Another Week Another 78 Donetsk Soldiers Killed

Implies about 50 killed for the entire Russia-led coalition daily in a "quiet" week

Donetsk continues to diligently update its war loss every week. (Lugansk, Russia and Ukraine continue to be mum.) In the seven days through May 12 another 78 Donetsk soldiers have perished. 495 were wounded.

This is a relatively low number compared to other weeks. At times Donetsk has lost over 200 soldiers killed in a week.

78 Donetsk deaths could mean around 50 military Lugansk deaths.

128 combined Donetsk and Lugansk deaths could mean 250 Russian deaths. (Russians have at least twice as many maneuver units involved, probably more.)

The total weekly death count for the entire coalition could be up to 400 (three times 128), but at least 250 (two times 128).

I’d probably put my point estimate at 350 for the entire coalition for the week, or about 50 killed every day. (11 Donetsk, 7 Lugansk, 30 Russian.)

That would also imply at least another 150 wounded each day.

Ukrainian losses are likely somewhat higher but even more uncertain.


  1. pioneer abrasimov says

    Soon Russia will have enough dead on the battle-fields of Ukraine to organize a march of the recently immortal.
    Mr. Strelkov Girkin is very sad and disappointed:
    What is the aim purpose goal of this special operation ? So far it is the extermination of Slav people.

    Is he pessimistic, is he nay-sayer, is he doom-gloomer, is he defeatist ?
    Or is he realistic ? Is he right, that this insanity is for the purpose of eliminating the Slav race ? exterminating Russians from Russia, and little Russians from Ukraine ?

    So far Strelkov Girkin said (at one time or other) and turned out to be right—
    * Luka the sub-human Shenko is an enemy of Russia and the Russian people (lately there is a nasty rumour that Luka will be the one who drivers the last nail into Putin Russia’s coffin)
    * Putin’s Party is a party of crooks and scoundrels
    * The Russian leadership brought their industrial-scale corruption from Moscow to Donbass
    * The Russian leadership turned the Donbass into an outhouse
    * The Russian leadership turned the pro-Russians in the Donbass into pro-Ukrainians
    * The Russian military leadership cluster-failed on the road to Kiev
    * Now they brought the defeated army group from Kiev to the Donbass and are attempting to do the same (repeat the same process and expect a different outcome)

    There is a clip in which Mr. Strelkov Girkin asks for the head of at least one of the war-planners be put on a table. Who were the criminally negligent and incompetent spies and planners who put this special operation together ?

    There is a clip in which Strelkov Girkin talks about “contractors” in the Russian Army who refuse to go to Ukraine.
    There is a clip in which Strelkov talks about how in Donbass men 18 to 60 years old are “conscripted” and sent to the front-line

    Mr. Soloviev is upset because Italy locked him out of Italy for the rest of his life. Cheer-leader Soloviev dislikes Russia & Russians so much that he purchased a large piece of real-estate in Italy and planned to spend the rest of his days there.

  2. Teraspol says

    This website is not clear to me. Anti which empire? Not the Western globalist “empire” at any rate. Anti the “Russian empire”?

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