Nobody Is Digging Into the Wagner Sledgehammer Story — PODCAST

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  • Yuno

    “It’s a story so ugly that nobody has an interest in delving into it, precisely because it makes everyone involved — that is both sides — look so incredibly bad.”> writes our distinguished :post-reality era” Dostoyevski.

    Mabee, Mabee not. Quite possibly, interest is lacking due to the whole story being a ‘fabrication’ concocted by the same script-writers who invented the whole “POLICE ACTION NON WAR” in the first place! Pumping up Prigozhins “Godfather” image in the mediaz seems to be a task common to both sides of the seamless storytellin machinery these daze.

    Perhaps he really IS a contender… for the role of FEAR LEADER in the coming Post-Pootie full on Maifya/Warlord rump Rus which follows after the bare-faced bear-ridin pants soilers’ demise!

    Most probable of all… the entire farce of ‘prison-planet’ storm troopers rushed to the front is a ruse which conceals the reprise of 80s era mass evacuation of Russia’s worst gang-scum from gulags east… to new digs in the west, where they could procreate with abandon, then raise lil Sergei’s and Zucks to conquer the world with!

    Almost all those prison-enlisted Wagnerites are being passed thru the lines for a bright future of fusion with Ukie-style equivalent mafiya groups. The release of Victor Bout is the tell here. New horizons of corruption and STATE TERROR beckon the bold!

    • Blackledge

      As always, you make excellent and very compelling points, and I confess that it’s hard for me to know what to believe, anymore. Except that, ordinary Slavs from both countries are dying violent deaths and being permanently disfigured, in very large numbers.

      • Yuno

        Just as the mad Viennese portrait-painter and part-time ‘midnight cowboy’ Adolf would prove to be the biggest ever killer of German volk, and Yale-Rockerfeller -educated, frano-masonic trained “Han”-celestial-emperor Mao took more Han people to the grave than any “Yeller Feller” before him,

        so the Kolonel now competes with the hoodaic-born Georgian shoemakers son for the title of biggest-ever Slav-slayer. Stalin of course is likely to lose that title-match, because unlike Pootie, he was a victim in the end of that previous, infamous”Doctors Plot”… instead of being chief henchman of the current “Doctors Plot to Blot Out Slavic folk en masse.

        As for ‘who to believe anymore’…. when in doubt, tis always best to fall back on the classics. If one is only old enough to remember “Rocky & Bullwinkle”, there’s enough kernels of truth in those ol scripts to render one accessible to the really real ‘troof’ – if one is blessed to be able to have witnessed the high tide of ‘truth in media’ presentations -via the venerable “Hanna-Barbera” bunch o whistleblowers like ‘Deputy Dawg & Fwiends’…

        then the whole really real dirty deal is visible to the naked Aye!

        • Blackledge

          What is/war “the doctor’s plot?”

          • Yuno

            According to those who now control all channels of communication… zee “Doctor’s Plot was a concoction of Stalins’ failing, paranoid mind. Which of course makes it all the more compelling for Poe-isian detectives to dig down into the really real story!

            Where we find… first & foremost…. the incontrovertible truth that hoodiaic hoodlums have been surrounding “strongman leaders” in the guise of “physicians” for untold millennia – one only needs think back to the hoodaic “philosopher” Maimonides somehow becoming ‘court physician’ to the uber-powerful Muslim potentate Saladin to confirm that.

            So, in the aftermath of Stalin figuring out that the new [un]Holy land promised to the Irgun Gangsters & Yiddish Kibbutzers for running Hitler as Josef’s WMD against the Hunnic tribes…. instead of building a ‘socialist paradise’ in the desert sands was threatening to build a gangsta TERROR STATE in competition with his own,

            he panicked, and sent out signals for a new ‘pogrom’ against the Rus controlled Hoos.. whose response was to cozy up to the Frankist-Trots in control of the west, instead of staying tight with Unca Joe!
            Did some Hooish agents in white coats really ‘poison’ the nasty man in the Kremlin… or did he die ‘naturally?’ Naturally enuff – we need turn to the annals of “Chabad” super-supremacist cultists for a close look!

            The infamous ‘rebbe-fake Messiah Schneersohn gave his followers a peek into C20th talmudic necromancy in 1953… when he suddenly began pointing to the east… and howling a certain phrase… which his acolytes later interpreted to be indicating the demise of their Georgian oppressor. U might say it’s ‘interesting’ that they love to point out that … just like Haman – the guy who wanted the Persian potentate of the day to slay all the hoos in his ’empire’… Josef died suddenly and mysteriously, on the very date of the formers’ fatal encounter with ol Esther!

            Just another hoodaic ‘miracle!’ … or more proof of where Voltaire’s famous dictum leads one?
            Now back…. to the Howdy Doody Show!

            • Blackledge

              Interesting. Thanks for the post and for the detailed explanation, both are much appreciated.