ACLU Wants the HIV-Positive Teaching Your Kids, and the Uninjected Isolated From Society

ACLU has discovered a new civil liberty: injection requirements

The ACLU prides itself on standing up for the right of the HIV-positive to fully participate in society:

Until people understand that HIV/AIDS does not categorically prevent anyone from doing a job, raising children, or accessing medical care, discrimination will persist.

The ACLU works to ensure that people with HIV/AIDS are not denied the opportunity to participate fully in all aspects of society because of stereotypes, prejudice, or misinformation about HIV/AIDS, and to ensure that HIV status is taken into account only when justified by a genuine medical necessity.

Since HIV is only spread via blood and sexual acts there is little reason why an HIV-positive person couldn’t be a kindergarten teacher or a Boy Scout master that you send your kid to.

Sadly this full participation in society can not be extended to a class of healthy people who are not positive for any virus:

Barring HIV-positive from society would be a travesty. But barring healthy, uninfected people who have not been Big Pharma-injected is an act that “enhances civil liberties.” It is a moral act against those pigheaded, selfish people who just won’t take the needle to “protect” the disabled, children, and “people of color”.

Never mind that needle resistance is the highest among blacks and that vaccine requirements would unleash discrimination precisely against “people of color”.

Never mind that Big Pharma gene cocktails do nothing to impede transmissions as the vaccinated carry the same levels of virus.

The important thing here is that the coastal liberal “elites” (bug-people) who have long claimed moral supremacy over the country and the “deplorable” lower classes wish to realize a fully-fledged legal supremacy. When only “compassionate” people like themselves are permitted participation in society, it doesn’t just mean their enemies are imprisoned in their homes, but also that the “grateful” society only has them to thank for removing the virus from its ranks.

They set themselves up as the virus Gestapo identifying and justifying the removal of dangerous individuals and curbing their rights. They become the vaccine keeping everyone else safe and demand appropriate levels of gratitude and deference. It is lawfare against the lowly and the independent, but the real fight is for ownership of society and the mastery over it. The non-conformist and the dignified can perhaps be isolated and even imprisoned in their homes but they can never be ruled over. It is the command of the apathetic, the trustful, and the dumb — not the physical power over the strong — that is actually sought.

Hilariously to try and accomplish that the ACLU bugs pretend they did not meet with family and friends before Big Pharma injections, and that the unvaccinated non-conformists are what is keeping you from meeting with yours:

Vaccine requirements also safeguard those whose work involves regular exposure to the public, like teachers, doctors and nurses, bus drivers and grocery store employees. And by inoculating people from the disease’s worst effects, the vaccines offer the promise of restoring to all of us our most basic liberties, eventually allowing us to return safely to life as we knew it, in schools and at houses of worship and political meetings, not to mention at restaurants, bars, and gatherings with fam

Hey look, it’s a syringe breaking the chains! — It’s an Abe Lincoln syringe!

The lockdown freaks who have kept you from holding a normal funeral, or holding your dying your mother’s hand promise the liberating syringe is here. Syringe equals freedom:

“the vaccines offer the promise of restoring to all of us our most basic liberties”

Just get syringed and you’ll get your freedom back. Promise.

The only reason you haven’t gotten your freedom back already aren’t the virus freaks who still(!) aren’t quite done with the hysteria (or pretend they’re not), but the darn vaccine rejectionists (who probably fought for your funerals the whole time):

“…eventually allowing us to return safely to life as we knew it” [after everyone has had their 54th booster probably]

How dumb are these people, or more importantly just how dumb do they think we are?

Who can’t see they’ll keep on pushing as long as an up-to-date vaccine passport isn’t an everyday requirement that is taken for granted? (For the sake of the “disabled” you see.)

It doesn’t matter because some people are this dumb or will pretend they are when it is convenient for them.

  1. yuri says

    amerikan morality

  2. Sally Snyder says

    Here is an article that looks at one nation’s idea of how to deal with potentially COVID-19-positive citizens who need to isolate:

    How long will it be before police or the military show up at private residences and drag people off involuntarily because they are deemed a health hazard to their own families? How long will it be before the so-called antivaxxers are dragged off because they refuse to be part of an experiment?

  3. ken says

    “How dumb are these people, or more importantly just how dumb do they think we are?”

    Both groups are pretty dumb. Both are spiritually dead with a few exceptions.
    The first group with everyone expecting a piece of the action,,, Criminals thinking other criminals are going to keep their word,,, honor among thieves sort of thing.

    Both groups are pretty dumb. Both are spiritually dead with a few exceptions.

    The first group are total Satanists. They are led to believe they are born to lead but do not understand or care they are being used and the latter group are totally indoctrinated and dumbed down by the first group. These are the masked up and injected. Half of that group are simply more cautious than smart. Only the remaining,,, maybe 25pct, have cogent thought capability,,, the ability to look at everything and make a logical decision.

    Of that remaining 25pct only 5-10pct are able to see the spiritual part of the schemes. The great deceiver is able to pull the wool over 90pct of the world because they have no concept of the living God. It’s just fantasy to most, even most Christians.

    HIV is another virus isolated using the soup in a petri dish method. Like covaids it was never proven to exist. It was never proven to ’cause’ AIDS, a condition that has always existed especially in areas of malnutrition, pollution, and/or drug usage.

    The first drug AZT was a big killer much like the covaids jab is today. All blamed on AIDS just like today the deaths from the jab are blamed on covaids. Then,,, When a new drug came out they dropped AZT and the deaths crashed, ‘proving’ the new drug was a miracle to the cult when in reality it was the elimination of AZT that reduced the deaths.

    And note,,, it was the PCR test that ‘confirmed’ HIV which was why Kary Mullis, the PCR inventor, got involved trying to eliminate the false belief that the PCR could determine infection. The 90% of the second group preferred Fraudci rather than the man that invented the tool because he showed a way to supposedly find the virus and then treat it even if it was all false and even if it killed them.

    Fortunately for Fraudci, the inventor died just in time before the new covaids scam came out. Instead of a drug,,, like AZT,,, this time they have an inoculation of a experimental DNA hack concoction.

    This vaccine con floated much better than the drug idea in the HIV era, Much more control. Much more fear. Instead of just giving a drug to a PCR positive person with alleged HIV the vaccine can be given to all. Much more efficient if you want to kill a few billion.

    The mask idea came from the really, really stupid in the second group. It simply shows who believe and who do not. Basically the armband of our time. With the mask one can instantly tell who is with you and who is against you. To the astonishment of the first group, people went for it like flies to honey. Now it was possible for them to tell the idiots from the troublemakers.

  4. Ron says

    HIV is another lie. It has never been proven a virus can infect another human being. People get AIDS because they have poor nutrition, poor lifestyle and have an overload of toxins (i.e. drugs). In Africa, anyone with the following are classified as being an AIDS patient; loss in weight with diarrhea and itching. No blood or anti-body test required. 2/3 of African population is undernourished. It’s ALL a “fear based” scam? Research “terrain theory”.

  5. Voz 0db says

    “HIV”/AIDS or even better “HTLV-III”/GRID was the XX century FAILED fake pandemic. Failed in terms of cattle COMMAND & CONTROL, but very successful in terms of PROFIT.

    “SARS-CoV-2″/”PCR kit “COVID-19” is a HUGE SUCCESS in both COMMAND & CONTROL & PROFIT!

    Unfortunately the 99% is dumb as fuck… So just carry on modern moron slaves!

  6. Amanda4321 says

    HIV causing AIDS is a TOTAL FRAUD!!! HIV is the scam that COVID is based on. Never isolated the virus, never prove causality with Kochs postulates. HIV was Fauci’s first murderous fraud. Here’s Dr. Robert Wilner injecting himself with HIV on live TV to prove to the world that HIV causing AIDS a massive LIE. He also calls out Fauci and the corruption at NIH.
    Dr Robert Willner Injects “HIV” into himself on TV

    Dr Willner (a medical doctor of 40 years experience) an outspoken whistleblower of the AIDS hoax. infront of a gathering of about 30 alternative-medicine practitioners and several journalists, Willner stuck a needle in the finger of Andres, 27, a Fort Lauderdale student who says he has tested positive for HIV. Then, wincing, the 65-year-old doctor stuck himself. In 1993, Dr. Willner stunned Spain by inoculating himself with the blood of Pedro Tocino, an HIV positive hemophiliac. This demonstration of devotion to the truth and the Hippocratic Oath he took, nearly 40 years before, was reported on the front page of every major newspaper in Spain. His appearance on Spain’s most popular television show envoked a 4 to 1 response by the viewing audience in favor of his position against the “AIDS hypothesis.” When asked why he would put his life on the line to make a point, Dr. Willner replied: “I do this to put a stop to the greatest murderous fraud in medical history. By injecting myself with HIV positive blood, I am proving the point as Dr. Walter Reed did to prove the truth about yellow fever. In this way it is my hope to expose the truth about HIV in the interest of all mankind.” He tested negative multiple times. He died of a Heart attack 4 months later 15th April 1995

    The original groups of gay men who came down with AIDS did so because of their extremely high risk lifestyle,which included the abuse of the sex/party drug known as “poppers” (amyl nitrate) which was known to destroy the immune system.NIH was initially looking into the poppers as the cause of AIDS, but this would have led to Burroughs Wellcome being sued. So, the CIA in the CDC came up with the mysterious HIV virus as the cover story, and Burroughs Wellcome went on to make billions off of killing people with AZT

  7. dally says

    If you need any evidence that all civil rights groups are infiltrated by the deep state, it is there.

  8. dally says

    ACLU = American Civil Liberties Union

    Not shown in article.

  9. Steven Rowlandson says

    In 0 to 3 years significant numbers of the vaxxed will have passed away due to blood clots and mad cow disease and the rest of the vaxxed disabled from the same….
    When all this becomes obvious the world as you all know it will be controlled by the unvaxxed and they will be very aware of who is responsible for the situation and who supported those that caused the die off. There will be a reckoning and hopefully a modern series of crystal nights and nights of the long knives to end the rule of the current powers that be and usher in a new age of warriors… Democracy, communism and the NWO will be going bye, bye. No oligarch or aristocrat survived to see the new empire in ancient china ecept for one emperor who hid in a monastary. The old order were wiped out during the age of chaos and civil war.

    1. Raptar Driver says

      Nuremberg 2.0

  10. James Scott says

    Who owns the banks that own the media the hospitals and the drug companies. It is the same group of people and they will never stop until we name them as the jews they are. If you disallow the truth about organized jews in your comments you are a HUGE part of the problem.

  11. geo says

    You do not have pictures with the Communists, Maoists, Bolsheviks…?
    Or you’re supporting the bosses of the ACLU?
    Decide: you are with or against: cannot write against and use pictures in support of the … criticized!
    Not first time to see here – I start believing you’re one of the History made-illiterate, by the Talmudic propaganda.

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