Globalist Cabal Surrenders to Putin After 30% of Russian Regions Adopt QR Codes

QR codes will soon be used in 30% of Russian regions, but vaccination is still 100% voluntary — just ask the Saker

Russians are weeping in the streets — with joy, of course — after 1/3 of their country’s regional governments decided that people will need a digital health certificate in order to carry out life’s most ordinary activities. This is a great day for freedom and traditional values:

Some juicy details about this 11D chess move:

QR codes and mandatory vaccinations

With the increase in the incidence of covid, the regional authorities began to massively develop restrictive measures, taking as a basis the QR code system, which was also in effect in Moscow.

Each subject of the Federation approaches its implementation in its own way. So, in the Ulyanovsk region, vaccinated people can attend mass events with the participation of more than 100 people, in the Kurgan region and the Perm region, codes are needed to visit any cultural and sports facilities, and in Nizhny Novgorod – to go to work: employees without a code are transferred to a remote location.

At the same time, compulsory vaccination for a number of categories of residents is being introduced in many regions. Basically, we are talking about workers in public catering and trade, education, medicine, culture, transport and housing and communal services, state and municipal institutions. In the Nizhny Novgorod region, they ordered to vaccinate 80% of employees of industrial enterprises in a month – this idea was voiced at a meeting of the coordinating council for combating coronavirus by the head of the region Gleb Nikitin.

Some regions have “bonus rules” that are specifically designed to vanquish the Western Satanists who have tried, but failed, to destroy Russia:

In Tatarstan, anyone over the age of 65 who has not been vaccinated will be placed under indefinite house arrest. They can only leave their home to shop at the nearest grocery store, receive emergency medical care, take out the trash, or — of course — to travel to the nearest vaxx clinic. Yes, the regional government is preventing unvaxxed old people from receiving “non-urgent” medical care. The good news is that these second-class pensioners are allowed to walk their dogs up to 100 meters from their place of residence. 

In the Ulyanovsk region, minors will not be able to visit shopping centers unaccompanied by their parents. This is on top of requiring QR codes for restaurants, beauty salons, fitness centers, swimming pools, cinemas, theaters, concerts and exhibitions. Because, you know, coronavirus.

Checkmate, globalist scum.

We understand that this slam-dunk grand-slam against the NWO might come as an unexpected but joyous surprise to some of you. For example, today we received an email from a reader who wanted to double-check that vaccination in Russia is still completely voluntary:

Dear Edward,

As we all know, and the bird blog confirms [The Saker — Ed.], vaccination in Russia is 100% voluntary. However, there are some mean people — I suspect paid operatives working for Western NGOs — telling me that vaccination has been mandatory for months in many regions, and now unvaxxed old people in Tatarstan aren’t even allowed to go outside unless they have a really good reason? I don’t know what to do. I’m literally shaking.

Thanks for clearing this up,


Your humble Moscow correspondent responded:

Dear Tim,

As the Saker correctly reported last week: “[Russia] tried to do a vaccine mandate, the Russian people would not have it, so Mr. Putin declared that vaccination is neither mandatory nor compulsory.”

Is that not clear enough for you? Nothing has changed. Forcing unvaxxed old people to sit at home might be great or it might be terrible, but does not constitute an obligation for the general population. Same is true of QR codes or vaccination quotas for employers — none of this translates into anything remotely approaching coercion. The Kremlin has helpfully explained that the “principle” of non-obligatory vaccination is “generally” still in place, but not enough Russians are getting vaccinated, you see? There is no compulsory vaccination in Russia. Period, end of story!

Thanks for your email,

Edward Slavsquat



See? Always listen to the bird blog.

For those who are brave enough to admit that there actually is compulsory vaccination in Russia, we recommend Anti-Empire’s in-depth investigation into how Moscow’s reprehensible mandatory inoculation policy came into being. You might learn something new!

Be well, friends,

E. Slavsquat

Russian Faucism
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  • Emmet John Sweeney

    Evidently the globalist scum are in charge of large areas of Russia.

  • ken

    “Forcing unvaxxed old people to sit at home might be great or it might be terrible, but does not constitute an obligation for the general population.”

    Gee,,, wouldn’t want the general population to suffer…. would we?

    I am over 65,,, nice to know I am not included in the ‘general population’ I realize we oldsters have lived past our ‘use by date’, now considered useless eaters, and the term vulnerable translates to die as we are no longer tax donkeys.

    The movie Soylent Green is apparently now a documentary much the same way as the movie Idiocracy.

    Should we turn ourselves in to the ‘authorities’ for immediate dispatch by the clotshot or OD on Midazolam in a nursing home after being put on a ventilator to earn the hospital and doctor their medicare payoffs?

    Of course there is the Terry Schiavo tried and true elimination method. Denied food and water by the Florida government she died. They said it was humane. Nice caring folks.

    So,,, all kinds of ways to kill off people now that society is replaying Germany 1930s.

    • Leisure Larry

      Germany is wrong historical peg.

      The Jewish Establishment built the first Soviet Union, but frontman Stalin chased them out.

      They are rebuilding *here*.

      “The USSR is a dictatorship of Jewry.”

  • Raptar Driver

    Proof that the Putin administration has been controlled opposition from the beginning.

    • Leisure Larry

      Putin is not Snow White. But he has to somehow dance with the small hats. If he doesn’t there will be a rash of airline crashes or theater fires or cancer clusters.

      Things could be much worse. I tend to give him *some* slack cuz it requires a gangster posture to contend against gangsters —- and, truth is, he’s given the small hats real resistance in Syria.

      • Raptar Driver

        He is part of the small hats.
        What I would like to call controlled opposition.
        When you dance with the devil you become part of his dance.

        • Ultrafart the Brave

          Perhaps this is evidence that Putin doesn’t have the dictatorial control of Russia that the Western narrative suggests.

          At the same time, I’d like to know what pathologies have so far arisen from the Russian “vaccines” as compared to their experimental Western counterparts (which we know have so far proven to be genocidal).

          Regardless, the Russian situation should definitely be watched closely.

          • Raptar Driver

            I believe he doesn’t have that kind of control.
            But he will soon.

  • Sugar

    The control apps or Green pass, were just too tempting for Putin, he’s KGB, it is heaven for him and he wants it. The vaccines are irrelivant, it is the control they want.

  • tyt

    Anti-Empire kissing globalist ass

    • yuri

      more pro-empire than anti-empire