Here’s a Really Good Podcast on the Kherson Withdrawal

I’m in it so I’m biased, but I have a feeling it’s really good, honest:


Gonna be more of these here:

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  • Blackledge

    Excellent content, thanks much for this…

  • YakovKedmi

    All three of you avoids placing yourselves on proper premise and foundation.
    The question that has to be addressed, since February 24, is V.V. Putin
    a) someone who was fooled and played by NATO and suckered into a special operation, and now (since March 5) doesn’t know how to admit it and get out of it
    b) someone who is a tool, a tag-team partner of NWO and is playing his assigned role

    (and there are people dumb enough to give money to get behind paywall ?!?!)

    It is very clear from V.V. Putin’s performance in the past 20 years that he is not an opponent of NWO; or, if he is, he has no idea how to oppose NWO —the mirage of Putin in shining armour was invented and propagated by the conspiracy industry (how much money is Margarita Simonyan funneling to the conspiracy industry?)

    Vladimir Putin talking to Klaus:
    “We’ll not let you down”

    In April, while everyone was expecting the “second phase” to do whatever, the high-command was negotiating with Ukraine, and came to an agreement. According to Nurse Rached Matvienko, in April Russia agreed to withdraw to February 23, in exchange for a firm and solemn declaration that Ukraine would not join NATO. That is how much Grand-Protector Putin cared about Rusins and Pan-Slavia and Mother Russia & all that dog-shit he blabbed about in his sermon to the Russian soldiers. Valentina Matvienko said in May that it was NATO that over-rode the Ukrainian willingness to sign a treaty, and rejected the whole thing.

    In September the Russian leadership did it again. In Kershon country they dragged the people to the voting-stations, then Matvienko passed the new decree in the Grand Council —at the same time the high-command was already negotiating with the Ukrainians for the orderly retreat from Kershon country.

    (I recommend Yakov Kedmi to replace V.V. Yes, he is everything you say he is, and a lot more; but he lives in the real world)

    • The seventh column

      putain had the “luck” to succeed Yeltsin/gorby. after that duo even a cockroach would be viewed as a great leader.
      the question is he a treachrous guy to Rússia Or just a fool?
      will Rússia be able to survive his reign?

    • YakovKedmi

      Is it co-incidence, or is it just my lying eyes deceiving me ?
      On November 8, the man in charge of the voting-machine pulled off another massive election fraud in the U.S.
      On November 9, Shoigu & friends announced the abandonment of Kershon country.
      In the past two years, in spite of money printing for welfare in 2020 & 2021, inspite of war printing in 2022, the U.S. dollar (paper federal reserve notes) retained more purchasing power than silver & gold. Imagine that, today (Nov 11) paper money will buy more silver coins than it did two years ago !

      When you backed yourself up to the edge, there is no room left. Either make a move (and take Dnepropetrovsk), or start stabbing yourselves in the balls.
      Those who say it is all because of those HIMAR systems, should entertain the idea that from the right bank of Dnieper river, regular artillery can fire regular cannon balls at the two bottle-necks on the road to Crimea —and ruin the pavement

      Unless you can show me that on September 1st the Russians already made an arrangement with the Ukrainians in the Kershon country war theater (because they recognized the invincibility and overwhelming power of the Ukrainian armed forces), there is only one explanation remains for the stall of the Ukrainian progress; and no good excuse for giving up a territory which you got for free, could defend, would cost aweful lot to take from you, and can never get back.
      So, Shoigu & friends are either bullshitting the audience; or the Biden crew made them an offer they were/are in no position to reject.

  • The seventh column

    very intelligent conversation. are you 3 Russians living in Rússia? Or in the west? Or are you all 3 westerners?
    it’s rare in “English language world” to see similar analysis.

  • Blackledge

    “there are people dumb enough to give money to get behind paywall!?”

    I thought the same.

    But back on topic: just how far back will Russian forces retreat?

  • peterinanz

    “…just how far back will Russian forces retreat?….”
    Save some major changes in the West, everywhere, in Ukraine. Probably within a year from now. Par by part. The same methodology, from both sides, we’ve seen in Kherson.
    Even some Rusophiles are stopping (at last…) from waiting for something within RF to happen to prevent that. All they are hoping, now, is “dollar will crash, economy will collapse and the help to Ukraine will stop”.
    Possible, sure. How? Not much, IMHO. Time will tell.
    This exercise stopped being about geopolitics, let alone war, some time ago. Now it’s purely online psych lab.

  • Volodja

    You said something like “…no one has any reputation to defend…” implicating that not only is the West the “Empire of Lies”, but it can be labeled to RF too? Can those be really compared? I find the reputations of top RF officials incomparable to those of western officials.