Angry People Buy Merkel Lies, Criticize My Dear Vladimir Putin

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  • hotcolors

    “If true that she thought round 2 was inevitable then why did she build Nord Stream 2?” She did not know that the Brits(Americans) were going to blow a hole in it.
    “If true that she thought winning some precious time for Ukraine was so important, then why didn’t she do anything to help Ukrainian rearmament and make better use of that time?” The help came from NATO, US and Israel.
    “fellow pan-Slavist like Putin?” Putin cares about Russia, the state of Russia, its power and position on the international stage. He does not give a damn about Russians or any other slavs. He is on board with and promoting the genocidal cattle-tagging shots which are killing his fellow Russians. He is actively pushing the enslavement agenda on his own people. He is another psychopathic agent of the Great Reset agenda.

    • Seamus Padraig

      Yup. I used to be his leading fan, but no more. His pushing of the clot-shots is what finally woke me up.

      • Yuno

        Not a bad surmise of the situation… but it’s important to realize that the next stage of your ‘disenchantment’ involves recognizing that Pootie… rather than ‘pushing’ anything, is simply ‘pulled’ by the same puppetmasters as all the rest of the pathetic shills standing in for ‘world leaders.’

        In exchange for apparent ‘power & influence’ on the world ‘stage'[read: a serious amount of cash and shiny stored in his Central African Republic bolthole, plus a ‘back up to the back up plan’ second stash in Venezuela… where a former Gazprom bigwig works now full time to secure Dear Leaders’ future…

        he walked the way his masters directed him. Till his walk took him right offa the plank! Comin up on “Newz @ 11” – :Vlad Reprises Christopher Walkens role in that famous Nam war flic!! is DEAR LEADER “Deer Hunter/Bare-chested Bear Rider”… or Barely There Naughty Schwab Elf?” U B da Judge!

      • Blackledge


  • Yuno

    As long as we’re working the ‘groove-yard’ of nostalgic, ‘better days’ stuff…

    let’s peek back at what ‘5D’ clairvoyants and champion ‘anal-c-ysts were informing about back in 2015 or so:

    “You could say that Russia preempted the creation of the 10,000 strong NATO force by bringing her own mobile (airborne) forces from 36,000 to 72,000.

    This is typical Putin. While NATO announces with fanfare and fireworks that NATO will create a special rapid reaction “spearhead” force of 10,000, Putin quietly doubles the size of the Russian Airborne Forces to 72,000.

    And, believe me, the battle hardened Russian Airborne Forces are a vastly more capable fighting force then the hedonistic and demotivated multi-national (28 countries) Euroforce of 5,000 NATO is struggling hard to put together. The US commanders fully understand that.\Saker – In a War With Russia NATO Doesn’t Stand a Chance – Unz Review

    Heady stuff! Let’s Grift\like we did last summer…. Let’s Grift\like we did last year!
    c’mon Team Shakey -give us some MOAR of the good stuff to work with!

  • Dianthus

    Yes a lot is planned way in advance and no, far from it that politicians know it as well bc they are NOT the elite!

    I would advice to read & DYOR on this Intel of an Intel officier bc here we learn how the game is played in the top. Most is still today not known by most:

    The Committee of 300

    Read the first 20-25 pages or search for topics that you want to know like Russia, Soviet, etc if you want to see what this Intel has to say about that.

    A real 💎 if you ask me and we get so see how this world is really being run… most have no clue and the facts, happenings, persons, institutions, is all genuine so far I have researched it.

    And simply put away as a conspiracy theory… but in which the agenda 2030 and following is clearly described from A to Z…

    Know the REAL history of the Elite so you can observe it in the real world or if we like that they fool us every time there is something happening and we research that, then have fun to stay always behind the facts…

    Just saying…

    ps. we have a telegram study room also for serious people that want to help to see the links today

    • Dianthus

      Here is someone talking about MKULTRA and the Tavistock Institute:

      Cynthia Chung – President and co-founder of the Rising Tide Foundation.

      How the perceptions of individuals and the masses are being manipulated today and
      in the recent past, including gaslighting and other tactics.

      The role of MKULTRA and the Tavistock Institute (which, along with the CIA, has been researching the influence of LSD
      on the mind and its control) in the emergence of the modern tools of manipulation.

      Now search Committee 300 for: the Tavistock Institute

      I can get a list of names of persons and institutions that most still not know, but are specially made to mindf*ck us all… this is not a theorie or fake news. This is the REALITY how they play us for their own gains and also this war can be placed in that basket bc you see also that a lot does not add up… well, this can help if we want to try to understand it…

      • Yuno

        Mind the gap there young’un… and be careful where your ‘information liberators’ lead ya!
        “Cynthia Chung”…. aka Hoo know who?… is a part of an outgrowth of the old Lyndon Larouche international socialist(read -trotskyite- “labor movement” which melted down eventually into a hard core of nut cases blathering on and on about “Schiller” and German post romantic philosophy so as to better disguise their allegiance to “world revolution” such as their newest “rising tide” foundation espouses in concealed but recognizable form.
        Fellow agents such as Matt “the Rat” work the interstices of so-called ‘alternative media’ agit-prop’ sites luring in the naive & witless with poisoned candy cane fluff about ‘white knights from the east’ and the usual bs about Russia & China will save your Uropean civilization from itself!

        Don’t be a ‘naughty elf’ this X-mas… dig deeper and find the creeper vine holding your mind in check! “Cythnia” appears in the stable of ‘strategic culture’ vulture scribblers who toy with impressionable western minds daily. “Tavistock” is waaay deeper and wider than you’ve imagined pilgrim!

        • Blackledge

          Love your posts, Yuno. I mean that sincerely.

    • Seamus Padraig

      Where’s your Telegram link?

    • Blackledge

      What is your Telegram channel?