Ex-Separatist Kadyrov Attacks Commander of Russia’s Most Successful Military District

Has been a busy week for Ramzan
Just Kadyrov hanging out with Shamil Basayev, 1996

Kadyrov’s sons lead an interesting life. One day they are “repelling” a Ukrainian attack in Donetsk, a few short days later they’re already in Dubai in attendance for UFC 280.

Of course when their daddy was a little older than they are he wasn’t just play-acting war. He actually was fighting, but it was against the Russians so it’s something he these days prefers not to talk about.

War tourism might be in poor taste and I’m sure the boys prefer Dubai to Donbass, but there is a job to be done and a cause to be advanced. The job being self-promotion and the cause being keeping attentions firmly fixed on the Chechen contribution to Russia’s war by any means necessary

Moscow has to be continuously reminded of what a great return in Chechen service it is ostensibly getting for the endless billions in subsidies, and cringe be damned! Self-awareness is for the weak!

So after the hard work of creating promotional LARP “combat” videos the boys definitely deserved a breather in Dubai.

And we hope that the high-quality kit they were wearing can now be given to someone who is actually going to need it:

Such as to these poor bastards:

On the way to Dubai the boys stopped over in Grozny where they paraded around 3 Ukrainian POWs of the 6 they had “captured” and handed them over to their bearded father.

I’m a little unsure of the optics here.

You have Putin and Surovikin talking about how Russians and Ukrainians are one people, and then you have bearded ex-separatist Islamists parading Slavs around Grozny. How exactly does that work? It’s a war to unite the Great Rus and the Little Rus but in the meantime we have to let minority Islamists get their pound of flesh and parade around Little Russians?

There’s Putin at Valdai talking about how the Americans had backed the Chechen insurgents, meanwhile these same ex-insurgents are parading his own ethnic kin on what is still formally Russian Federation soil. Could we say that the multicultural tolerance for the cringe-lord hillbilly Islamists and their ways has gone a little overboard here?

Somebody was telling me that one of the 3 POWs is a notorious “fat-dipper” terrorist who was dipping his bullets into pig fat. Okay that might be so, but where does that leave the other 2 guys?

Also, when I prodded him for a source the guy didn’t produce anything so I’m not sure what his assertion is based on. In the video, Kadyrov talks at some length but does not mention any pig fat. Actually I have to give the old anti-Russian fighter some credit here. He is lecturing the Little Russians but his tone is cordial. He isn’t scolding them or demanding an apology.

Also to be perfectly honest, I think there are greater crimes than dipping bullets into pig fat or drawing cartoons of Muhammed. In fact I might say that when bullets are dipped into fat the biggest affront is to pig lovers such as myself. That’s no way to treat a bowl of lard!

However soon any trace of cordiality or good mood left ole’ Ramzan. Three days later he took to Telegram and announced a jihad while also promising that he would no longer be taking prisoners. (Yes he really says it, “не будем брал пленом.”)

You may want to check that one up with the chief, Ramzan. He’s saying that Russo-Ukrainians are one people so are you sure he’s going to let you? Also your messaging is getting a little muddled here. Putin and Surovikin are going on about The Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians and you’re saying how you’re tired of this whole bleeding-heart, Geneva-convention “prisoner taking”. Maybe it’s time for you guys to have one of those little Zoom coordination meetings?

Soon it became known what had caused Kadyrov to announce a jihad and lose his sunny disposition.

Chechen Rosgvardia video blogged its positions in a Kherson school. It turns out that the Ukrainian military was among its readers on Telegram and sent a pack of HIMARS rockets into that school killing 23 and wounding 58 according to Chechen information.

As a fellow blogger, I have to say that I absolutely sympathize with the Chechens. I mean if hate mail is now going to be taking the form of HIMARS where does that leave the future of blogging?

Hey Ukrainians, if you don’t like Chechen vlogs have you considered submitting a kindly-worded critique? Kindly-worded critique — okay. Tactical ballistic missiles — not so okay.

Having announced a jihad on the “Satanist” West, Kadyrov returned to fighting his main enemy — the Russian military. In a Telegram post he praised the ex-convict and oligarch muscle Prigozhin of Wagner as a “born warrior” (Prigozhin and Kadyrov have a weird anti-RUMOD alliance going) while once again attacking general Lapin.

Only this time the Russian military blogosphere on Telegram rose to Lapin’s defense even more strongly than the first time.

Lapin is the Central Military District commander. AKA he commands all the Russian forces based in the Urals region and Western Siberia accounting for nearly 25% of Russia’s land power. His Central District was the one tasked with reaching Kiev the long way, from Russia itself (not using the Belarusian shortcut like the Far Eastern District). It’s a task it accomplished by covering 300 kilometers in 10 days and reaching Kiev’s eastern suburb of Brovary.

There was plenty in the advance of the Central District that was worth criticizing (as I certainly did) but 300 kilometers in 10 days is nonetheless impressive, and an accomplishment. It is the farthest advance accomplished by any of the 4 Districts and only the Southern one got close.

Lapin’s Central District, that together with the Far Eastern one is last in line for new equipment, outshone the favored Western District by a mile, and arguably accomplished as much as the Southern District.

This albeit it was a transplant to western Russia, and unlike the Western and Southern Districts wasn’t operating from its own logistics bases, and was operating in a theater it isn’t normally responsible for and doesn’t study. Moreover, it had been handed much more unrealistic orders than the two Districts native to the theater.

I can’t tell you if the feats of the Central District were due to Lapin or despite him, but he was in command.

So we have a general who commanded 25% of the Russian military and smashed from Bryansk to Kiev outskirts in 10 days being attacked by whom? A reserve police general. And moreover, a person who owes his entire rise to that generalship to his own dear father who put it him at the top of virtually all of Chechnya’s security forces by the time he was 27. For the simple reason that as his son, Ramzan was one of the very few people in the Republic the old Kadyrov could trust wouldn’t be tempted to kill him given half the chance.

But of course, as a “general” Kadyrov is a non-entity. What makes him a danger to Lapin is that Kadyrov in his function as the Chechen dictator has the kind of access to the Kremlin that Lapin couldn’t dream of.


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  • Blackledge

    I am knowledgeable about nothing; however, feedback via Russian language sources I try my best to follow and decipher have a great many complimentary things to say about General Lapin, and cite soldiers directly under his command – Strelkov being one of these sources, of course. Why is the General being slandered, repeatedly? Is he being made into a scapegoat for MoD/Kremlin failure?

    Regarding Kadyrov, his profile seems to be growing even as Russian military fortunes and declining, badly. Are these good circumstances for an aspiring warlord and his sons to “live large?”

    Another question I have: who are Kadyrov’s political opponents and rivals within Chechnya, itself? IIRC Yakov or Panos or one of the other, much better informed readers here cited a certain other Chechen leader (whose name I cannot recall, now,) currently fighting on the Ukrainian side, along with his tribal entourage. If the war continues to go badly for Russia as it appears to be, how much danger is Kadyrov in, politically as well as personally? The Caucasus area is a very dangerous place, correct?

    Excellent essay, BTW.

    • Yuno

      Events are unrolling faster than we… or anybody else… can keep up. The Sheikh Mansur Battalion that I brought to your attention but days ago is fighting on the Ukie’s side for sure…

      but that’s going to prove small potatoes once the NEXT BIG BACKFIRE begins to run amok. Now we’ve got actual RUSSKIE trained and equipped DOMESTIC JIHADISTS producing vides that -unlike the cartoonish character of the Chechen Pootie Poodles of Kadyrov…

      are serious ‘live action’ selections of them purporting to blow up RUSSIAN tanks and armaments. Not on behalf of “orcs” – but on behalf of “Allah!” If your tastes run to exciting shots of things blowing up, to the smooth singing of Koran-inspired arabic chanting


      this dubs for you!
      The trouble with playing footsie with all the Muslim states of central asia in purporting to be their ‘allies’ in the war against the west[Kremlin now recruiting former Afghan ‘special forces’ trained by unohoo].. is that inevitably some of them will take you seriously about the whole “give it to the infidel” schtick you used to get them on board… and start firing at your equally absurd “Christian-Orthodox spiritual revival’ pretend cadre… with bloody hell as the result. Last week in Belograd was the opening signal for that bit of civil strife.

      No longer worry bout the forthcoming insurrection in Chechnia; we’re now at the starting point of full scale jihad against the K-Krew via well equipped and motivated ‘soldiers of Allah’ who have Rus passports and unlimited Saudi backing. It’s all points rebellion and all varieties of religious-ethnic minority mayhem landing right on the Kolonels long table… just when he’s busy chopping the knees off of his last capable field commanders!

      Imagine a world where ALL the black gold what flows through EVERY [non-blown up]pipeline belongs to some guys with beards & turban like head gear. You won’t be the first – believe me… SOMEBODIES already ‘wishin pon that star!’

  • Yuno

    Bin a BAD week for the Baabalouies… and it’s not even done! Never deigning to learn from past disasters, the Kadyrov Krew was once again hard at work Tik-Tokking their vaunted valor… whilst serving as slavemasters in charge of the ‘first line of offensive’ near Wagner’s opus interrupus (aka Bakhmut), the newly enrolled “prisoner persons” being forced to choose between advancing into Ukie artillery… or retreating into oblivion as supplied by the Chechens automatic fire!

    As per usual, the Ukes pinpointed the position of the Tik-Tokkin Chechens, and proceeded to turn their newly acquired PzH 2000s onto their lines. Splat went the ‘non-porcine fat.’

    If that weren’t Wily E Coyote enuff news for the Wagner krews, now today the Ukes are claiming to have taken out HEAD PRISONER PRIGOZHINS Deputy Chief of Staff!

    I’m sure this small setback will all be ‘cleared up’ when an expected BARRAGE of ‘good news’ invented for the occasion hits the wires of the assembled Rus Federation Telegram army. I expect to hear that the “orcs” have been thrown back from Kherson Oblast & that Zelensky is (once again) fleeing to asylum in some “anglo-sionist” nation state!

  • Panos

    General Lapin was removed from his post today.

    Irrespective of the reasons, unity of command sucks in the RF expeditonary force and should be restored as soon as possible.

  • YakovKedmi

    There is the Siloviki; then there is this Kadyrov TikTok division; then there is Wagner Free Corps. Isn’t it time the Infantry, the Navy, the Air Force got together and organized themselves an Army ?

    What have the tape-worms and cork-suckers of the most pravoslav KGB church of Mother Pan-Slavia have to say about this Chechen true-religion take over of Moskau ?