US to Send Bradleys, Germany Marders, and France AMX-10 to Ukraine

US has a few thousand M2 Bradleys in storage

Source: Politico

The U.S. and Germany will send infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine, the two countries announced on Thursday, decisions that could pave the way for the West to give Ukraine what it really wants — Western tanks.

The White House announced that it plans to send Ukraine the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, a tracked armored combat vehicle that carries a turret-mounted machine gun. Germany, meanwhile, will provide its Marder Infantry Fighting Vehicle. The announcements come a day after France said it will send its AMX-10 RC armored fighting vehicles, a highly mobile, wheeled system built around a powerful turret-mounted GIAT 105mm gun.

Berlin will also join the U.S. in donating a U.S.-made Patriot air defense battery, bringing Kyiv’s number of Patriots to two after the White House announced the move last month, according to the Thursday statement.

Germany has been heavily arming Ukraine indirectly by arming ex-Warsaw Pact in return for them transferring Soviet-era weapons to Ukraine
AMX-10 armored car
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  • Blackledge

    It’s very interesting to see how the US in particular and NATO countries in general are depleting their respective arsenals. Where Russia is concerned, China does not seem to be reciprocating with similar material support. I wonder what this will all mean, 5 years from now …

  • Red Cossack

    Russia has no chance against the whole West.