Alleged Belgian Anti-Lockdown Rebel Found Dead

Betrayed, hunted, demonized. Driven to death

Career soldier Jürgen Conings, who was found dead on Sunday in Dilserbos, in Dilsen-Stokkem after a month-long manhunt, died after taking his life with a gun, the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office announced on Monday afternoon.

The autopsy, which started on Sunday evening, confirmed the cause of death and estimated that the date of death was between one and four weeks ago, according to reports from De Morgen. 

The firearm he used lay alongside his body, which was found by the mayor of Maaseik, [of the 25,000 people in the town it was precisely the mayor who made the discovery…] Johan Tollenaere, who was out cycling when he noticed an overwhelming smell of decay, just 150 metres from the spot where the forest had previously been thoroughly searched.

Tollenaere notified military and emergency services who were still in the area as part of the search for Conings, and it was officially confirmed by the federal prosecutor’s office on Sunday that the body was that of Conings.

On Sunday evening, Limburg provincial governor Jos Lantmeeters announced that the security situation in the province returned to “normal”, as the counter-terrorism centre OCAD confirmed “that there was no longer an imminent threat.”

A final search operation was being conducted on Monday at the Dilserbos with the objective to find the stolen P90 machine gun, which can pierce bulletproof vests and was taken by Conings.

The investigation took several hours, but the last weapon was found, and the month-long search was finalised at around 1:00 PM, according to Het Belang Van Limburg.

Conings had been missing for over a month. He disappeared from home with stolen heavy weaponry on 17 May, resulting in a nationwide manhunt.

He left behind two notes, one of which included threats against virologist Marc Van Ranst, who was kept in a safe house with his family for the whole duration of the search. [The notes were for his girlfriend who turned around and took them to the police. It wasn’t a threat note as it was never intended to be read by Van Ranst.]

Mixed feelings

Conings’ girlfriend of seven years had been questioned and held in a cell as a possible suspect, either for helping Conings with his escape or of being aware of his plans. However, on Saturday, she was brought before the investigating judge, who decided not to arrest her.

According to her lawyer, Bert Partoens, she was in two minds about the news of Conings’ death.

“On the one hand, she is happy that the ordeal is over and that there were no other victims, but of course she has lost her partner,” Partoens told Het Nieuwsblad. 

“She has absolutely nothing to do with what Conings did. She did not know, and she did not help him. On the contrary, she had at least as many questions as the investigators for Conings. She had been questioned several times in the past weeks but was never able to make a significant contribution to the investigation,” he added.

Several relatives and acquaintances of Conings previously contested suicide as a cause of death.

“I don’t believe he committed suicide, I believe he was murdered,” his aunt said in front of television crews at the scene on Sunday.

Source: The Brussels Times

  1. ken says

    The Belgium Fauci… is safe and sound. That’s nice.

    While thousands in the herd are dying from the kill shot.

    Another suicidal death, Clinton style.

    As for the gun…
    The standard military 5.7x28mm cartridge is known as the SS190. This ammunition type uses a 31-grain aluminum-core bullet with a steel penetrator.

    When fired from the P90, the SS190 achieves a muzzle velocity of 2,350 feet per second and can penetrate any armor equivalent to NATO CRISAT specifications at up to 200 meters.

    A civilian version, known as the PS90, was later introduced. This model is semi-automatic only and uses a 16” barrel for compliance with the National Firearms Act, and is available for purchase on the US civilian market.

    Not a big deal…

    Anyways,,, armor protection is really only good for pistols. Many rifles can penetrate armor.

  2. Jerry Hood says

    He Arkansided himself?

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Hmm… Where was Hillary then ??

  3. Kris Saenen says

    It sickens me that the media is all over this like it’s some Rambo story, the bastards. This guy had seen several wars, came home pretty fucked up, saw what our Belgian ‘Fauci’ is able to do in damage to others, and he finally snapped… All we can hear is that he was a ‘terrorist’, a ‘right wing aggressor’, and so forth! I disgusts me. All the while our silly Flemish people support the aggression of the West in the Middle East, and to send our boys there. But when they come back, fucked up and ready to explode, we’ll piss on them as if they were vermin. Never ever have I witnessed such depravity.

    1. Annr says

      The end of Flanders started with the invitation of muslim workers under the ridiculous pretext of FLEMISH TOO LAZY TO DO MEDIAL JOBS. The hard working Vlasmsevolke were then customarily raped of their birthright by the Ziobots and their lackeys.

  4. Juan says

    Suicided almost at the same time he supposedly “ran away” and “stole heavy weapons”. This was a warning from the mafias that pose as “governments”.

  5. Nettle says

    Why does his face look so familiar?

  6. NobodyUKnow says

    This was a psyop from the beginning. It was designed to discredit the anti-vax, covid-is-a-hoax narrative.

    The official story surrounding Conings is so full of holes it isn’t funny.

    After all, Belgian police had no trouble finding the rocket launchers Conings allegedly stole from the military base where he was stationed. The presence of the rocket launchers begs a very important question: how did he acquire them in the first place? The simple answer is, he had help. That is, someone on the base gave them to him, or he was allowed to access them freely. Or they were planted to paint Conings as a would-be terrorist and make media accounts of his exploits more sensational.

    Rocket launchers and other issue weapons are always kept under lock and key, and there are tight controls on who can access such weapons and the circumstances under which they are accessed. An individual soldier, regardless of rank or unit, can’t just walk into a base weapons lockup and take what he wants, whenever he wants.

    Conings was supposedly a member of a special forces unit. The FN P90 that was found lying next to him when he was found dead, isn’t typically issued to special forces units. It’s a personal defence weapon (PDW), issued to cooks, clerks and other rear-echelon troops as a means of self-defence if they should unexpectedly encounter enemy troops. It has more power and capability than a pistol, but less reach and punch than a typical service rifle.

    The 5.7mm ammunition the P90 uses is optimized to penetrate bullet-proof vests, but only at short ranges. While it can kill, the P90 is mainly designed not just for self-defence, but to wound enemy soldiers and thus afford rear-echelon troops the ability to escape a life-threatening situation.

    In other words, if I was a special forces soldier who was planning on stealing a service weapon and a couple of rocket launchers to kill people and cause all kinds of mayhem, I wouldn’t choose a P90 as my primary weapon. I certainly wouldn’t choose it to make a last stand if I knew I was being chased and liable to be cornered at some point.

    Nor would I go hide in a small forest if I was really trying to hide and escape. That’s practically the same thing as saying, “Yoo-hoo, I’m over here. Come and get me.” Someone like Conings would have had training in escape and evasion techniques and should have been able to evade capture for a long time. Ultimately, if Conings felt he could have escaped just by holing up in a small forested area, he would have been better off realizing the jig was up and surrendering.

    I’m surprised it took Belgian authorities as long as it did to find him. It looks like they simply surrounded the forest and waited for him to come out and surrender, rather than get into a firefight. Instead, he chose not to surrender and committed suicide. Or he was taken out somehow and things were arranged to make it look like he died of suicide.

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