After Hosting G7, Macron Warns World “Is Living the End of Western Hegemony”

G7 host realizes the power of the western club is waning

Having skulked off stage following his joint press conference with President Trump, French President Emmanuel Macron took the opportunity to bash Trump and embrace Putin (presumably after getting permission from Angela Merkel).

“We are living the end of Western hegemony,” Macron told diplomats on Tuesday, pointing to the rise of Beijing and Moscow as signs of a shift on the world scene.

“The world order is being shaken like never before…”

“It’s being shaken because of errors made by the West in certain crises, but also by the choices made by the United States in the past few years – and not just by the current administration.”

So a shot clearly aimed at Trump but we wonder if Macron realizes he is part of the “West” he describes as making errors?

Macron then doubled down, warning that it would be a “strategic mistake” for Western nations not to change their attitude toward Moscow.

As RT notes, Macron’s rhetoric towards Moscow has somewhat softened in recent months…

“Pushing Russia away from Europe is a profound strategic mistake.”

“We’re either pushing Russia into isolation, which increases tensions, or to ally itself with other major powers like China, which would not be in our interest,” Macron said, calling for the “rethinking” of relations with Moscow.

Otherwise, Europe will be stuck with “frozen conflicts” and will remain “a theater for strategic struggle between the US and Russia,” he stressed.

These “choices” are impacting “the conflicts in the Middle and elsewhere, making it necessary to rethink military and diplomatic strategies,” Macron noted.

Ironically, Macron’s Putin-pandering comments came after US President Trump was bashed by most of western media for daring to suggest inviting Putin to attend the G7 event next year, (which Trump will be hosting).

Which is odd because journalists claimed one key G7 dinner was “ruined” over Trump’s insistence that Russia would be vital to discussions:

During the seaside meal, French president Emmanuel Macron and European Council president Donald Tusk opposed Trump’s demands. A diplomat present told the publication that the evening was tense: “Most of the other leaders insisted on this being a family, a club, a community of liberal democracies and for that reason they said you cannot allow president Putin — who does not represent that — back in.”

Apparently Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte, who formally announced his resignation early this week, was the only G7 leader present to back Trump’s proposal.

More ‘fake news’?

Source: Zero Hedge

  1. CHUCKMAN says

    More ‘fake news’?


    Apparently, Trump’s statement that China wanted to return to negotiations was just that, fake news, China having denied it.

    Add Macron’s preachiness and some insults exchanged, we do see the G7 is a rather shaky operation.

    1. silver749 says

      His own team now say’s it never happened. How gross a lie factory is that. He had a conversation with a phone turned off and then said his fiasco.

  2. thomas malthaus says

    Greenlanders appear to want to engage President Trump.

  3. Mary E says

    A ‘club’ is exactly what the G-7 is …there is no real business conducted there, ever.
    And with trump being in the mix, there never will be…the dynamics are just so one wants to go to a diplomatic meeting of the minds and run into a bully (and known criminal) who wants everything to go his way (and will throw a loud and expletive filled tantrum if he doesn’t get his way)… especially when they know that he is in this for himself….selling his golf course property to the G-7 to have its 2020 meetup is just one example..that awful bedbug, roach infested property within earshot of the Miami airport…in an industrial area!!! Why would leaders of the world want to go THERE anyway?

  4. JustPassingThrough says

    the G7 is dead
    it just hasn’t been buried yet.

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