After the G7 Cocktail Party England Fans Watch Euro 2020 From Holding Pens Like Livestock

There has been a neo-feudal coup and all it has cost you is every ounce of your dignity

The COVID protocol for our technocratic elites:

The “COVID” protocol for the serfs:

Reminiscent of something? Here’s a hint:


What has taken place since 2020 is a neo-feudal coup where commoners have been stripped of dignity which is now solely a luxury of the political elites. Society has not been this unequal since the serfdom of the Middle Ages. In the space of a year we have been transported back a millenia.

  1. Mr Reynard says

    Ohh & you Brits ?
    Don’t forget to sing VERY loudly,
    Rule Britannia &
    Land of Hope & Glory…

    1. Mark says

      Oh, I think I can do quite a bit better than that.

      In times of turmoil, you can always rely on the patriots to rally ’round the flag.

  2. Robert Beckwith says

    Yes, it is true, our obsequious cattle like behavior flipped the switch, they saw what we are, SERVILE, STUPID willing to cut our own throats if they tell us! We are our own worst enemy…

  3. XSFRGR says

    Cattle pens are perfectly appropriate for Goyim who are after all only cattle in the eyes of the Chosen.

    Research: Quotes From the…

    “The Talmud calls non-Jews not only Gentiles but “goyim,” meaning cattle. Jews are forbidden from eating from the same plate or drinking from the same wine as goyim because non-Jews are unclean. Jews are in every way encouraged to treat non-Jews as inferior beings that should be exploited for the benefit of Jews.”

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