New Israeli Government Promises to Talk About Ukraine Less

Somebody’s afraid or Persia getting more Russkie weapons?

Source: Al Majadeen

The new Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen stated on Monday that the newly formed government will discuss Ukraine less in public.

“With regard to the Russia-Ukraine issue, we will do one thing for certain – in public – we will talk less,” said the ministry, quoting Cohen.

Cohen noted, however, that “Tel Aviv” will continue to provide Kiev with “humanitarian aid”, adding that he will be holding a phone call on Tuesday with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Tuesday.

Former Israeli occupation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was sworn in earlier last week by the Israeli parliament as prime minister one more time, the third time in his political career after he formed a new government.

This is Netanyahu’s sixth term after he was ousted from power in June last year, ending his 12-year run as prime minister.

However, despite Israeli claims that they don’t want to get involved in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the Israeli occupation already established direct and indirect involvement by supporting Kiev against Russia on numerous occasions.

A Russian intelligence source told Al Mayadeen last Thursday that the Israeli occupation is donating money to buy Ukraine weapons from third countries.

The Israeli Haaretz newspaper reported in November that the occupation spent millions of dollars to appease its western partners by procuring undisclosed strategic materials for Ukraine after “Tel Aviv” faced pressure to send arms to Kiev via a third country.

The Biden administration demanded the occupation to switch from strictly providing humanitarian supplies and expanding its assistance to Ukraine and give military equipment, prompting “Tel Aviv” to fund the purchase of strategic materials for Ukraine, including air defense systems, according to Haaretz.

The Israeli occupation also agreed to allow NATO to supply Kiev with weapons that have Israeli-produced components, such as optical equipment and fire monitoring systems, Israeli media said.

Former Russian President and senior Russian Security Council member Dmitry Medvedev in October warned “Israel” against providing weapons to Ukraine threatening that any move to boost Kiev’s arsenal would severely damage bilateral relations.

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  • Blackledge

    Can someone here please educate me on the differences and similarities between Kabbalah and Chanda Lubavitch?

  • Blackledge

    *Chabad Lubavitch

  • Pablo

    Notice how the US has decided to talk less about Ukraine at the EXACT same time as Israel? Not a coincidence. The US Neocons do whatever Israel desires. THAT is the problem.