ACLU Is Suing to Allow Schools to Ban Unmasked Disabled Children From Attending

"Civil liberties" ACLU style

ACLU is suing to overturn a state law in South Carolina that prevents public schools from conditioning attendance on children strapping a piece of paper to their mouth and nose.

Hilariously it claims it is doing this to protect the access of children with disabilities to in-class learning.

1. First of all, are there no children with disabilities who don’t want to wear a mask? Many children are having difficulty enduring obstructed breathing for an entire school day. So much so that masked schools often have “mask breaks” to reward obedient students or just help all of them get through the day. One would think that disabled children —who already have to endure a level of hardship to attend — would benefit from normal breathing as much as children without disabilities, if not more.

ACLU claims this is for the benefit of disabled children, but in reality, it will result in many disabled children being barred from school.

2. Second of all, COVID is less of a threat to children than even normal flu. While it can be a concert to children with critical health issues like leukemia it is not more so than the flu. What kind of a precedent does this set? We’re never getting rid of the flu so so logically schools must have a free hand to condition attendance on muzzling until eternity.

And also why is ACLU demanding school “freedom” to ban uncovered pupils only now? Why has it not been demanding this since its 1920 founding since we’ve always had flu but have never allowed public schools to condition attendance on wearing of face coverings? 

3. The ACLU knows full well that mask mandates aren’t a surgical tool that is going to be used judiciously to try to help specific children with critical health conditions access education. They know full well it is going to be jumped by principals to cover their butts against the sensationalist and bloodthirsty COVID Rouge media, and by other principals who belong to the Virus cult movement themselves and are COVID virtue-signaling fanatics for their own personal reasons. (And by lazy teachers unions who love to have fewer students.) It will be applied en masse, without discrimination whether a certain class even includes a rare child at danger from such a normally mild disease. (Incidentally, that’s just how ACLU actually wants it.)

4. Aside from its other weaknesses ACLU’s argument hinges on strapping a piece of paper to your face to protect against a virus being a “reasonable action,” and not something that is comedic when done voluntarily and grotesque when forced on by others. Its true colors really shine through here. It is obvious the people running the outfit are dying to pontificate about what “public experts agree” on and what a “reasonable action” face-diapering sacrifice rituals are. The Disabilities Act and claiming to speak for disabled children who will find themselves banned from school as a result of their actions are just a vehicle how left-liberals in charge of a nominal civil rights organization rather than a health think tank are able to do that.

The idea that sensible parents of a child who is *actually* so frail that he could be in danger from COVID are going to send such a child to school because other students are strapping pieces of paper to their mouths is absurd. 

The only parents to whom such a display would make a difference are the neurotic, overprotective, hypochondriacs with children who are not actually at risk, and who should not ever be encouraged and certainly shouldn’t ever be given power over what your own kids attach to their faces.

And God forbid such face coverings did actually do as ACLU claims and stopped germs. As we have understood for hundreds of years it is critical that children come into contact with pathogens and train up their immune systems at an early age when their organism is at its most vital and their immune potential at its most adaptive rather than having to attempt it in adulthood or middle age when doing so is more costly and difficult and was only a hundred years ago still often deadly. By concentrating many children in one place schools serve as critical avenues for training resilient and expansive immune systems. If masks actually were a “reasonable” way to “prevent the spread” of microscopic pathogens as ACLU claims then mask mandates truly would be children’s doom.

  1. yuri says

    this should surprise nobody

  2. ken says

    False prophets aka ‘experts’ are driving this non existent virus. It was never isolated, no actual genome sequence ascertained. Its sequence was a computer generated fantasy. Other than labeled covid by medical nazis, no one has died from it.

    The bogus PCR can not diagnose disease, does not detect the virus, cannot determine one virus from another. This from the inventor.

    The vaccine according to the makers and CDC does not prevent the disease nor prevent the spread. They say it only lessens the symptoms. How they came up with that is a mystery. If your arm hurts, take a hammer to a toe. The arm pain will be lessened.

    The mask is useless to control the spread of any virus. Today it is equivalent to the armbands of 1930s Nazi Germany. It is a tell showing those that are in the cult. Masks are ‘proven’ to reduce intake of oxygen and to increase CO2 levels. This is especially bad for developing children but the prophets demand for obedience overrides anything else. The mask will be moist and warm. A perfect petri dish for germs and viruses.

    To put a mask on a child is child abuse. Not only for reasons pointed out above but for psychological reason as well. It frightens them as they think they may die. ‘Parents’ today are a real piece of work.

    Putting masks on children or adults is only soothing for the cogent challenged hypochondriac adults that bought in to the con,

    The ACLU is simply one cog in the wheel doing its part to spread the plague of evil that’s covering this world. Endangering infants and children brings big smiles to their evil master and his minions which are many.

  3. Kieran says

    forcing face masks on children is sign of societal decline and unfortunately all the lock down nations whose governments and medical authorities have been bribed into the scam, are lock-step in putting their unfortunate wards through the same punishment. Children’s immunity works differently from an adult’s. their immune system produces phagocytes that immediately engulf an invading pathogen without any time lag for creation of antibodies in response to alien microbes which is adult response. There is absolutely no science in masking OR vaccinating children for something akin to cold virus. how many children succumb to cold or flu virus. its happening in my neck of wood and i find it disgusting

  4. Steve Kastl says

    Everything in the media about Covid is a sociopathic lie to get everyone vaccinated with a defective and deadly vaccine that will kill and permanently cripple 80% of recipients. Everyone in this Zionist owned government is a mass murdering criminal—do they even care? No, sociopaths never feel bad. Just ask the typical brainwashed FBI sociopath.

  5. James says

    It’s so disgusting hearing all these adults whine about putting masks on children when they themselves voluntary mask up. Wearing a mask for any reason sets a bad example for your children. The solution to ending the scamdemic is simple: don’t wear a mask for ANY reason whatsoever. And if you’re truly in charge of your children then you won’t allow the schools to put a muzzle on them, either.

  6. chuxtuff says

    These Marxists HATE your kids and they hate America too!!

  7. Raptar Driver says

    They have always been a political entity with a clear agenda. I know this from first hand interactions with them.

  8. yuri says

    if all schools were abolished in US stupidity could not be worse

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