After Massive Blacklash Merkel Cancels Plan to Steal Easter

The COVID Rouge in retreat for once

Chancellor Angela Merkel ditched a plan agreed on Tuesday for an extended Easter to try to break a third wave of the coronavirus pandemic, apologising to lockdown-weary Germans after the hastily-conceived plan triggered a huge backlash.

At talks that ran into the early hours of Tuesday, Merkel and the leaders of Germany’s 16 states had agreed to call on citizens to stay at home for five days over the Easter holidays, declaring April 1 and April 3 as extra “rest days”.

The measure would have included the closure of all stores, including essential ones, for four of the five days.

“The idea of an Easter shutdown was drafted with the best of intentions. We urgently need to stop and reverse the third wave of the pandemic,” she said.

But it was not possible to implement the hastily agreed measures so quickly, Merkel said, and apologised for added uncertainty that it had raised for Germans.

“This mistake is mine alone,” she said.

Her comments came against a backdrop of growing public frustration with the conservative-led government over the slow rollout of Covid-19 vaccines and extended lockdown measures.

Source: Reuters

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Gary Frank Stuart
Gary Frank Stuart
22 days ago

Lock the leaders down and all Media misinformation to flatten the curve!

21 days ago

So much for being the Daughter of a Lutheran minister lol.

Mr Reynard
Mr Reynard
21 days ago
Reply to  GMC

Hmm.. Never knew that A Hitler was a Lutheran Minister ??

20 days ago
Reply to  Mr Reynard

You are tarnishing Hitler’s good name by comparing the Zio-byotch to him. Hitler was trying to revive the German State after the Axis powers robbed Germany post WW1. He succeeded which is why WW2 was necessary. The Zio-byotch has done the opposite; kill Germany and German culture.

Last edited 20 days ago by Ron