America’s Elites Want a Racial Apocalypse

Oligarchs are bankrolling the looting of big cities where they do not live

Jamil Ford still recalls the disorders of late May. ‘It was like Baghdad’, he recalls, even as jurors listen to the arguments during the trial of Derek Chauvin, the police officer accused of killing George Floyd. ‘I constantly think about it. The past history does not go away’, the African-American architect recalls, noting with trepidation possible National Guard deployments. ‘The mental part is still there.’

I know how he feels. In 1992 we went through this same process in Los Angeles when the police were exonerated in the beating of Rodney King. This unleashed a three-day explosion of often violent protests, resulting in $1 billion in damages and over 50 fatalities. In the end, the disorder led to some necessary shifts in police procedures but ultimately left the area relatively poorer and considerably less black than before.

Will things be different this time around? No politician in American history owes more to African-American leadership and voters than Joe Biden. His flailing campaign was rescued from the respirator by South Carolina’s heavily black Democratic electorate. African Americans sustained his path through states such as Texas. Since taking office, Biden’s commitment to battling the ‘sting of systemic racism’ and encroaching ‘white supremacy’ has accompanied his early actions and seems to have shaped many of his appointments.

The left’s and the media’s embrace of racial apocalypse, both in the US and in Britain, remains sadly selective. The recent Atlanta murders, given exhaustive coverage, appear to be the product not of Trumpista brownshirts but a singular, screwed-up madman. Meanwhile, attacks on Asians historically have come in large measure from minorities, largely African Americans. The most recent attack on Capitol Hill came not from Trumpistas but a follower of the ultimate anti-white, Louis Farrakhan.

The same media that hypes anti-Asian violence by whites usually ignores that by other ‘people of colour’. When the perpetrator is a Muslim jihadi, as was the case in Colorado, coverage has been less, even if the body count was twice as high. The ‘people of colour’ solidarity that bleeds over the pages of mainstream media has little room for nuance. It tends to ignore the fact that many Asians, and many Hispanics, oppose such things as quotas to selective high schools and colleges.

Similarly, most minorities seem not to share common ground with posturing politicians, and progressive intellectuals, who have excused looting as a form of racial redress. Minority business people generally don’t regard random violence as justice; the impact on business enterprises is felt particularly keenly in Minneapolis. A focus on police abuse is clearly needed, but the vast majority of Americans – including millennials and minorities – do not favour defunding law enforcement. They may be more concerned with the resurgence of violent and other crime in our core cities, even though it is often downplayed in the media.

The impending threat of violence in Minneapolis and elsewhere, offers manna from heaven for some but disaster for most. The racial-protest industry, perfected by the openly neo-Marxist Black Lives Matter, has raised a reported $90million, much of it from corporate largesse. What civil-rights activist Bob Woodson calls ‘race-grievance predators’ – like Ibrahim Kendi – are being bankrolled by oligarchs, like Twitter’s Jack Dorsey.

Thanks to the Floyd incident, diversity departments of corporations, universities and governments now have permission, indeed a mandate, to embrace open discrimination against whites and, when convenient, Asians as well. Companies like Coca-Cola now impose expensive racial ‘diversity training’ on their employees. Other businesses, like Uber Eats, have gifted free delivery for African-American-owned firms only, while Oakland has initiated a $500-a-month basic-income programme for poor people, funded by rich non-profits, but with the proviso that whites need not apply.

Racialism also holds short-term political benefits for Democratic politicians. Every Republican move now made – getting rid of the Senate filibuster or challenges to electoral laws – has morphed into a ‘return to Jim Crow’. A discussion of controls, whether at the voting booth or the border, is immediately labelled as racist. Anyone suggesting otherwise risks being sent into the digital gulag by the dominant oligarchy.

The experience of the past 50 years shows, consistently, that civil disorders reduce investment in core cities, and lead companies to invest elsewhere. South Los Angeles is worse off, relative to the rest of the region, than in 1965. Research reveals riots have had this effect in much of the US. After last summer, many downtowns, notably Minneapolis and Portland, have suffered enormous setbacks in terms of business activity.

Businesses generally are loath to invest in places where violence lurks, and law enforcement seems unequal to the task of controlling it. One friend, himself a minority, had a medical warehouse in central Minneapolis that was burned down in the riots. He says the company has plans to rebuild – in suburban Atlanta or in Florida. ‘We can’t afford to destroy the economy’, warns Jamil Ford, who, with his church, tried to protect businesses last spring. ‘These are all the ones who can drive things after the fires happen.’

Already struggling with the pandemic, urban centres have been the hardest hit of America’s geographies in terms of employment losses. One recent survey found that today barely 10 per cent of corporate executives would consider investment in a big city; the vast majority are now opting for suburban and small-city locations.

In the coming days, we will hear repeatedly from Black Lives Matter and its media allies about police brutality and the need to assault remaining residues of dreaded ‘whiteness’ in our society. One black journalist, writing in Newsweek, warns about how African Americans will experience another bout of ‘trauma’ during the trial. Certainly they will cringe as the defence tries, as is its sad duty, to lessen or even eliminate charges against Chauvin.

This worry, given the past, is understandable, but legitimate concern over police abuse does not suggest minorities embrace the prevailing narrative. The vast majority of all races, noted a 2018 survey, reject the political correctness increasingly embraced by the billionaire class as well as corporate HR departments. Indeed, the most extreme people on racial issues are not Blacks and Hispanics but radicalised whites, whose Antifa shock troops well represent the lunatic fringe.

The woke may be winning in cyberspace and the corporate suite, but economic factors may prove more decisive in the long run. By 2032, minorities will constitute the majority of the American working class. They did better in terms of income under President Trump than previous administrations from both parties. This was one reason for the shocking move of Latin voters, devastated by the lockdowns, to Trump last year.

These populations are also voting with their feet and moving to red America. In a newly released report, the fastest growth in minority populations are occurring in the south, intermountain west and parts of the Great Plains. Demographer Wendell Cox also notes they are leaving the big progressive cities seeking lower house prices, more opportunities, and, yes, also lower taxes. As minorities move to these places, buy homes, and start businesses, they may tend to become more conservative in their values.

Red Guard-like seminars may make money for the practitioners of redress but it is what my friend Sergio Munoz calls ‘the multiculturalism of the streets’ that will save us. The idea of America as a kind of apartheid regime seems surreal in a country where one in 10 babies born in the US has one white and one non-white parent and 12 per cent of all African Americans are now immigrants from Africa, the Caribbean and elsewhere. Interracial marriage has gone from three per cent in 1967 to roughly one in six now.

It’s also time to ditch the West Side Story of repressed urban minorities. The suburbs, not the cities, now dominate the non-white experience in America. In the 50 largest US metropolitan areas, 44 per cent of residents live in racially and ethnically diverse suburbs, ranging from 20 to 60 per cent non-white. Even after the death of George Floyd and the subsequent unrest, most minorities still seek out ‘the American dream’, notes a recent study, but many lack the conviction that they can realise it.

These people, for the most part, are not seeking to create their own Bantustans or Barrios. They want a shot at making it in America, and we should do whatever works to ensure they get a chance.

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  1. ken says

    “One black journalist, writing in Newsweek, warns about how African Americans will experience another bout of ‘trauma’ during the trial. Certainly they will cringe as the defence tries, as is its sad duty, to lessen or even eliminate charges against Chauvin.”

    When the jury is told to ignore official autopsy that shows the thug was doped up,,, to ignore the thug was stating he could not breath while in the car,,, when the procedure kneeling on the ‘side’ of the neck was normally used by police(you can’t choke someone with your knee on the side of the neck),,, when witnesses was asked how they ‘felt’ rather than what they saw,,, when the thugs family was paid 27 million dollars of taxpayer money before the trial even got started,,, you know its a kangeroo court.

    So all the poor African Americans won’t have to worry about another “bout of trauma”. He will likely get convicted.

    The police have been brutal, thuggish, irresponsible, especially during the illegal lockdowns. Any compassion I had for them is long gone,,, that said watching the justice system being used to coddle certain groups is sad and will only serve to increase the lawlessness.

  2. GMC says

    Bottom Line – The N Y Jew Lobbied Open , Unvetted, UNLIMITED Immigration Law changes – destroyed the European white society in the USA. And that was their plan all along. Before the 1965 Immigration suicide laws, 80% of our immigrants came from Europe and only 700,000 were allowed in – period. After the Jews got their traitors to change the logical immigration laws, only 8% of our immigrants were brought in from Europe and the flood gates were open in order to screw the US society and today you see the results of this abortion. 120 million more people than the old laws admitted and a Heintz 57 society that has been MK ultra’d to fight against each other . Game over , the Bolsheviks won again.

    1. Jerry Hood says

      It has been problem of the white goyim( mixed bastards), never opposing the satanic jews and letting themselves to be screwed up by the satanic jews!

    2. Eddy says

      Whilst there may be some validity in your claims ref the Jews, you cannot deny the U.S. it’self is to blame for the situation it is currently in. For the last thirty years, the U.S. has done nothing but invade/occupy and destroy, to such an extent, the countries involved have become unlivable. The refugees thus caused by those actions, eventually find their way to the U.S. where they try to make a go of it. YES, they come in droves, overwhelming the system and causing no end of issues, BUT anyone with even half a brain, would have been able to PREDICT such an outcome from such actions.
      Whether this outcome is planned, or deliberate remains in question until valid evidence surfaces to prove it.

      1. XSFRGR says

        It is not the U$ that is to blame, but the White man. Once the White man is gone there will be no stabilizing influence remaining, and the savages will descend into the stone age.

  3. Jerry Hood says

    Stupid article. Remember, the Black Olmecs( Jaguar people) were replaced in North America by the Red skinned Indian colonists…Inça is Açni of India…After the decimation of the Red skinned Indians came the White European colonists…Codex Zouche- Nuttall page 36, shows the next Age of Sun,with Yelliw man pointing at the White man to depart, and Yelliw man being born from the cycle of life from the Dragon-Serpent in the Sky= Milky Way……White man days in North America are numbered, soon to be feplaced by the Yellow= Chinese colonists!!!

    1. XSFRGR says

      Your prediction may well be accurate, but there is an alternative. Perhaps the man of the future, the Super Man, will be the stabilized product of Chinese/Caucasian genetics.

  4. yuri says

    racist amerikans destroying their own society

  5. Ying Jun says

    America is a failed society. The sooner America fall the better.

  6. Mr Reynard says

    The OLD saying ??
    Be careful, what you wish for ?


    America deserves to die for letting the negroe racist scum to take over

  8. Michal says

    JEWS in america want’s to KILL all WHITE people. This is the correct headline !!! All media are in hands of JEWS, traditional enemy of White straight Christians.

    1. XSFRGR says

      I agree, but the Jew has not thought this through. The Jew cannot control the brown/black population because mind control doesn’t work on those who do not have minds to control. When the White man is gone there will be no one to protect the Jew, and the Jew will be little more than a light snack for the starving brown/black masses.

  9. Bobby says

    Amazing story by Joel Kotkin, one of the few reporters I respect.

  10. Jimmy Scott says

    There is a good chance the jews in charge have realized that the non whites simply see them as rich white people. As such jews are not going to be allowed to rule over everyone so they are setting non whites up for a big fall.

    There is really no other explanation for pushing such madness. Non whites are taking the bait and soon all white people are going to be so sick of them we demand they be deported.

    depeorting most all the non whites is the only way to keep the
    USA from turning commie 3rd world. There is no 3rd choice and their never will be.

  11. Murungu says

    When the Hispanics wake up, they will primary out all the old black and white dems. Then we will h ear some howls of anguish. AOC was supposed to vote Dem, not run for office.

  12. Abert says

    No voting block outside of the brainwashed Bolshevik Boobs voted for Biden. Biden was elected electronically and when that failed the midnight / early morning ballot express showed up. Lie , cheat, steal, deceive, is brother to the steal, kill, and destroy crowd that is one of the two elephants in the room that the ignorant as well as the informed refuse to speak discuss publicly. If you have to ask what this is go back to munching your feed bleeting and lowing about rights you do not understand is denied you in your ignorance through fraud. A man that does not have an informed and ordered system of thought will ALWAYS be at the mercy of a man that has one be he good or evil…

  13. L Garou says

    You can’t fool Mother Nature, much less usurp her..

  14. yuri says

    ruling class black lives matter founder purchased home 1.4 million$ in all white topanga canyon
    anti-racism in USA= money

  15. Bilejones says

    They want a shot at making it in America, and we should do whatever works to ensure they get a chance

    What utter nonsense. The preservation of Western Civilization is far more important than improving the life chances of those who, in large part , are seeking to destroy it.

  16. XSFRGR says

    This “racial apocalypse” is already in motion, and the outcome is already determined. The White race has fallen below the age/fertility curve, and can no longer sustain itself in the U$; this cannot be reversed. The White race in the U$ is already demographically extinct, and will be actually extinct within 50 years. Once Whites are gone the blacks, and browns will prey upon themselves until they revert to the stone age. That’s the future of the U$, and nothing can be done to alter it.

    1. CudaMick says

      Many say there will be another Civil War.

      1. CudaMick says

        Also, how will this affect our nuclear power generators and the U.S. Military
        special weapons?


    i bet they do
    but i will hunker down
    and come out later
    as a resistance force

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