Covid Doomsday Cult Said Sweden Would Be Drowning in Bodies. It’s Doing Better Than Lockdown Britain

Luckily a lockdown is free of cost in monies and in lives...oh wait...

So far as I am aware, Sweden remains the only major Western country that has not imposed a strict lockdown on its citizens to deal with the Covid-19 outbreak. Other than a ban on gatherings of 50 or more people, and advice such as over-70s being urged to stay at home, Swedish schools, shops, restaurants and pubs all remain open. It almost seems to me that the Government there has decided to treat grown adults like they are … well grown adults.

However, despite being a sovereign nation, with the right to set its own policy, it appears that this is not acceptable to the “international community”, and the Swedish Government is coming under huge pressure to change course. The World Health Organization (WHO), for instance, recently called for the nation to impose more restrictions, saying that it is “imperative” that Sweden:

“increase measures to control spread of the virus, prepare and increase capacity of the health system to cope, ensure physical distancing and communicate the why and how of all measures to the population.”

Donald Trump also felt the need to give his two cents as well:

“Sweden did that, the herd, they call it the herd. Sweden’s suffering very, very badly.”

But is Sweden really suffering very, very badly in comparison to other countries that have imposed severe restrictions? Is it really imperative that they change course and fall in line with what most other countries have done? Or do these calls proceed from a different motive entirely: a fear that Sweden’s comparatively measured approach of dealing with Covid-19 without introducing the most draconian civil restrictions ever seen and without crashing its economy might actually work and in so doing show the response of other countries to have been wildly disproportionate?

This is not something we should leave to a matter of opinion, so let’s instead look at what the data tells us. Below are four charts comparing the UK, which went into lockdown on 23rd March, with Sweden and its far more relaxed approach. All the data on these charts comes from the official reports from both countries up to and including 11th April (here and here). It comes with the caveats that of course this is by no means final and the situation may well change to produce a very different picture in the coming weeks, nor is it possible to know with any certainty whether both countries are counting their cases and deaths in a way that is consistent with one another. Nevertheless, since it is from official data sources, it is the best guide we currently have to what is happening in both countries.

(Note: Charts 1 and 3 compare cases and deaths in absolute terms. Charts 2 and 4 take into account the relative population sizes (UK = 67.9 million; Sweden = 10.10 million) by looking at the number of cases per million people).

Chart 1

Chart 2

Chart 3

Chart 4

(Note: In terms of timelines, Sweden reported its first Covid-cases eight days before the UK (15 on 3rd March, compared with 77 on 11th March in the UK), whilst the UK recorded its first deaths two days before Sweden (10 on 14th March, compared with 4 for Sweden on 16th March)).

Looking at these charts, particularly charts 2 and 4 which are a like-for-like comparison, as at 11th April, I think we can say the following:

  1. In terms of reported cases, the data shows no evidence that the UK lockdown approach has been any more successful than the Swedish approach. In fact, per million people, Sweden has had fewer cases than the UK.
  2. In terms of recorded deaths, again there is no evidence so far that the UK lockdown approach has been any more successful than the Swedish approach. In fact, per million people, Sweden has had fewer deaths than the UK.

As I say, the situation may well change as the days and weeks go by, but so far, according to the official data from both countries, the approach taken in the UK of keeping people in their homes and closing down huge swathes of the economy, has not had any more positive effect on reducing Covid-19 cases or deaths than the Swedish approach. Yet it will put millions out of work, it will destroy thousands of businesses, it will lead to a massive deterioration of mental health, it will lead to an increase in suicides, it will lead to old people dying on their own without their carers, and it already has led to an increase of state power on a scale never seen before. There is that!

Source: TheBlogMire

  1. Oldboy_GR says

    Sweden is less dense populated and already have an ethos with respect to private space etc.
    They said it that the have TRUST in their citizens. Sorry but you are getting this the wrong way.

    1. Oldboy_GR says

      For an Anti-Empire site your recent articles are very pro-Empire btw…

  2. Jake321 says

    The first community spread of the Virus was in California weeks before any in Sweden. California was also the first in the US to impose serious mitigations. Sweden intentionally did not. However, Sweden’s two very similar contiguous Nordic neighbors, Norway and Finland, went the California route with early, strict mitigations. In only about three weeks, Sweden has made itself among the top ten countries in the world in deaths relative to population size. Sweden has now well over a 1,000 deaths with its daily increase over a 100. It’s death rate relative to its population is now about 6 times California, about 4 times Norway and about 8 times Finland. California and Norway have announced the first plans to start to reopen their economies now that they have the Virus under control. Sweden just passed extraordinary emergency powers letting the Government take action without getting the approval first of Parliament to deal with the deadly and rapidly increasing crisis of their own lax ways.

  3. ke4ram says

    All you need to do is report correctly. Most countries, especially the UK and US, are reporting most any death as CV19. All it takes is for the hospital to use the presumptive death choice. Get hit by a bus and die,,, it’s CV19.

    In the US the hospitals are making a fortune from medicare patients. $13,000 vs $3,500 for saying it is CV19 and being put on a ventilator nets them another $39,000. Hospitals are actually killing people for the extra loot. One can imagine anyone on medicare will be diagnosed with the virus.

  4. Savely says

    Marco, stop to spread BS!

    Sweden: infected 10948, deaths 919 (mortality 9%)

    Norway: infected 6605, deaths 134 (mortality 2%)

    Finland: infected 3064, deaths 59 (mortality 2%)

    In Sweden mortality is 4,5 times higher!

    *screenshots from real-time COVID situation on “Russian Google” serach engine Yandex.

    1. Emmet Sweeney says

      Don’t be so stupid. The lockdowns were supposed to halt infections, not deaths. 10948 infections in Sweden, with a population of 10.2 million, as opposed to 6605 infections in Norway,with a population of 5.3 million, means that LESS people were infected in Sweden per head of population than in Norway, where they have a full lockdown. The death-rates can probably be explained by the fact that the Norwegians are using something effective in treatment, like hydroxychloroquine, whilst the Swedes aren’t.

      1. Jake321 says

        LOL…don’t know about you but I’m a wee bit more concerned about being killed than being infected. Sweden has over 1,200 deaths to Norway’s 150. On a population basis, Sweden’s death rate is about 4 times Sweden’s. Norway is planning to start to ease its mitigations next week. Sweden has finally passed emergency regulations and is considering imposing strict mitigations next week, too little too late.

  5. Emmet Sweeney says

    Another excellent and informative article. Please, Anti-Empire, keep up the good work. You are an island of sanity in a world gone off its collective head.

  6. Bob avlon says

    An increase of state power is obviously needed — for what exactly. Will the real reason please stand up! Until now 1984.

  7. Rowdy-Yates says

    I believe the lockdown has spread the virus to every corner of Great Britain. Without the lockdown the infection was actually contained.

  8. stevek9 says

    Last 2 days in Sweden, 17 deaths and 12 deaths. Sweden just needs to hang in there for one more week, and they can tell everyone to F off. Trump believed in this as well, but now that he went for lockdown, he has to defend it, not admit it was an incredibly destructive, wasteful, and useless policy.

    1. Jake321 says

      The deaths today in Sweden were 114 with a total of 1,033. In Twin Sister Norway which imposed strict mitigations, it was 9 new deaths for a total of 139. And on Sweden’s East is Nordic Finland also with strict mitigations with 5 new deaths and a total of only 64. It appears Sweden is a model of what NOT to do.

    2. ke4ram says

      Trump is an idiot. Just the fact he is using Fauci as an advisor is proof of that. I do not vote in this screwed up dystopia so no,,, it isn’t a left / right thing.

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