Americans Keep Putting Up Roadblocks Against Russian Troops on Key Syrian Highway

Funny stuff. Intruders blocking troops that have actually been invited in by Syria's government

This is now the fourth time this has happened that we know of. US troops in northeastern Syria keep blockading the M4 highway to prevent Russian troops from moving on it.

In fall of 2019, to prevent a Turkish invasion of the Kurdish-held northeastern Syria, the Pentagon hammered out a deal with the Turks for joint US-Turkish patrols on the Syrian side of the Syrian-Turkish border.

As soon as that happened however Trump, after a talk with Erdogan, declared and ordered a US military withdrawal from Syria. At this moment Russia jumped in and took over the US role in the formerly US-Turkish agreement. To minimally appease Erdogan and limit his invasion it would now be Russians who patrolled together with the Turks, which was welcomed by the Kurdish leadership.

In separate negotiations with the Kurds the Russians also gained a number of bases in the northeast to make the patrols possible, and thousands of Syrian army troops also poured in to reinforce the Kurds against the Turkish invasion in the limited sector it was taking place in.

At this point Trump reversed himself, saying US forces would stay in Syria, but only in the oil-rich parts. But the withdrawal from the Syrian-Turkish border, where US presence had hampered US-Turkish relations, would be permanent.

Blue is the obvious path, but the Americans insist the Russians must hug the border along the red path

What is happening now is that when the Russians coming from the west want to take the direct and obvious route to their facilities in the city of Qamishli they periodically encounter US troops near the town of Tell Tamr standing in their way.

The Americans block the road with their vehicles and demand the Russians take the longer, indirect way to Qamishli along inferior roads hugging the Syrian-Turkish border.

It is being reported this is Americans keeping the Russians away from oil fields, but that is not the case. The object of the dispute are not oil fields but Russia’s use of the M4 highway. Ie the Russians do not object to Americans (who are there illegally) using the highway, but the Americans do object to Russians (who are there legally) from using it.

It appears that so far the Russians have in every case backed down, and did not try to force their way through. It is not known however if they really used the border paths or if they just went around the Americans and then returned to the highway.

  1. CHUCKMAN says

    The petty viciousness of such behavior is just remarkable.

  2. Hist 83 says

    The US got some nerve.

    1. Frank Williams says

      “…some nerve” aka BIG BALLS….

  3. Johnnyrvf says

    The Russians are disciplined and can wait. No doubt the situation is being examined in minute detail by various relevant Russian agencies and when the time is ripe, they will utilise the winning sratergy.

    1. OzricTentacle says

      Amen to that.

    2. Frank Williams says

      Oh really? Sounds to me like the Ams have punked the ruskies…AGAIN!

      1. JohnnyRVF says

        What a boringly predictable reply. So unoriginal, so uneducated, so willfully ignorant. It’s Russia who is punking the U.S. With the completion of Turk and Nordsteam 2, with the complete failure of U.S. strategy in Syria, with the utter failure of sanctions. I could go on but would you understand?

  4. Hist 83 says

    The Russians should’ve had heavy stuff with them like BTR.

  5. temujin1970 says

    War mongering scumbag americunts

  6. Al Carbone says

    get some tanks turn the turrets 180 degrees and plow thru them

  7. Mary E says

    Just another show of American giving the middle finger to every country it invades and occupies – and now even the Russians who were ‘invited’ in by the Syrian government!
    Absolutely outrageous.

    1. Canosin says

      there will be paybacks……and not in distant times…..

    2. Ray Douglas says

      Patience, Idlib first, then Al Tanf, then East Syria and the oil fields.
      Not forgetting about Afrin of course.

  8. Down to Earth Thinking says

    So why are the Russians reluctant to use the northern hwy thru the heart of Rojava where all the Turks are ? Many of you here are reacting like Pavlovs dogs and NOT thinking out what is actually taking place in the long game. These alliances are all very iffy at best and the only reliable group in the region are the Kurds. That should be well past obvious. Is it possible Trump is trying to enforce the flimsy agreements that have been made and insist the Russians actually face the Turks ? Just saying there is more than meets the eye here for sure ! Some of the commnets below are insane and beyond rhetorical says a warrior monk !

    1. Frank Williams says

      Could it be because Checkpoint Asia, just like Anti-Empire, just like Russia Insider is a psyop Russian propaganda site infested with kikes and spooks?

  9. Undecider says

    Why isn’t everyone else roadblocking the invaders?

    1. Frank Williams says

      Duh, cuz they don’t want to get their asses shot off? Why don’t you go up there and show them damned yanks how it’s done? No? I didn’t think so….

  10. getreal155 says

    The US of I is the very definition of pure terrorism. They prove it every day. They have no morals. Underworld low live scum that need to be dealt with accordingly.

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