ADL Defends Ukraine’s Neo-Nazis: They “Don’t Attack Jews or Jewish Institutions”

"A very marginal group"

The Anti-Defamation League, the leading pro-Israel lobbying group in America, published a Q&A defending Ukraine’s neo-Nazi groups on the grounds that they “don’t attack Jews or Jewish institutions.”

In an article titled, “Why is Putin Calling the Ukrainian Government a Bunch of Nazis?” the ADL interviewed David Fishman, professor of Jewish History at The Jewish Theological Seminary, to explain why Ukraine’s neo-Nazis aren’t so bad.

“There are neo-Nazis in Ukraine, just as there are in the U.S., and in Russia for that matter. But they are a very marginal group with no political influence and who don’t attack Jews or Jewish institutions in Ukraine,” Fishman said.

“Russia has for years highlighted the activity of a marginal group of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists as a way of trying to stigmatize all of Ukraine,” Fishman claimed. “Yes, some members of these ultra-nationalist groups have used Nazi insignia, made Hitler salutes, and used antisemitic rhetoric, but they are politically insignificant and in no way representative of Ukraine. The political parties which the ultra-nationalists support received just over 2 percent of the vote in the 2019 elections. Ukraine is a flawed democracy, but unquestionably a democracy, and in no way a Nazi regime.”

Editor’s note: However the ADL was saying something else before the war:

In what other country do Nazis have a brigade that’s part of the military, parade around streets with police escort, and were given a 50% ethnic-Russian city as a fief?

They are “marginal”, why weren’t they quashed?

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  1. Victor says

    defending Ukraine’s neo-Nazi groups on the grounds that they “don’t attack Jews or Jewish institutions.””

    Perfectly ok as long as they are not attacking Jews. Right. That should tell people a lot about this organisation.

    1. Pablo says

      More people should know just what kind of organization the ADL is. The ADL is a fraud, plain and simple.

  2. Anthoine says

    It’s a pity to make such analysis when human lives are involved

  3. anon says

    Don’t you think it strange how selective this weasel faced miscreant and his fellow fifth columnists are when it comes to who and what a ‘nazi’ is?… such a contrivance.. to be strategically deployed…

    white republican nazi’s (normal white conservatives) that take exception to their nation being shat on by jewish social fiscal and political influence and criminality in the yankee asylum…..well they should be imprisoned and tortured.. including little old ladies and soccer mums..

    jewish oligarch funded black water mercenaries committing war crimes under the cover of nazi ideology and symbols… well that’s perfectly acceptable because rat face greensplatt says so…. dovetailing perfectly with jewish aims.. of course… as always….

    the perfidy and malfeasance of these ‘people’ becomes more obvious every day…

    they should be careful.. the ahem.. ‘mask’ has slipped..

    1. Steve Kastl says

      It is a cult, not a religion.

  4. Eric the Red says

    One of the more cynical things I’ve heard the Tikkun Olam Tribe say in a while, but not unexpected. Hey, when any kind of group sets up to have white people kill other white people, then for the TOT, it’s all good. That should tell you that something’s not right with the TOT, and that 100% of them should be invited to make aliyah, live only in Israel, and leave the rest of us alone.

  5. Chacko Kurian says

    What does it matter to the chosen ones that the goy kill each other? All the better for setting the scene for their moschiach to to come.

    From Douglas Reed’s book-The Controversy of Zion ( I urge all of you to read it if you haven’t-free download).
    ‘ One day in 458BC, the petty Palestinian tribe of Judah produced a racial creed, the disruptive effect of which on human affairs may have exceeded that of explosives or epidemics.This was the day on which the theory of the master race was set up as the Law’.

  6. Hostage (Raptar) Driver says

    Zionist = Nazi

    Nazi = Zionist

  7. alberto says

    of course! they only attack gois so what`s the problem?

  8. drb says

    and why not? The Nazis never did anything to the Jews.

  9. GMC says

    There are only Nazis if there is money in it for the Jews – if they can’t make Billions of do;;ars off of them – then they’re OUR Nazis.

  10. ken says

    Boy nazis do have a fetish for flags! I notice they are Yellow and Blue as well. Interesting…. I read they are dressing up as women to leave the city. I don’t understand why as I am constantly reading that Russia is losing in msm.

  11. says

    Hm, what could be the real reason…

  12. SteveK9 says

    That guy looks like a caricature. They really need another spokesman.

  13. Tom says

    Forensic evidence to support the Holocaust narrative is a BIG FAT ZERO — That is why the ADL pushes for laws making it illegal to question their questionable narrative.

  14. kkk says

    Zionist mafia runs the show

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