the public eye, and so they’re more willing to take a look at extraordinary-sounding things.

            3. Maiasta says

              Additionally, there is nothing new about finding undeclared nanoparticles in vaccines. Back in 2017, the husband & wife team of Stefano Montanari and Antonietta Gatti discovered metallic and non-metallic nanoparticles in 49 of the 50 vaccines they examined. The response from the Italian government was to launch a police raid and shut their lab down.

              You can see a discussion of the issue here (amazed You Tube hasn’t eradicated this yet):

              And here is the paper Gatti and Montanari published:


  7. edwardi says

    Wow. Those are all good points. Hmmm. is it time for a little soul searching ? or does a hidden deep darker agenda accompanying the covid hysteria portend Horrendous outcomes already manifesting of intentional population reduction. Does that sound too speculative ? long term damage to the vascular caused by the spike protein they are manufacturing in the billions per person, well, that’s not looking good. are there long term studies, oh, no, this is the ‘live simulation.’ event 201 in real time. So if then potentially everyone mRNA vaccinated is harmed, irrevocably, and a few billion people die worldwide, that is like ? a mass murder ? who did it. Big Pharma. ? well seems like they were involved. but who are they ? name the names and charge them for intentional mass murder with the intent to profit enormously. OK. now pay your 10% of profits fine, and have a nice day. What a rigged joke this whole clown show is.

  8. ken says

    I’ll try to keep this as short as possible.

    At issue is not Covid 19… At issue is the vaxx that is obviously a bio-weapon. The UN, Gates, Schwab and cohorts have made it clear they want to eliminate 90% of the population hopefully by 2030.

    There is an area in India that has declared unvaxxed cannot buy food. Austria is close to the same thing. Australia is completely lost. Kanada is completely lost. High ranking politicians are speaking openly of murdering the unvaxxed. Fauci is claiming HE is science. Los Angeles has begun basically a covid passport. Even Russia is beating the elderly and invoking covid passports.

    What these people are doing to coerce people into a shot for a supposed disease with a 99.87% recovery rate where half don’t know they had it has nothing to do with our health. This is worldwide fascism and it needs to be stopped.

    This is vitally important to people that want to live free like me. Everything the author of this post has shared is/has been ongoing for months,,, some many years. Yes it is important but as “yet” not a direct threat to mankind in the way this this bio-weapon is. It has the potential of killing off the entire species.

    I think this site does pretty well in covering a variety of issues,,, in fact I’d like to see more covid vaxx articles.

    1. Art says

      Ken they’ve got you off topic. No pathogenic virus, no COVID-19 not reason for injection. You use to be pretty solid on that. That’s how psy-ops work…it keeps moving the subject along, masks, social distancing, lockdowns, cases, hospitalizations, false-positive, deaths, experimental injections for the elderly, followed by younger groups, now as young as 5, soon infants, then it’s boosters, and vaccine passports….like a mouse tracking down crumbs of cheese until at the end…the trap…yes population reduction and total domination of the planet is the end game. In the meantime they’ve pushed the goal posts…there’s never been proof of any pathogenic virus. The fact that that myth has been allow to go on generation after generation is what got us here…and keeps us in lockstep.

  9. Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist says

    As the author of the above, here is a message for Marko Marjanovic:

    1. I will reply to your response as and when it is posted.

    2. I will not read your other commenters’ responses, let alone respond to them.

    3. If you feel any of their comments are worthy of my attention, include them in your response, whenever you choose to make it.

  10. Edward Slavsquat says

    A question for Raghead: Do you think it’s fair to conclude that the Covid “phenomenon” requires us to recalibrate our understanding of what the Empire even is?

    1. Marshall Lentini says

      Princess won’t be reading your comments, let alone responding to them.

  11. UJ Kim says

    I totally agree. Anti-Empire acts as if it is an anti-anti-imperialist media. It says exactly same thing as the reactionary media say when it comes to demonization of DPRK, for example. Very disappointing.

    1. Maiasta says

      Wasn’t a student just executed in NK for smuggling in a copy of ‘Squid Game’?

      There’s no doubt that much of what we hear about Pyong Yang in the Western meda is utter nonsense, much of it lifted from the gossip pages of the South Korean press. But, NK is hardly a system to be admired or imitated.

      From my reading, tthis site doesn’t “say the same thing” as the MSM about N Korea. It simply has a healthy and sane distrust for totaltarian systems.

  12. Ronald Thomas West says

    Covid does seem to be an Western ‘all or nothing’ gambit with the Kremlin dealing with it by playing its’ propaganda ‘flip’ technique (and cashing in on the method) …but… Slavsquat blew his 1st post at this site (the billions supposedly taken by Russia from the IMF to get onboard with the covid panic measures with said billions actually a simple matter of the IMF acknowledging Russia’s amount held in the IMF credits pool when issuing a voucher, a voucher issued to every country with an IMF deposit) and Slavsquat & anti-empire (I mailed both) took a seeming attitude of ‘we’ll just pretend that didn’t happen’ (no reply and no correction.) So, as is said in the vulgar tongue ‘wtf’ ?

    I suspect Raghead has a point, if only because my calling out Slavsquat & anti-empire was subjected to the ‘we’ll just pretend that didn’t happen’ method – meanwhile here’s a sample of the sort of stuff thoughtful professional intelligence turns out and you don’t see here at the anti-empire ‘let’s spread the panic’ site.


    1. Yunus Baykus says

      thoughtful professional intelligence turns out”

      Now we’re getting somewhere!

      As the backlash trickles in, from the damage control pros thrown in to the mix when TEAM SAKER/MAOBAMA/WEDGEHEDGE starts to finally receive some sustained fire, we can be re-assured that ye olde ‘liberal democracy’ braying will save the day for THIS SIDE VS THAT SIDE dialectical neo-marxism.

      Thanks for removing ‘the mask’ – long enough for anybody who might have been in doubt to get the real picture! LONG LIVE DEATH TO AMERIKA!

      1. Ronald Thomas West says

        Maybe you should have read the article. Or maybe you should (other people, actually, to know the technique you demonstrate and more) read this:


    2. Edward Slavsquat says

      I read your email — and “propaganda flip” theory — with great interest but I’m not sure what you’re getting at here. You’re demanding a correction because you have an unnamed friend who told you that there is absolutely nothing concerning about Russia accepting IMF monopoly money as part of a global “pandemic recovery” scheme? No strings attached? It’s just the IMF, being altruistic and kindly? You are welcome to your interpretation, but I don’t see how it warrants a “correction”?

      You seem to also be suggesting we reported that only Russia received a deposit. Not so. Read the article again. You also claim that it was obvious that Russia would ramp up coercive vaccination measures after elections — maybe to the IMF and others, but as far as I know, United Russia did not campaign on promising more restrictions. If anything, quite the opposite. So yes, it is noteworthy that the IMF talked about bringing forced vaccination to Russia, a day before election results were announced, and right around the time that COVID “deaths” and “cases” skyrocketed — conveniently justifying unpopular, compulsory vaccination.

      Also: Your “propaganda flip” theory, in my opinion, is not very convincing. I worked for RT for nearly 4 years. You are overthinking things — there is no specially tailored narrative. There are constant attempts to dunk on the west whenever possible but you’ll find this is mostly because writers/editors are clueless about Russia’s own positions and think they are being clever. A good example of this is RT’s coverage of Pfizer. Pfizer’s shot is constantly attacked, even while Sputnik V’s developers and financers praise western mRNA vaccines and even say they should be brought to Russia:

      And I completely disagree with this idea that Russia is somehow not playing the same game as the west, in regards to COVID. All available evidence suggests the exact opposite — and there are even direct ties to the Big Pharma/Gates nexus at play:

      1. Ronald Thomas West says

        It wasn’t about IMF handing money to Russia, it was about Russian money deposited with the IMF … precisely the opposite direction of money flow. The IMF holds deposits of money from multiple nations. That’s what the sum referred to.

        1. Edward Slavsquat says

          what? Directly from TASS:

          Russia will add an IMF tranche for $ 18 billion to the country’s gold and foreign exchange reserves….In August, the IMF decision came into force, according to which Russia received $ 18 billion from the fund in the form of special drawing rights (SDR) as part of the anti-crisis distribution of the IMF funds.

          If you’re referring to the amount of funds that Russia received is proportionate to its IMF deposits, so what? How does that change the calculus here?

          1. Ronald Thomas West says

            my source (he is quite competent in Russia affairs) informs me that is disinformation, you took the propaganda bait (I suggested that in my comment at the article but was too nice going about how I said it, apparently)

            1. Edward Slavsquat says

              and you expect me to issue a correction because you have a friend who said this? I work with sources. typically, TASS is a pretty good source for announcements from the Russian government.

            2. Ronald Thomas West says

              any way you slice the cake, the money was already Russia’s money, it wasn’t a loan and it didn’t come from someone else. all Russia got is the right to recover its’ own money outside of normal circumstance under special procedure. everyone did.

            3. Edward Slavsquat says

              who said it was a loan? And we reported it was SDR. And yes, it was a gift — as you correctly pointed out, these allocations were not made under a special procedure, outside of normal circumstances.

              The big picture here is that Russia is fully onboard with the IMF agenda, which is quite explicit — it wants about half the world vaccinated. It’s the first two bullet points of their communique from October 14 (during the same meeting Russia’s reps were very open about how nothing could go back to “normal” unless everyone is jabbed):

              Is Russia on board with the global pandemic measures or no? And are you claiming Russia’s IMF membership has played no role in its position on this matter?

      2. Ronald Thomas West says

        As well, you being (a fellow) American, I can’t accept you don’t understand my points, your American English is quite good. What is remarkable if you are willing to misrepresent my points here but not raise questions in reply to my mail I’d sent; of course it’s possible you approach the subject with the myopia of bias but I think the circumstantial evidence supporting Raghead’s position is rather growing –

        1. Edward Slavsquat says

          what are your points? you emailed me saying you have a friend who said there was nothing bad about Russia receiving funds from the IMF. Okay, and?

          1. Ronald Thomas West says

            Here’s the mail you received (to anti-empire cc to yourself) verbatim:

            Former special operations intelligence here. Some of us former enforcers grew up to despise empire. Just left a comment at Slavsquat’s IMF article. Everyone blows an analysis time to time but the good ones retract. In any case, there’s good reading at my site:


            You might think about running this one:


            Here my source’s words:

            So far as I understand, there was a general SDR allocation in August to all IMF members; This was not a borrowing by Russia; nor was it a cash transfer. The sum was proportionate to its capital in the IMF — all members participated in the allocation. It was not a cash reward to Russia for anything, let alone the imposition of vaccination. The prediction of post-election toughness required no brains, let alone IMF inside knowledge. And yes, the effort is under way to compel vaccination by QR code and other surveillance measures. Russian resistance is considerable; distrust of the authorities is rising, and Putin’s rating is dropping sharply. 

            1. Ronald Thomas West says

              ps, in American dialect, you likely know what a ‘squirrel’ refers to; also known as weasel words. ciao, that’s it from me – Raghead is spot on

            2. Edward Slavsquat says

              who said it was a loan? And we reported it was SDR. And yes, it was a gift — as you correctly pointed out, these allocations were not made under a special procedure, outside of normal circumstances.
              The big picture here is that Russia is fully onboard with the IMF agenda, which is quite explicit — it wants about half the world vaccinated. It’s the first two bullet points of their communique from October 14 (during the same meeting Russia’s reps were very open about how nothing could go back to “normal” unless everyone is jabbed):
              Is Russia on board with the global pandemic measures or no? And are you claiming Russia’s IMF membership has played no role in its position on this matter?

            3. Marshall Lentini says

              He’s doing a bait and switch here. He insists you are wrong about the tranche, which means the entire site is wrongheaded and Fort Russ is better (LOL!), and by implication that Russia is, I guess, not tied to the IMF like everyone else, and therefore not undertaking a massive campaign to set up an oppressive technocracy identical to those springing up everywhere else. You maybe got something wrong in a post — therefore coverage of the COVID hoax is unwarranted.

      3. Ronald Thomas West says

        And oh yeah! Since when are political parties honest with their electorate? You believe United Russia’s platform would keep the regimes policy positions? Like some holy promise?

  13. nnn says

    Putin is an Israeli holop

  14. Mann friedman says

    A global mass murder is taking place, Ragamuffin!

    Does one focus on just one murder of many by a psychopath?
    One goes after the psychopath!
    We know who the psychopaths are.
    One gets rid of the psychopath; the problem is solved.

    One has to be aware of NOT rearranging the deck chairs of the Titannic.

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