Vladimir Putin Jumps the Shark, Compares Russian War Dead to Traffic Accidents

Friday Vladimir Putin held the highly anticipated meeting with the mothers of the mobilized. Kind of.

In fact, the mothers in question were carefully selected and mostly turned out to be United Russia officials. Also, their sons are mostly professional soldiers rather than mobilized Joe Blows.

The mothers’ of the mobilized organization that originally sought the meeting ahead of Mother’s Day on the 27th reported that not a single representative of theirs was invited.

Russian media was able to identify seven participants, most have government ties:

  • Olga Beltseva is a United Russia deputy in Moscow City.
  • Yulia Belekhova ran on the United Russia list for the federal Duma in 2016, but was not elected. She heads the Association of Chairmen of Councils of Apartment Buildings of the Moscow Region.
  • Nadezhda Uzunova is a former adviser to the head of Khakassia. In 2018, she worked for ex-governor Viktor Zimin and United Russia. Now she is in charge of collecting humanitarian aid in the Combat Brotherhood.
  • Irina Tas-Ool, an official from Tyva, the head of the department for family, youth and sports in the administration of the Kaa-Khemsky district.
  • Olesya Shigina shoots Orthodox patriotic films.
  • Zharadat Agueva, is the mother to high-ranking Chechen security officials, the commander of the West-Akhmat battalion, Ismail Aguev, and the head of the Kurchaloy District Department of Interior Affairs, Rustam Aguev. Kadyrov has repeatedly called Rustam Aguev his “brother” and regularly talks about the “exploits” of Ismail Aguev on his telegram channel.
  • Marina Migunova, a member of the Public Chamber of Orekhovo-Zuyeva, also collects humanitarian aid for the front.

Putin must have felt very relaxed in the presence of these United Russia cadres for what he told them was truly horrific:

“About 30,000 people die in traffic accidents in our country,” Vladimir Putin said. “About the same number from alcohol… We are all under the Lord… Under Allah, under Christ… There, I don’t know… The important thing is that we are all mortal. And someday we will all leave this world. It’s unavoidable. The question is how we lived. Some after all live or not live – it is not clear. And how they leave – from vodka or something else. And then they left – and lived or did not live? And imperceptibly. Somehow slipped through. And whether a person lived, or not. But your son lived. And his goal has been achieved.

That is, it remains visible.

– This means that he did not leave life in vain, – the Russian president added. – You understand me, right?

Firstly, Putin is using a very high estimate of annual Russian traffic deaths. The number is closer to 15,000 and hasn’t been 30,000 in 15 years. Same thing for alcohol-related deaths. They are at 7,000 and haven’t been at 30,000 in over 15 years.

Secondly, imagine if Putin was actually sitting with mothers who had not been carefully screened. And then started contextualizing the war dead by making parallels with annual traffic alcohol mortality. Just how autistic do you have to be to speak to a mother who buried a son and tell her that everyone is mortal and 30,000 die in traffic accidents, while just as many kill themselves with alcohol?

Thirdly, the line about how at least the son did not die in vain is an utter lie. The great majority of the 25,000 (including DLPR here) who have died for Russia have died for nothing, and it’s precisely Putin’s fault.

What did the 25,000 die for? Russia holds Mariupol, rural Kherson, rural Zaporozhye and rural Lugansk. That doesn’t justify 25,000 dead! A fraction of the dead died for this. Others died for Izyum, Kherson and Kiev that were then abandoned. Still others died so that Putin could continue to not make the mobilization decision for 7 months!

50 to 100 die entirely pointless deaths each day right now as the front doesn’t move at all. — Because Putin declined to generate the mass to break the deadlock.

For under 25,000 dead Adolf Hitler took entire Poland! What has Putin translated the deaths of 25,000 into? Ukraine’s military potential is as great as when the war started. After all that advancing into Kiev, Kharkov, Chernigov, Sumy, Voznesensk, Kherson, Kupyansk, Izyum and so on Ukraine hasn’t been denied a single major city besides Mariupol.

Ukraine map adjusted for population — Russian gains by population centers are abysmal. Far fewer people have been added to Russkiy Mir in 2022 than in invasion-less 2014

Given a 7-month head start in mobilizing and 9 months of practice against the Russians — whom Putin forced to go in piecemeal and with their pants down — the Ukrainians are far more formidable than they were in February. That’s another thing, 25,000 isn’t the final tally. Putin hasn’t just thrown away the majority of the 25,000 lives lost for nothing. —He has ensured many more will have to die to get the job done than would be the case if he had done things remotely competently in 2022.

Everyone understands intuitively that when sending men on a campaign they’re the safest and most effective if you send as many as possible and very bunched up. Putin instead didn’t mobilize, told them to expel conscripts from their BTGs and divided them up along 6 different axes of advance. All because he thought all Russia needed to do was to show up like it’s 2014 and even just basics of good operational practice were not needed and would get in the way.

When this was exposed as a delusion it took him 7 months to face up to the increasingly horrific manpower problem. So late that it was already too late for Izyum, Liman, and Kherson, while on the equipment end 95% of the GDP still goes into peacetime stuff!

Then he turns around and vaxes lyrical about how the deaths have not been in vain. That’s precisely what they have been!

At the very, very least the state owes a serviceman not to throw away his life lightly. If he is to bear great danger it has to be for something that is absolutely worth it.

Putin doesn’t seem to think so. After all, dying pointlessly in a war needlessly stalemated by incompetence is a good death compared to dying of vodka or in a car crash!

It’s incredible how much leeway he gives himself. Is 25,000 dead for Mariupol and 45,000 sq kilometers of turnip fields a good enough result? Would you have thought so in February?

But if he is capable of contextualizing the war dead against the “30,000” annual traffic deaths and “30,000” alcohol deaths then why wouldn’t he think that?

If your war is claiming fewer lives annually than traffic and vodka then maybe you don’t need to present any great gains to counterpose to the loss? If you think that’s a small number of soldiers to perish then the imperative to have something big to show for that isn’t really there. You can just take it easy, not mobilize for 7 months and keep on spending under 5% GDP. It’s just 50-100 dead per day, what’s the big deal?

Besides, you’re just giving people the opportunity for their deaths to have meaning. I mean, without you and your cretinously inept war the plebs might just as well have just drank themselves to death instead. You’re practically doing them a favor!

Look at all this meaning!

Another well-written comment on Twitter by a Russian:

I read the transcript from the meeting with mothers of mobilized, it’s some impossible shit, Putin uses quite a high car fatality rate in Russia to diminish the current losses.

And after it said that a lot of people have a worthless life, but at least people who died did it for a reason. It’s once again the background, that a large share of the deaths of mobilized is directly attributable to the absolutely otherworldly operational level decisions.

Then you have the segment, in which he tells that he is actually trying to solve the supply with equipment after the federal government consistently told and continues to tell that it will not actually fund equipment. [It’s demanded the regions do it.]

I suppose he wanted to say something deep and the meeting was always with him tightly screened and filled with bureaucrats, but I suppose the audience for it is not very smart, but like how awful all of this stuff looks.

When he finished it with “evil Ukrainians killing their own for not wanting to go in attacks” when you have a funny warlord with the official doctrine about this that recently executed a person with a hammer. There is nothing left, all of this is rotten, just nothing.

I feel insane when I speak with pro-Russian Westerners, I try to explain to them that I have a massive panic because the government just literally doesn’t care and is incompetent and will murder a massive amount of Russians because of it, they post something about globohomo at me.

The most upvoted comment on the story on Yaplakal (machine translated from Russian). Also check out comments here and here
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  • Yuno

    Well looky here!

    Since fingering underlings like Shoigu, numberless “Generals,” anonymous “traitors,” “saboteurs” “corrupt bureaucrats” or disloyal oilygarchs has failed to provide any relief whatsoever – to the persistent, nagging (cough cough) of really real tsunamis of bad ‘news.’

    we must ‘go to the top’ of the turd pole. Where suddenly, we find not a ‘bear-ridin, bare chested,’ hombre with mucho macho mojo… or even a ‘supreme leader’ with powerful weaponry and a wallet packed with oil-generated funds…

    but just a small, tired and defeated “wizard” cowering behind a fraying curtain of lies and disinfo! Wakey wakey Fakey Fakers & Friends, this line of excuses is already as tired as your last ones.

    Since Vlad was never more than a mob boss presiding over a failed post-soviet state with a lot of holdover nukes… it overdue to adjust your kaleidoscopes to the ‘new view’ of the landscape.

    One people. One History. NO Country… for white men or even their pretended Chechen sidekicks. Like pretty much everywhere else on the planet, that history is simply a sorry repeat spectacle of spoliation & deceit via various dogsbodies of the $power and their religious enablers.

    Cheka mate. All will be under the all-seeing eye of international finance capital and it’s ‘self-worshipping’ caste of mind-controllers WHO now advance to ‘bodily-control’ as well, via their ‘experiment gene therapy’ war on u.

    What a joke this has turned into. “High-fivin” fans of the $powers puppets – east & west – twisting ‘every way but loose’ to avoid looking their own naivete and cupidity in the face.

    • Blackledge

      Excellent post, as always.

    • peterinanz

      “…..All will be under the all-seeing eye of international finance capital and it’s ‘self-worshipping’ caste of mind-controllers WHO now advance to ‘bodily-control’ as well, via their ‘experiment gene therapy’ war on u….”
      The guy who imposed the harshest anti-Clovid measures in the West in his little fiefdom of Victoria, Australia, just won a landslide election victory.
      Masters will do it; sheeple will like it. We, a small minority in between, will have interesting times.

      • Yuno

        The guy who imposed the harshest anti-Clovid measures in the West in his little fiefdom of Victoria, Australia, just won a landslide election victory

        Hard to know whether “your boy” there in Oz is the best Schikelgrubber re-enactor, or “Fidel’s boy” in Eskimoland is the winner in that contest. Let’s just say NOBODY does submission and self-immolation like English-speaking serfs of the $power. I’d have to give the edge to the latter team, since their ‘medical police’ have come out with a clear & direct demand for ‘vaxx-denialists’ to be subjected to ‘psychiatric therapy.’ But maybe the roo’s have already upped that ante – hard to keep up with the bad news cycle.

        A dozen years ago – first appearance on the ‘web’ thing for this black sheep – my proposition that heading out of Dodge to the ‘safety’ of some non-western refuge was met by waves of derision, condescension, disbelief, and/or laughter. Why would anyone leave the ‘security of first world livin’ for some ‘shithole country’ in the back of beyond?

        It never got any better – in fact it just got worse, over time, as the now-obvious stages of mind-controlled devolution of critical thinking, self-preservation… hell, even will to be a human bean… evidenced itself every damn day on that ‘web’ of deceit & disinfo.

        Looking back in to the sad remnants of my race back in the fallen lands… I shudder at what it must be like to wake up each morning to an unending nightmare. Poe was regarded as a writer of ‘fiction.’ Unfortunately, his account of the ‘fall’ of whitey into madness and oblivion has proven to be an amazingly prescient ‘docudrama’ much more accurate than any of the ‘reality tv’ tropes which the Jonestowners of the wester world now use to pass away their remaining hours.

        Dare I say – even “Lovecraft” will prove in the end to have been but a pallid imitator of the really real horror which awaits all those who stayed behind too long?

  • Blackledge

    “I feel insane when I speak with pro-Russian Westerners, I try to explain to them that I have a massive panic because the government just literally doesn’t care and is incompetent and will murder a massive amount of Russians because of it, they post something about globohomo at me.”

    The people cheering for Russia at the outset are understandable. Those who continue to do so – in spite of the mountains of evidence that Russia is hemorrhaging people and losing the war, badly – are either deliberate liars or mentally retarded children. Douglas MacGregor, Pepe Escobar, ladyboi Bradley Blankenship, two-time convicted pederast Scott Ritter, et al.

    Excellent essay BTW.

    • Estragon

      The “globohomo” reference is telling. The belief that some foreign strongman (in this case Putin) is on your side and will save you is a delusion that many people succumb to.

      Depending on who you talk to, Putin is either an upstanding Christian statesman fighting against “Gayropean values,” or a principled fighter against Western imperialism. The first take is common amongst disaffected members of Western countries, the second in the so-called Third World or Global South.

  • Agarwal

    You can’t fix a problem if you don’t acknowledge that it exists. From Putin’s words and actions, it doesn’t seem like he has brought himself to admit the problem that he has, and the failure that this war has been. From the guy who brought Russia back from the brink into a near-superpower, to the guy responsible for perhaps the worst great power showing in any war for the past 200 years. It’s a difficult thing to wrap your mind around.

    • peterinanz

      “….It’s a difficult thing to wrap your mind around…”.
      It isn’t, actually. It’s very simple, in fact.
      Requires character.
      Make of this what you will.

    • Yuno

      I propose we ‘unsubscribe’ from this newest $power-directed meme, whereby the Kolonel is supposed to be the fall guy for the falling down stupid performance of “the world’s second strongest army” in failing to bulldoze the decrepit ‘second-rate’ rabble of Ukie-Naziland!

      We could profit from re-focusing the conversation about Vlad upon his personal details as they reflect the larger malaise behind the Russkie debacle. HE is only symptomatic – not ‘performative’ in the causal sense. Say What?

      He – the Supreme Leader – is a half-caste “mischlinger” of the same style as “the Korporal” was; both will be seen thru the lens of history as the agents of their respective nations’s downfall. That part of the new-approved meme is true; but just as Hitler was a creation & puppet of kabbalist(now “jabbalistic”)talmudism’s culture war

      so Putin is but a puppet of same… only, unlike fellow ‘agent’ Adolf, Vlad being Hooish from his mother’s side gives him more immediate credentials – and automatic ‘right of return’ to the UnHoly land – once he is forced to flee to that bolthole by pending events.

      But all that is micro to the macro which matters most: the Rus people suffered a nigh on full century of submission to the Bolshevik hoos whose modus operandi was to impose an extreme ‘noahide’ regime upon those who they didn’t brutally murder or starve to death. The classic symptoms of ‘Stockholm Syndrome are showing up as a result. Not only has the rump Rus pretending to stand in for a triumphalist USSR accepted the imposition of talmudic values and social controls upon itself – gladly giving itself over to being ruled by a cabal of (western-imposed but hoodaic-managed & directed)Ali babas almost all of whom have direct ties to the supremaist talmudic cult known as “Chabad” (exactly the same cult which pulled the Drumpf-puppets’ strings via Chabad member Prez Kushner!)

      but they have also adopted kabbalist-talmudic principles of ETHNIC SUPREMACISM -in treating the Ukie neighbors as ‘second class “converts” to Russ-ism,’ to be handled roughly – with deadly force even should they fail to recognize their inferior status to their masters in Moscow! Acting out the genocidal manias of their own oppressors/hijackers is now the unspoken, un-acknowledged modus operandi of every Rus nationalist dreamer who thinks that the ‘police action’ debacle can be still spun into something other than moar lipstick on the pork rind!

      O the irony/Mother Rus dying for the defence of talmudic principles of ‘chosen peoples!’

      • peterinanz

        Strong JQ angle to the problem.
        Be that as it may, then, a question: how do you explain “anti-Clovid” measures in Israel?

        • Yuno

          Excellent Q.
          When I was still dipping a line into the sewer what be the wester worldz ‘social media’ platforms… I confronted the usual troll army gatekeepers with the conundrum of their being strong vax-cult resistance among the most fervent sionistic(so-called ‘right wing’)’orthodox’ hoos in the UnHoly Land itself.

          This produced the most virulent reaction – as always happens when their is no ‘script’ telling them what response to insert – upping the ante of ad hom/diversionary responses so as to bury the question raised.

          Boiling that phenomena down to the essence, I reckon it to resonate with my long standing presumption – most all of the responders on the wester web are talmudo-troll hasbara tasked with ‘molding’ the minds of their reader/victims so as to keep supreme the fallacy which they treasure most: “all hoos are bad”…”blame the hoo for every problem” thereby keeping the hoo in his/her box and we in ours,
          so as to avoid the worst case scenario, whereby the best of the hooish clan(those who rebel against the internal rebbe-led mind control of that cult)cross lines to join with the best of “us” still remaining at large)to defeat the main enemy in a last minute ‘surprise comeback’ as has continually foiled the plans of the oppressor for millennia now.
          A best case scenario looking increasingly unlikely however – as control over all communication channels gets tighter and tighter by the day. Just how long do we have before even *Super-Mark0* here is subverted into compliance with the agenda, as per always?