An Open Letter to Jesus-Bill, the Savior of the World

Can't we expedite this? Just tell us how much it will cost us to stop holding us hostage and we'll have your temple running up in no time

Yeah, you got us, you win. Now how much to let us go?

Look Billy, I respect that you’re holding us hostage until we cough up the dough for your magic concoction, but can’t we just skip to the part where we hand over the billions to you, and you tell us how many temples to Jesus Gates the Savior we have to build?

Let’s cut out the theater and get down to business. Just tell us how much it will cost in money and adoration to let us go, and you’ll have your check and balls massages tomorrow.

We get to return to our lives sooner, and you get to save on manufacturing costs for your chemical swill. It’s a win-win.

PS.: Mad props for pulling this one off. Incredible! To hold every single human being in this world hostage and perform blackmail on a P-L-A-N-E-T-A-R-Y scale is truly a historic first.

And then to be actually praised by those same humans for ripping them off is the stuff of myth and legend. This is some James Bond villain level stuff, except you’re actually pulling it off. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

And to think just twenty years ago, you were one of the most hated people in the world,  thought of as a privileged, monopolizing, money-hungry freak whom the media would not have allowed within a 10-mile radius of a discussion on the common good. Incredible what a little dedication, a Protestant work ethic, and a couple of billion can do.

Now you’re something of a Pharaoh, with 8 billion captive Israelites.

Amazing feat. The original ruined himself by holding on for too long. Will you?

We stand ready to satisfy your hunger for money and that messiah complex the size of Mars tomorrow. Allow us to do so.

  1. restless94110 says

    What a great response. Billy needs a spanking and sent to the woodshed to stand in the corner. Most sane people (like his late partner Paul Allen) take their money and retire into private life. Not Billy. He just got to pretend to be smart, when he’s only rich because he lucked out. What an evil fool. Africa wants to charge and convict him. Can we ship him there for prosecution?

    1. Eileen Kuch says

      India, too, wants him for the same reason Africa does. Thousands of children from both Africa and India wound up paralyzed from polio .. Some even died. Billy really botched up the vaccine for polio. Instead of preventing polio for all of these children, he gave the disease itself.
      The International Criminal Court at the Hague has finally taken up these 2 horrific crimes, and Gates will have to face the music.

      1. restless94110 says

        Good. He should be made to face justice.He is insufferable. Every time I see him speak I want to vomit.

    2. jack duras says

      No,Billy need a ROPE around his neck


    i am not taking it…i am not taking it
    dont try to force me YOU FORCE ME

  3. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

    We should make sure that more die from lead poisoning than from vaccine events.

  4. ke4ram says

    Bill doesn’t want you to build temples,,,

    Bill doesn’t want the fake currency,,,

    Bill wants you and billions of others to die.

    Major demonstrations against lockdowns in UK,,, Canada’s little squirt of a dictator suspends parliament,,, nowhere to be found in ANY media. hmmmmmm.

    1. jack duras says

      Exactly He and his cohorts have plenty of money,they want useless eaters to be gone,made from them a compost

    2. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      He doesn’t care how many die as long as he gets their money.

      1. jack duras says

        well he will get both,but depopulation is a absolutely numero uno

    3. Silent Observer says

      Now we can stop referring to Lil’ Trudy as “Spawn of Fidel” and start referring to him as “Charles II.”

  5. Gavincurtis says

    Bill wants Earth for other reasons, a robust human population is not part of it.

  6. fluttershield mlp says

    Gates would help humanity if he ate a gun.

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