Aircraft US Is Developing for Ukraine Looks Suspiciously Like a Human-Guided Flying Bomb

With the current Ukrainian-Russian war scare that American-backed coups and provocations have helped provoke things are not looking up so good for Kiev, but for once Washington has decided to stick by its proxy and not let it face the mess it has created for it alone. — The US has promised to back Ukraine with a massive military aid program as part of which it will deliver hundreds, and then thousands of aircraft to Ukraine.

What is more, the aircraft will be purposefully built for Ukrainian conditions. Americans have studied the matter and are finalizing a plane that will best “increase the cost for Russians”. How thoughtful of the Americans! What a great backer to have!

Some Eastern Ukrainians however have raised concern that leaked footage of the new plane being built solely for Ukraine looks suspiciously like a WW2-era kamikaze plane:

Americans are not denying the similarity, but have said it is easiest to kill Russians in great numbers when the pilot is not expecting to return. Also, landing gear — it is s said — would take up valuable space that is better used by TNT.

  1. GMC says

    You forgot to mention that the US Congress is debating whether or not to send Ukraine, 700 Billion dollars for their Defense budget – too ! lol

    1. Mark says

      You must have gotten excited and put a ‘B’ where you meant an ‘M’. $700 Billion would be ten times what Ukraine probably needs to repair all its battle damage and restore its economy to pre-Maidan levels.

      1. Ultrafart the Brave says

        GMC’s comment was probably tongue-in-cheek, given the Empire’s propensity to shovel mountains of cash into the MIC in return for over-priced sub-standard shit that can only win wars by selectively beating up on the tiniest defenceless nations (and even that’s arguable).

        But IMO you do raise a contrary view that can’t be supported.

        Prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine was an economic and industrial powerhouse. It was still pretty impressive post-2000 all the way up to the Maidan coup, and is still one of the world’s leading grain producers.

        My point is that, when speaking of repairing whatever damage has been done to Ukraine, we’re definitely talking in tens or hundreds of billions (or even more), not millions.

    2. richseeto says

      That is why so many millions off American living on the streets in US cities living rough.

      They deserve what they get because they have no guts to oppose what their government is doing to the world.

      In other words, they are being hoisted by their own petards.

  2. James says

    With all due deference, this reads suspiciously like a Babylon Bee article.

  3. Mr Reynard says

    Why spending so many shekels, when giving the goyim a exploding vest would be cheaper ??

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