“It Kills” — Putin’s Spokesman Lectures the Majority of the Russian Nation on How “Irresponsible” It Is

55% of unvaccinated adults (real number is higher) are “irresponsible” and guilty of something that “kills” according to Kremlin

The Russian authorities must continue to explain to people why it is necessary to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. This was announced on Thursday by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, adding that there is no need to hide the tragic facts about morbidity and mortality from the new infection.

The Kremlin spokesman’s attention was drawn to statements that the increase in the incidence of covid in the Russian Federation continues due to the low level of vaccinations and the irresponsible behavior of some people. He was asked what the Kremlin sees as a way out of this situation.

“To continue to explain to people that they need to be vaccinated. To continue to explain, without hiding the most tragic facts, such as an increase in mortality, an increase in morbidity,” Peskov replied.

“It’s really irresponsible not to get vaccinated,” he stressed. “It kills.”

Source: TASS

Editor’s note: Meanwhile Russia’s official COVID daily deaths keep climbing and climbing despite the rising vaccination rate. Today with a 45% adult vaccination rate Russia is recording far more official COVID deaths than last year this time around when the vaccine had not yet launched.

Shouldn’t have the vaccine — if it actually worked — already made a dent by now? And if it’s not capable of making a dent what exactly is the point of taking it? In fact, seeing vaccination rates and deaths rise in tandem one has to ask what is the cause? Has the vaccination of the not-at-risk with a leaky vaccine has selected for ever deadlier strains and made the virus more dangerous?

It is also true that Russia recorded very high excess deaths during last winter so its COVID death toll last winter was probably understated, so it is possible that the present seemingly record-high numbers aren’t actually the highest ever. However that is a whole another bag of worms, and ultimately we can only work with the numbers we are given. The Russian government being miserly and not transparent with its numbers at all (hospital capacity in use, the proportion of vaccinated cases, the proportion of vaccinated deaths…) and poor at gathering them in the first place (when it’s not being purposefully “creative” with them to start with) is a story all in itself…

Russian Faucism
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  • ken

    “It’s really irresponsible not to get vaccinated,” he stressed. “It kills.”


    “It’s really responsible not to get vaccinated,” he stressed. “It kills.”

    What!, they can’t read? The VAERS data shows going on 17,000 killed in the US from this killer injection… About 300 per week.

    The EU data is somewhere around 26,000.

    The Russian government talking about something that kills….Stalin killed more than a hundred of these fake covid viruses…..

    And why do all these morons have that dead stare,,, deer in the headlights look or the lights on, nobody’s home look.

    I imaging his big hero is Herr Daniel Andrews,,, the new Fureur/Stalin of Australia.

    Okay,,, From the continent of hell here is the latest iteration of total insanity.

    I rest my case….This covid stupidity outclasses anything that I have seen in my more than 70 years. Anything from Fureur Daniel’s is possible.

    • Leisure Larry

      This is not “stupidity” per se.
      The Global Jewish Nation is waging genocidal war against Whites and will engage in unlimited subterfuge, deception, destabilization and extortion.
      This isn’t a debate. For the moment at least they have unaccounted power and they will abuse it nakedly, daring us to do something about it. Fortunately, there are hundreds of millions of handguns out there and all we have to do is summon the ghost of Michael Collins.

  • Emmet John Sweeney

    Holy crap. Putin is turning into another mouthpiece for the globalists.

    • geo

      With “specialists” around him and pushing every second to get scared of this fraud, the coHENvid scenario is really hard to clearly see what’s going on…

  • yuri

    excellent—sputnik prevents deaths—pro-empire a farcical Soros shill

    • guest

      >>>> “sputnik prevents deaths”
      Then, take two, and call us

      • geo

        you know, this yury is yoel/joel

  • GMC

    The Who is pushing Russia, so that Sputnik Vee Will get validated. I m sure those 10 bioweapons Labs in Ukraine are working over time, in order to make a real strong virus- Just for the winter cold season.

  • drb

    Hillary -> Dmitri, irresponsible -> deplorable.

  • William White

    Does it work? No!
    Is it safe? No!
    That should be the end of the discussion.

    • steve kastl

      It seems the non-mRNA Sputnik vaccine is much safer than USA mRNA vaccines. Still, vaccination should be a personal choice. I exclude polio and smallpox vaccines—a must have pair of vaccines. Why Russia is jumping on the vaccine bandwagon now is a bit puzzling.

  • Eric the Red

    Every single government has become a member of the Covid cult, along with threats, coercion, fear-porn, and creative lies.
    Why? What in the world is the real agenda? What are they not telling us?