After 13 Years, Iran’s Arms Embargo Is Finally Lifted

Passed at the time with the help of Moscow

No obstacle for Russia and China to arm the Persians

13 years after implementation, the UN Security Council arms embargo against Iran has expired, and is finally lifted. This ends UN legal obstacles to Iran buying conventional weapons and services related to those arms.

The embargo’s end comes despite US and Israeli opposition, and with threats from both to attempt to keep enforcing the no longer in place embargo. This only applies to UN restrictions, as EU embargoes on Iran remain in place through at least 2023.

The most likely sellers to Iran are Russia and China. The two nations have no legal obstacles any longer, probably won’t be cowed by US threats, and Russia has repeatedly said they intend to make offers of defensive equipment to Iran once this embargo ended.

Iranian officials say that they don’t have any intention of engaging in any major arms acquisitions right now. Iranian leaders are emphasizing this as a diplomatic victory, with the embargo expiration coming as part of the P5+1 nuclear deal.

That’s likely a big part of why this is so galling for the US, as they’ve been trying to undermine that nuclear deal for years, and having thwarted most of the sanctions relief the deal was meant to ensure, have proven incapable of stopping the arms embargo’s lifting.


  1. Raptar Driver says

    Great, time to send them the S. 400s!

  2. cechas vodobenikov says

    anglo racism has consequences; the amerikan empire is near collapse
    this provides Iran an opportunity to sell many of their advanced weapons, many of which are competitive with Russian, Chinese weapons, superior to amerikan and perhaps purchase some radar systems from Russia…their anti-missile system is reported to be superior to the Russian s-300. the produce drones, subs, fast boats, etc

  3. Séamus Ó Néill says

    When you live high up in your imaginary ivory towers, you never look at your foundations. In the Mittyesque world that the American’s and the Israeli’s inhabit, they don’t see their castles of sand crumbling. They are the two most hated regimes in the world today, with Britain taking up the rear. These three amigos are already bankrupt, but imagine they can continue with their worldwide murder, theft and pillage to keep going….the election result from Bolivia should be a wake-up call. They, in their conceited arrogance and belief that might is right, keep stumbling from one calamity to another and in their infinite wisdom, have unwittingly forged an historic alliance between China, Russia and Iran. The world has watched the psychopathic bullies beng shown just how fallible and weak they really are and has gained enough confidence to now challange them…..the end is in sight for those three satanic entities and they will quickly fade into oblivion.

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      1. Mary E says

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    2. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      The ” the American’s and the Israeli’s” what, the apostrophes indicating possession of something undesignated?

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