After Suffering From an Adverse Reaction to a Flu Shot Newsom Canceled COP26 to Go Spread Covid

Newsom admits to a recent adverse reaction to a vaccine

Until today’s (November 9) California Economic Summit, Gavin Newsom had last been seen in public two weeks ago on October 27th getting a Moderna Covid booster.

His absence from the public eye was highly uncharacteristic for him and included the cancelation of his presence at the all-important (to eco-fascist elites) COP26 Summit in Scotland where he was supposed to wax lyrical about California’s zealous eco cultism.

Speaking at the California Economic Summit, Newsom said he is still suffering from an adverse reaction to a vaccine taken recently:

And that’s why I can’t impress you more; get that booster shot. It’s safe. It will save your life. It works. I got mine on the 27th. Literally the flu shot is what I’m still a little sore about. Literally not figuratively sore about. Not the booster shot. 

If he was still sore from the flu shot he had taken the week prior, why did he go ahead and take the Covid flu shot on top of that? Might have Moderna (triple the dose of Pfizer) have aggravated his flu shot soreness? Especially since originally he had injected himself vs Covid with J&J. He would have had three different flu shots acting at the same time.

And if he is still a little sore from his flu shot that was taken three weeks ago, then just how sore was he when the discomfort was at its height? Must have been one hell of a soreness.

But Newsom says he didn’t cancel COP26 because he was sore from his injection cocktail. It was to go spread Covid with his children and to try to get them infected:

At a family dinner shortly before he was set to leave, the governor said, “the kids literally kind of had this intervention” because he and his wife, who was to travel with him, were going to miss Halloween.

“For them,” said Newsom, it was “worse than missing Christmas. I woke up the next morning…I had that knot in my stomach. I had to cancel.”

He listed their activities, which included going to the Boo Fest soccer tournament in Sacramento, taking his kids to work, where they got coloring books from State Senate Pro Tem Toni Adkins. “I was the father of the year for that,” he said.

That’s interesting. Perhaps the most fanatically Covidian governor in the nation canceled COP26 on the very eve it was to happen in order to take his children to all kinds of places where they could be infected and where they could infect others.

It definitely didn’t have anything to do with his “flu shot” soreness, it was to try and spread as much Covid as humanly possible for one family.

Newsom has announced vaccine passports for schools in order to protect the at-risk from germ-spreading children. So why is he canceling summits with world leaders to taxi his bioterrorist spawn all over the city?

  1. Cap960 says

    The lies are turning into bed time stories.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Quote: Newsom’s breath came slow and shallow. He choked on his words, struggling to speak. “Placebo. I was supposed to get a placebo.”

  2. ken says

    Yes,,, I imagine Halloween would be more important to demons then Christmas.

    I just hope Karma remembers this POS for force poisoning children.

    Is this sick,,, or what!

  3. Raptar Driver says

    Too bad he’s not dead yet.
    My supervisor got the full line of cowshit shots and has been out now for a week, with some unknown sickness.
    I warned him that the shots will destroy his immune system but he is a Covidian until death.

  4. Malatok says

    Karma is most wonderful to behold. Praise the Lord and his burning sword, the flame that lights up the darkness and exposes the demons to his righteous wrath. Ah men!

  5. nnn says

    The bastard shall go away

  6. Annie Today says

    I think I remember last December they said if you had had an adverse reaction to a flu shot then you shouldn’t get the jab…….

  7. Jerry Hood says

    Let him die like a dog!

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