‘Reduced Service’

Doing some traveling. Gonna be less content than normal until mid-July.

My first vacation in three years, I believe. (Not counting a sick leave or two.)

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  • TRM

    Have fun and take care.

  • Chester Cheetoh

    The wind at your back, the unknown before you
    Wherever you go, wherever you find yourself, and I’m sure you will . . .
    can you pick me up a T-shirt? XL.

  • peterinanz

    Have fun. You’ve earned it.

  • Abraham Lincoln

    Whats wrong pro Judeo Nazi? Is your racist supremacist global Jewish satanic slave empire dictatorship in trouble? Will you not have anymore Goyim slaves to exploit, abuse, torture, rape etc.? Your worst nightmare is coming true. The Goyim are uniting against you their common enemy.

    • Wubble Gubble

      This time, the globohomo’s need gassin!

    • asd

      Seek professional help

      • Wubble Gubble

        Be quiet anti-Christ

  • Oscar Peterson

    I’ve got a question for anyone who can answer:

    I was introduced to a Russian-language website called Политический калейдоскоп (Political Kaleidoscope) a month or so ago which I have found very interesting.

    But now the site seems to default to one article from 2020–“Как лукашенко лишится власти” (“How Lukashenko will lose power”) and won’t bring up anything else no matter what I do.

    Anyone know of this site and having the same issue?

    • Abraham Lincoln

      The site has been banned by the Zio empire like RT, Sputnik etc

      • Oscar Peterson

        I can access the RT and Sputnik (English language) websites just fine.

  • Jonathan

    Proving there is essentially one author here operating under various pseudonyms. 😉

  • Traveller

    By the time you are back, Empire will finish off nazis in Donbass and move to Odessa. Take it easy.

  • marye

    You and your news will be missed….the one the only place I feel that I’m getting the correct info!
    In the meantime, Z will be taking care of the business of protecting its Mother – Russia.