The Monumental Sacrifice of Novak Djokovic

Defending Australian Open Champion Novak Djokovic was deported from Australia, the day before commencement of 2022 tournament play. He entered the country on a visa including a medical exemption based on recent Covid infection. Due to public outry over “special treatment,” his visa was revoked upon arrival in the country, only to be reinstated by a court. It was later revoked by an immigration minister, whose decision was upheld by another court, sending Djokovic packing — potentially for three years.

This draconian act puts Djokovic at a serious disadvantage in his Grand Slam rivalry with Rafael Nadal, who is competing in Australia this year after vocally supporting vaccines. Both champions, along with Roger Federer, currently hold 20 Grand Slam titles. Djokovic was favored to be the first to reach 21, but his decision to remain unvaccinated leaves Nadal alone with that opportunity for now. (Federer is out recovering from surgery.)

Federer (WEF global leader), Nadal

Djokovic was technically deported for not being vaccinated, but the decision lacks even a superficial “health and safety” justification. Djokovic already had Covid twice, once in early 2020 and again in December 2021. At the time of his deportation, he had been in Australia for ten days, and tested negative. He’s as healthy as a human being can be — you don’t earn “GOAT’ status in the difficult sport of tennis any other way.

Further proof that Djokovic poses no disease threat to anyone is the fact that this tournament was safely played in January 2021, before vaccines were available for any player or guest. Even if Djokovic had taken the vaccine, he’d be no “safer” in terms of his ability to transmit the virus, as the 100,000 daily cases in highly-vaccinated Australia attest.

Even the government that deported Djokovic didn’t try very hard to frame its decision as the elimination of a health threat. Rather, it stated that Novak could become an “icon of free choice” if allowed to stay. Ironically, he will undoubtedly become that now that he’s made the supreme sacrifice of forfeiting his chance to play in order to openly oppose mandatory vaccination.

It’s not a good look for the Covid Regime if an avowed “anti-vaxxer” dominates the sport. The world audience might start thinking about the relative health status of “unvaccinated” people, particularly since athletes have been experiencing heart trouble all over the world — several alreadyat the Australian Open practice courts.

As it stands, Millions of Australians and others who have already taken the vaccine applaud the government’s decision. They can’t get the vaccine out of their bodies, so the next best thing is to make sure that everyone else has to put themselves into the same spot. 

Nevermind the precedent it sets to allow a government to force people to choose between their health and their career. Such Sophie’s choices are normal these days.

The Regime would not have minded Djokovic playing in an unvaccinated state so long as he publicly expressed support for mandatory universal vaccination. He could have easily done this — a hero in Serbia, the wealthy star could have tapped any number of doctors to provide fake certification of vaccination. But that would have violated his principles.

In 2010, an “unwell” Djokovic was collapsing at tournaments, unable to complete strenuous matches. A doctor witnessing his condition on TV got in touch with the athlete, recommending that he eliminate gluten, dairy and processed sugar from his diet. Novak thought it sounded strange but agreed to try, and it’s hard to argue with his results. His 2011 season was one of the best in men’s tennis history. On his new fuel, he was unstoppable. He ended the season with an unbelievable 10–1 record against Nadal and Federer, and compiled a 41-match winning streak.

This experience changed not only the tennis player. It fundamentally changed the man, as Djokovic explains in his book “Serve to Win”:

When it’s not being cared for, your body will send you signals: fatigue, insomnia, cramps, flus, colds, allergies. When that happens, will you ask yourself the questions that matter? Will you answer honestly and with an open mind?

Open-minded people radiate positive energy. Closed-minded people radiate negativity. Eastern medicine teaches you to align mind, body, and soul. If you have positive feelings in your mind — love, joy, happiness — they affect your body…But a lot of people, especially closed-minded people, are led by fear. That and anger are the most negative energies we have. What are closed-minded people afraid of? It could be many things: Fear that they are wrong, fear that someone might have a better way, fear that something has to change. Fear limits your ability to live your life.

Some people at the top feed off of negativity. The way I see it, pharmaceutical and food companies want people to feel fear. They want people to be sick. How many TV ads are for fast foods and medicines? And what’s at the root of those messages? We’ll make you feel better with our products. But even deeper down: We’ll make you fear that you don’t have enough of the things we say you need. It’s crazy — even when you’re completely healthy, they say you need [products] to stay that way.

Here’s a pattern I’d rather embrace: good food, exercise, openness, positive energy, great results. I’ve been living that pattern for several years now. It works better than the alternative.

Djokovic rejects Big food, Big Ag, Big Chemical, and Big Pharma. He doesn’t need them. His practices allow him to be healthy without any of their products — in fact, he’s achieved an elite level of health by actively avoiding their products. 

There is no greater threat to the bottom line of these companies than people like Novak Djokovic. He is not scared, he is not anxious, so he can’t be manipulated or sold an easy fix. He can see the path to health takes hard work, and he’s willing to put it in. When they tell him that he can’t be healthy without a vaccine, he laughs in their faces. They can send him packing, but they can never take away his integrity and self-worth.

Novak Djokovic doesn’t want to lie to the public, making it appear as if he agrees with The System’s “path to health.” If he did that, he would get to play his tournament, but he would have millions of lives on his conscience. He’d rather give up his career’s crowning achievement in order to stand in truth. To send people the message: you CAN reject this tyranny. You do NOT have to comply. You can SAY NO, and you will be okay.

Zadar, Croatia

It’s easier for him, yes, with his millions of dollars. Healthcare workers on a middle-class salary will have a harder go of it. Military members faced with dishonorable discharge absent vaccination have it worse. But Djokovic has made it easier, at least, for everyone to publicly reject vaccination. If Novak openly rejects this vaccine, they can too, without shame. His very public deportation will hopefully get many people thinking about his approach to health, which if widely understood and adopted, will finally burn the Covid Regime to the ground — once and for all.

Source: Brownstone Institute

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  • Mr Reynard

    Quote:Due to public outcry over “special treatment,” ?
    Can you identify the “PUBLIC” ??
    Was it Rio Tinto maybe ??

    • Elino

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  • Mark

    Djokovic ‘might become an icon of free choice’. Well; certainly wouldn’t want that, would we? Not in the country that has grown as draconian as the Spanish Inquisition. Nope – no freedom here, thank you, we’re very, very busy bullying our citizens into getting vaccinations they don’t need because we serve Bill Gates. Some other time, thanks.

    Don’t forget, Australians, and citizens of every other country where the government forced vaccines and vaccination on the people. You have no community, that was always an illusion, and the folks you thought were your fellow citizens will turn on you in a second if the right propaganda is sung into their ear. They’re not your friends, and the government is your enemy. Because after this is over, every country where that kind of coercion took place is going to be blubbering in the media about community and forgiveness and unity, and how we got through it together just like the kumbayas said we would. It’s horseshit. Don’t forget it.

  • Cap960

    The vaccinated sheep believe in the vaccine but run scared when they encounter an unvaccinated. That’s funny as 2h17!

  • London

    Novak Djokovic, John F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Wallace, Tyler … they were at the top of their game … the globalists take down the top then work down … these heroes resistance was against the middle globalist tier … Australian govt, the Fed, English civilians/army, the London archbishop. Which never worked because those at the top simply re-organized over their luxurious breakfast. Those who control the globalists totally own the aforementioned. They smash the top of any resistance. No-Vac, John F, William W, Watt T. then their active supporters, then get their local servants to smash all others. Not a hair on their heads has ever been ruffled. Their top opponents have all lost theirs.

  • Maiasta

    “Djokovic rejects Big food, Big Ag, Big Chemical, and Big Pharma.”

    Another thing he rejects is Rio Tinto’s lithium mine in Serbia. His support for the protests against the Anglo-Australian company might be another factor in their punishment of the star:

    Either way, this was a great article from Stacey Rudin.

  • GMC

    The Globalists and their puppet governments have killed/assassinated quite a number of anti vaxer activists and doctors who spoke the truth. They even mock them with fake Covid death certificates or suicides – no autopsies are allowed or pushed. Few coroners would dare speak against them.

    We will see what happens when millions start to see the consequences of those mRNA jabs. That should shake up the House.

    • Maiasta

      It will. But by that time, the billionaire clique will have moved on to the next stage of its plan, whether that is a “cyberterror” attack or the collapsing of the supply lines or the starting of a major war (Ukraine?) all in order to move the One World plan into high gear.
      Under such extreme conditions, they’ll be able to justify anything.

  • Kieran

    I instinctuvely switched my loyalty from Nadal to Djokovic on the stand he has taken that natural immunity is superior to the best vaccine available on the planet. True sportsmen should henceforth boycott viewing Australian Open and it should be de recognized as a grand slam as they have shown a very unsporting conduct and overturned decisions by 2 medical bodies and a court verdict favoring Djokovic’s participation in the tournament.

    as this brilliant article states, it is obvious Big Food, Big Ag, Big Pharma/Chem/Vaccine had a large role to play in his shameful ouster from this tournament

  • Adam

    If the titles are that much important to him, he should have stuck to the rules and got vaccinated. He is naïve, stupid and self centred. When Ali decided not to enlist, he knew the system would stripe him of his title, he was prepared for with complaints, stuck to his conscious objection and that was that. Djokovic’s behaviour and decision making, shows he does not know how the world works, the elites have created the competition and you are taking part in it, no matter how good you are, you are irrelevant to the organisers. That is the problem with most Eastern Europeans including Russia. They don’t understand that every aspect of all the international organizations and institutions created by the west are all tools of total war, to maintain hegemonic control on everything. The Eastern Europeans would take any humiliation just to be part of the western systems and organizations. And they think they are going to get fair treatment because they are Europeans, they don’t understand the game the west don’t give a f##k about Eastern Europeans, the only place they want Eastern Europeans including Russians is as subordinates, vassals and colonised people who do as they are told. Most of Eastern Europe are so naïve thinking because they are part of the EU and NATO so they have arrived and the Russians would humiliate themselves for anything just to be invited. They are all behaving like colonised people and they are really cognitively and psychologically colonised. So Djokovic has about $135 million in the bank, but instead of saying I would stick to my conscience like Ali, so if you don’t want me I am going home. But no, he has internalised his inferiority complex of self validation as a human being to be based on being recognised by western propaganda hype of the importance of the titles, so much that he is prepared to humiliate himself in being locked up, just to have an opportunity to play in the western tournament to gain their recognition and approval. That is the problem with all Eastern Europeans including Russians. from the elites to the ordinary people on the street, they are all psychologically colonised, craving the recognition, acceptance, praise and flattery of westerners for their own validation as human beings. Its pathetically sad

    Looking at the Russians, they are negotiating with their western partners, who have never kept to any agreement of treaty they have signed among themselves, the Russians or with the indigenous people they colonised, enslaved and genocided. The fact that the Russians are still negotiating with them and calling them our partners, while they are supplying arms to the Ukrainians, shows how far the Russians would humiliate themselves for a chance to be recognised by westerners. Staling is rolling in his grave.

    • padre

      So in your opinion everybody who stands for his belives is stupid, because life would be much easier for him if he succumbed? Obviously, Novak thought there are more important things, than AO title!

  • der einzige

    “Whenever the people need hero we shall provide him” – Albert Pike

    The covid scam is a terrify, divide, conquer and digitally enslave most of the population operation.
    The perpetrators are elite interests.
    Forced vaccination is the prime mover.
    The trick of keeping control of large masses of people is to keep them ignorant of their own power – one way is by having elite “heroes” do for them what they’ve been convinced they can’t do for themselves. Then those heroes are in control of the flow of information.
    In this way opposition is kept hoodwinked and unable to grass-roots organize.
    Novak who was silent until now steps up onto the world stage to play the ceremonial role of push back.
    It distracts and stirs up another firestorm of hope and outrage and this emotional trauma primes the mass subconscious again for further messaging.
    Ultimately when nothing comes of his antics, the people experience demoralization and so on and so on.
    Djokovic is privileged at the pleasure of individuals and entities currently trying to shift and enslave the world. If he was a threat to their agenda he’d be a distant memory.
    – Toy Aussie