US Announces It Will Leave Ukraine Without Artillery

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  • peterinanz


    I got the email and I hope you’ve seen my (brief) reply.

    Moving on along positive route, a couple of things you could find useful.

    Firstly, although fundamentally still a Putintard, you are way above the usual Internet stuff (people like Saker, Ritter and the rest). That’s not necessarily a compliment, the bar is really low, but you are sort of OK there.

    You DID point to the lack of troops at the beginning of the debacle. What you don’t seem to be, still, grasping, is that ship has sailed. Meaning, no number of mobiki is going to make any positive difference from a honest Rusophile perspective.
    Timing thing. Something civilians desiring to get into military, combat, topic, most of the time don’t get.

    I see this article hasn’t attained single comment in 12 hours. Maybe you sent those emails to other regular commentators here and they don’t share my, say, positive approach?

    Maybe you could follow this example:
    Now, the fellow does LIVE within the reach of…somebody…so has to tread carefully. You have more freedom I think.
    That will make reading your stuff, or not, clearer.

    Maybe you could write something about:
    I’ve read his article (thanking to some people I know who speak Russian and are ex-military). I’ve found the stuff quite interesting. If….IF…you try to do that I’d suggest to write what and how would you change, for better, naturally. Like what has to be changed. If you feel really brave maybe even who should do those changes. How? When?

    And the last, but not the least, how about you find a person, say….ex/current military, of this type
    at least a Major, preferably LtCol/Col who would advise you and even edit your posts. I am sure there are plenty of those in your country, vets from Balkan wars. Buy the old man a drink and he’ll do his best.
    In general terms it will help you with better understanding this war (artillery IS the main arm) and even in particular, as this article, you’ll understand the quantity isn’t important. Quality is. That’s big topic but in…say….a long afternoon over drinks the LtCol would be able to explain important techs to a civilian. From materials, through manufacture and maintenance, doctrine and tactics, individual and group TRAINING, to the fire control. Even some esoteric as theory or probability. First 30 seconds thing, types of targets etc. SMART ammunition too.

    My two cents anyway.

    • Field Empty

      It’s nice that you’re a Rolotard but you do understand he’s one of my biggest fans?

      • peterinanz

        That you, Marco?

        If …IF…yes, that’s quite a disappointing reply.
        First you got my take on that “fan” of yours wrong. The guy is a Putinard. He does have some utility but that’s all.
        More importantly, not a word about the rest, Girkin report in particular.

        “Can everyone please cut back on the personal insults? It serves no constructive purpose.”
        You haven’t got an email from the author, looks like it. Leading by example thing.
        “Personally speaking, I need this site to keep going so I can have intelligent conversations with educated people.”
        Well…if you put me in that group why don’t you make a Proton email address and post it here. We could exchange a mail or two if you want.
        “Agree to disagree no problem, but site + commentariat is of great value to me, and if people leave the site it will be diminished; if the site goes away, I have nowhere else to go.”
        The purpose of ANY online public presence is NOT about exchanging educated opinions in polite manner. That worked during dial up; ADSL hit it hard; smart phones and social media destroyed it.
        The purpose of all of them is …something else. What’s that you’ll need to figure out yourself; not all reasons apply to all the sites but education is not what they are for.
        Personally, I see them as places I could find people I can exchange a mail or two sometimes. To each his/her own.

        • Field Empty

          Are you retarded or something? You told me to get a job and now you’re whining that I didn’t write an article on a topic of your choosing. Are you now commissioning articles from me?

        • Yuno

          And cue the final mise en scene – where the [redacted] fall to nipping at each other’s hides, and all the rancor which coulda shoulda woulda been saved up for salvos against ‘the main enemy’ is unleashed in Lord of the Flies fashion. \yes/ “Marco” is “Field Empty” – for a supposed ‘non-civilian’ you’ve not done a great job of necessary ‘recon’ … no offensive intended.

          All of his previous history is openly available for your inspection right on this sites links. And if your clearly sincere attempt to ‘aid & succor’ has indeed fallen flat – be not downcast. As the Rolo site loudly proclaims…. “Late is the hour in which this conjurer chooses to appear!” No one should feel abused or misled about the premise here.

          I was personally drawn in by the absolute clarity of the site ‘s title. Anti-Empire being the most concise and unmistakable declaration of hostility to IMPERIAL AMBITIONS of whatever kind! How could such a magnificent description go awry? Perhaps the answer lies close to your somewhat obscure reference to the purpose of all ‘social media.’

          The performance was stellar. The place reeked of authenticity and freedom of expression. It’s best to give it a proper burial now. And move on? The grinding, grim ‘news of the hour’ is that there be nowhere to move on to. All ‘moving’ needed to happen in the slim space granted between the initial ‘lockdown’ roll outs… and the now clearly on the horizon “extended lockdown for whatever reason we choose” phase which will follow up the ground gained by the KOVID KAPERS introduction of full commie-fascist style totalitarian serfdom.

          Say it ain’t so? Stay tuned. There’s only ONE show playing now – on ALL the channels of communication. PIT & THE PENDULUM. POE nailed this sucka… long before it ever crept out of the crypt.

          • peterinanz

            “….there be nowhere to move on to…..”
            Wouldn’t know about that.
            I am sure that some people have been able to build/join their own groups, either online or in real (neighborhood, town, city…region). Preferably both.
            It should work, if done well, with
            “….extended lockdown for whatever reason we choose” phase ….”
            For example, the little group of mine is, as we speak, among other things, trying to put together a coherent picture as to how the Panopticon will work next year where/around where we live. One step at the time…..

            • Yuno

              “Group dynamics” can be fun… but the utility of ‘planning what to do after the apocalypse’ is limited in that format. Given that you’ve indicated “OZ” as your locale, you might be supposed to have address advantage in terms of ‘Mel Gibson” Mad Max landscapes…
              but what Mel & everybody else ‘never saw coming’ was the coalescence of STATE TERROR with ‘bio-medical’ terrorism in a ‘one/two\ punch kind of knockout blow to personal mobility – thanks to ‘advances’ in techno-controls/’sensorship.’

              No where to go implies a motility which is not circumscribed by the actual conditions seen recently in ‘commonweatlh countries’ where the VERY ACT OF CHOOSING TO LEAVE was forbidden. And soon will be again…. according to G20/WHO working directives. Getting out of Dodge was imperative to staying whole in wholly UNHOLY WHORLD .,, which the so-called ‘first world’/wester world is now become.

              Think bout that – “HOTEL KALIFORNIA’ type of ‘freedom’ which the group of ya’s will ‘enjoy.’ as the perimeter gets ever smaller between that ‘last redoubt’ … and Charlie just outside the trip wire. This whole ‘NATO VS THE BRICS’ show is a complete distraction from that REALITY.

    • Dale

      Rolo has become every bit the Doomer that A-E is. He’s even postulated that Russia sent out flying columns the first week, then when it got to Kyiv it didn’t know what to do. 😂

      • Field Empty

        Unlike you who commented in July :

        “We get that this site is alienated by Moscow’s coof hysteria. But the SMO, presumably so-called because it is not a robust mobilization, is just CRUSHING to bits the Ukrainian war machine that the US took eight years to build.”

        How did that work out for you?

        • Field Empty

          But my favorite is another guy who commented in May:

          “Typical FAKE NEWS from the psyops site Anti Empire.
          This site SHILLS for JuSA and Zio bankers.

          Here is the real news.

          AW = Losers

          Ukriane will fall as a nation in less than 3 weeks
          I predict a coup and Zelensky arrest or assassination.
          The Uki armed forces are defeated.

          This is the facts. Game over.

          Fuck you deep state zip faggots”

  • Blackledge

    I don’t see why NATO would stop now, given Russia’s empty threats and abysmal battlefield performance. NATO could pursue war until the Ukrainian manpower pool is exhausted or nearly so, and then simply start anew with Baltic forces, Polish forces, Finnish forces, et al, finally resorting to US forces when the former troops are all casualty reduced to ineffective levels. Unless, of course, the entire war is a scripted globalist affair, and the various ruling classes involved are all in agreement and following a storyline, careful not to cross certain boundaries or specific thresholds of violence.

  • Passer by

    Unfortunately a bit of simplistic take. It does not take into account the rest of the combined West ammo production, plus buying up stuff from the whole world, plus the plans to ramp up the old Soviet Block military industrial complex in Eastern Europe, which is building soviet type ammo and weapons.

    Even now factories in Eastern Europe are working hard to supply Ukraine.

    I do believe that overall Ukraine will get a bit less shells than today, but not 4x times less.

  • Blackledge

    Can everyone please cut back on the personal insults? It serves no constructive purpose. Personally speaking, I need this site to keep going so I can have intelligent conversations with educated people. Agree to disagree no problem, but site + commentariat is of great value to me, and if people leave the site it will be diminished; if the site goes away, I have nowhere else to go.

    • Yuno

      if the site goes away, I have nowhere else to go.

      Not so.
      The entity going by the innocuous name “Stan Sheppard” has delivered – on his own substack space – a good approximation of where the ‘next level’ box seat can be found…. for those still believing in internet adventures. “Stan’s Two Cents” as he calls it… has moved on from claiming that Ukes have no legitimate history, culture, or raison d’etre outside of being a slavic satellite of Mudda Rus

      to adopting this black sheeps’ premise of GREATER PODOLIA ‘real estate developers’ being behind to whole puppet show… in concealed and ‘non-attributive’ terms of course! Tis amazing to watch – the twists and turns of folks reeking of reckless abandonment – of anything really real – hoping for redemption or release from inevitable purgatory by toying with the truth …. and the minds’ of those who still seek it!