Another Chase Between Russian and US Patrols in Syria, This Time Two Russian Helicopters Join In [VIDEO]

The bizarre Mad Max road games continue — Pentagon officials claim 4 US Troops injured

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In the most violent skirmish in months between U.S. and Russian forces in Syria, a vehicle collision in the eastern part of the war-torn country left American troops with concussions, two U.S. officials said Wednesday.

One official said Russian vehicles sideswiped a light-armored U.S. military vehicle, injuring four Americans. The official said two Russian helicopters flew above the Americans, and one of the aircraft was within about 70 feet the vehicle.

While there have been several other recent incidents between the American and Russian troops who all patrol in eastern Syria, officials described this one as the most serious. U.S. troops are usually accompanied by members of the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity to provide details of the incident that were not yet made public. One official said the incident happened deep inside the eastern Syria deconfliction zone, where Russian troops generally should not be present. [As determined by Americans who are in Syria illegally to begin with.]

The officials said the incident is being discussed by senior officials from both countries who routinely work to prevent conflicts between troops in that area. U.S. and Russian commanders have frequent conversations to try and avoid contact between their troops there.

  1. johnscriv says

    Yankee go home.

  2. Jihadi Colin says

    Oh, the poor glass-skulled Amerikastani “warriors”, the slightest tap is enough to give them concussion. Just like more than a hundred of them got “concussion” from old Iranian missiles they were pre warned were coming, where and when, and still couldn’t stop. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you….the finest fighting force the world, sorry, galaxy, sorry, universe, has ever seen!

    1. itchyvet says

      You mean these WAR CRIMINALS who are ILLEGALLY on foreign soil waging ILLEGAL war against a foreign nation, so they can STEAL their oil. Funny how the rest of the World sits silently by and does nothing.

  3. cap960 says

    The penguin. yanks got hurt…poor little things.

  4. cechas vodobenikov says

    trus amerikanski

    1. cechas vodobenikov says


    2. AriusArmenian says

      Incredibly stupid Americans.

      1. Le Ruse says

        Nahh,, The American have Rambo on their side …

        Didn’t you see how Rambo made mince meat of the Viet-Cong , so Russian will be a piece of cake for him …

        1. itchyvet says

          That’s why they got kicked out by the NVA, with their tails between their legs, abandoning all their equipment. Rambo was nowhere to be seen. L.O.L. I recall these NVA wearing thongs made from recycled car tires, yet the mighty U.S. got their butts kicked by such folks.

          1. Le Ruse says

            Nahh.. Can’t believe you ..

            See the reality .. Russian have no chance at all against that !


          2. Jean-marie Hamel says

            LOVELY DESCRIPTION !! The US Never defends its Borders, Always goes to ATTACK Countries, with no JUSTIFICATIONS, no REASONS, just to Create a WAR ! They are SICK ! With this Trump governing, Stupid CLOWN, Slave to israHELL, he KILLS CIVILIANS in how Many Countries So Far ? Syria NEVER was US enemy, why US make WAR against IT ? Just to Justify TRILLION $$$ in their WAR MACHINE !! FUCK !

            1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

              We wouldn’t need to defend our borders if we weren’t paying welfare benefits to millions of illegal aliens who didn’t have to prove they were citizens to get on the voter lists.

      2. miserably dumb and stupid. incredible buffoons…

  5. Mary E says

    The US is into tantalizing the enemy – Russia will take care of them if they get serious though!

  6. johnscriv says

    Looks like this is turning into America’s middle east quagmire, a kind of Vietnam redux on steroids.

    1. Jean-marie Hamel says

      This is what is SCARY ! US are WAR RIMINALS since they were born, and So VICIOUS, that the “enemies” cannot believe how CROOKED US can BE ! They are MURDERERS !

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