A Whooping 5 Percent of Uninjected Germans Say Hardline Vaccine Passports May Get Them to Kneel

Majority of unvaccinated Germans ‘unlikely to ever get Covid jabs’

As Germany considers how to boost its vaccinate rate, a new poll suggests that people who have until now chosen to remain unvaccinated against Covid are unlikely to be convinced.

According to a recent survey carried out by Forsa on behalf of the Ministry for Health, around two thirds of people (65 percent) said there was “no way” they would get a Covid jab in the next two months.

In the survey data obtained by Redaktionsnetwerk Deutschland, 23 percent said they would “probably not” get their Covid shots in the near future, while two percent said they would “definitely not” get vaccinated at any point.

Just 10 percent of the 3,000 respondents said they would “probably” get vaccinated in the coming months or remained undecided.

The news comes amid spiralling infection rates and a steep rise in the number of patients in intensive care units in Germany – most of whom are unvaccinated.

The president of the World Medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, told the Augsburger Allgemeine on Thursday that unvaccinated people were risking their own lives, and those of others, and urged people to get the jabs.

On Thursday, more than 28,000 new Covid infections were reported within a day, while the 7-day incidence of Covid infections also jumped to 130 per 100,000 people.

Hard to convince 

The poll makes for disheartening reading for government ministers who have been struggling to convince the undecided to get their jabs to avoid a difficult autumn and winter.

In a press conference alongside the Robert Koch Institute’s Lothar Wieler and Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU), Thomas Mertens from the Standing Vaccinations Committee (STIKO) said he believed that vast majority of unvaccinated people were “not hardliners” but simply on the fence.

However, the results of the survey, which was conducted in late September and early October, suggest that people with doubts about vaccinations are generally more set in their ways than previously assumed.

For example, 89 percent of the respondents had said that it would have no influence on their own willingness to be vaccinated if the intensive care units once again reached their capacity limits. [Which is a lie.]

Just five percent revealed that they would be more like to get a Covid jab if hospitals were overwhelmed with patients. [Another lie.]

Furthermore, it appears that any moves to reward vaccination or restrict the rights of the unvaccinated generally makes people less likely to go and jet their jabs.

In fact, 27 percent of people said the introduction of ‘2G’ rules (i.e. entry policies allowing only vaccinated and recovered people in public places) would have a negative effect on their decision to get the jabs, while just five percent said it would have a positive impact.

Meanwhile, 22 percent of people said they were less likely to get vaccinated after the introduction of paid-for tests, while just three percent said they were more likely to.

Even if politicians pledged to lift all Covid restrictions would be lifted once a certain vaccination quota had been reached, 86 percent of the unvaccinated said it wouldn’t affect their decision to steer clear of the vaccine.

For the vast majority of people, external influences like government policy had no impact on their vaccination decision whatsoever.

Source: The Local

  1. Ultrafart the Brave says

    “The news comes amid spiralling infection rates and a steep rise in the number of patients in intensive care units in Germany – most of whom are unvaccinated.”

    This is an obvious in-your-face lie.

    We already know from the data available in many countries that the hospitalisations following commencement of the Corona Chan “vaccination” campaigns are dominated by the “fully vaccinated”, with vaccine injuries and associated illnesses being falsely labeled as Corona Chan infections, and the hospitalised “fully vaccinated” being falsely labeled as “unvaccinated”.

    1. ken says

      Noooooooooooooooooooooo…. they wouldn’t lie like that.

      They love us!

      1. Mark says

        In Canada, or at least in British Columbia, you are considered ‘vaccinated’ only when 14 days have passed since your second shot. Until then, if you are hospitalized or die you are recorded as ‘unvaccinated’. That’s along with the policy of testing unvaccinated people at 45 cycles and those who have had ‘the jab’ at a much lower threshold (I think it’s 25 but could not swear to it). This is plainly an effort to feed the ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ narrative.

        Here’s a really interesting article I read today in The National Post, a hardline conservative Canadian newspaper.


        The gist of the story is as several people have pointed out with growing incredulity – what we always thought in Canada were ‘rights’ are actually just things the government lets you do because it doesn’t have any real motivation to make you stop. But let me tell you, when that motivation is present – like it is when ludicrous popinjay Trudeau wants the whole country to get vaccinated – the only right you have, and I mean the only right, is to not be imprisoned without due process, i.e. a hearing. That’s it. They can’t imprison you for refusing to get vaccinated without going through due process, but all that stuff that made people say “They can’t do that”, like firing you from your job because you won’t take the jab, they most certainly can do, and are doing. Canadians have lived for generations believing their war dead gave up their lives to ensure our freedom, when in reality all our supposed rights are at the whim of the political elite.

        Sort of makes you wonder why we should bother obeying the law, doesn’t it? Because maybe it’s not even the law, and whatever it is, is it deserving of respect? You tell me.

    2. Maria says

      Of course also bc if your death is bc of vaccine injury the insurance won t pay your policy, life insurance policy to the family, so they just write in ppl s death certificate unvaccinated and families agree

  2. Malatok says

    NO “smart” phone, NO tracking device, NO Qr code, NO virus.
    Kill the beast now and while you are at it destroy that damn Teeeeeee Veeeeeee too.
    If you have an evil “smart” phone nesting like a viper in your pocket or tightly grasped in your simian fist as if it were some kind of extirpated still pulsating body appendage or brain abortion as the case may be, then you are part of the problem and will never contribute anything of worth to stop the real zombie virus that is leading the herd of mutton over the cliff, at least not until you smash your personalized tracking demon to bits. Slouching naked apes thumb jabbing their hand held thingies and drooling over their idiot gizmos are no longer fully human, rather mindless mutton-headed interfaces with nobody home, or seldom available as they spend their pathetic half-lives peering down the black hole of their tacky, third rate NWO Chinese junk shop virtual “reality”. It’s like listening to East Germans, that were surveilled by STASI psychopaths 24/7 before the Wall was moved, explaining how free they became (at least until 2 years back) even as they exhibit the same nauseating “smart” phone ticks and prosthetic brain addictions as their thoroughly brainwashed cousins in the West while they themselves, without question, pay through the nose for this constant monitoring of their lives and interference from goons and “nudging” by the psychopaths that own the so-called “social media platforms” of Fecesbook, Twatter, EweTueb, Goggle and ilk…”safe” spaces where the sheeple bleat.
    Though the STASI orphans should have known better, they too have already been consumed whole by trans humanist Mickey Mouse BS so the logical next step for the reptilians in charge is to pump their graphene oxide and nano dirt directly to their ovine brains and put them under complete remote control where monkey man never again has to miss a Twatter outburst or a Goggle command or Fecesbook “breaking news” fart or whatever crap they get from their blinking, prosthetic, vital organ when they deep dive into their amoled glass swamp. By all means you four-legged critters of the herd do download the “essential updates” in your monthly covaids “booster” death vaxx squirt to become a truly fulfilled silicon meat puppet like the rest of the protoplasm squirming around you. Your viper in residence and its Qr coded commands (straight from the hell that you couldn’t wait to jump into) will indeed award you with the appropriate Chicom slash NWO credits for being an obedient and soulless slave of the hell on Earth they are now erecting for the dying herd as the last stage of this dystopian farce plays out.

    “Smart” phone macht dumb
    But PfiZer macht frei …. permanently

    Your kakistocracy only wants what’s best for
    you…..nudge..nudge…wink…sputter…. cackle…..$quirt!
    Professor Mattias Desmet on EweTueb “How can so many still buy into the narrative”

    1. guest says

      Only a ruthless dictator could close down the cell-towers and prevent wireless telephones. Then people would rise up, demand freedom, demand democracy, elections, constitutions.

  3. Malatok says

    28,103 Deaths 2,637,525 Injuries Following COVID Shots in European Database of Adverse Reactionshttps://alethonews.com/2021/10/31/28103-deaths-2637525-injuries-following-covid-shots-in-european-database-of-adverse-reactions/

    And that is from EUDRA the so-called EUSSR’s “vaccination information” site. Like its USSAN cousin the numbers represent a maximum of 1 to 10% cases of death and injury due to unwillingness of doctors and hospitals to report their death squirt crimes. Later there will be hell to pay when Nuremberg 2 kicks in and kick in it will.

    YOU are the virus, their covaid$ death the cure and their last chance to take down the planet.

    1. ken says

      17,619 in the US VAERS.

      Together that’s 45,722 (reported) permanently cured of life forever by the safe and effective vaccine!

      If people can’t get the picture by now then there is little hope.

  4. Malatok says

    The sickening gallery of German covaid$ death squirt circus masters. Would you allow one of these clowns and freaks to inject you or your children with their drug cartel owners poison?

    Ms Spahn Platte (yes gender confused) naturally.

    Lothar Wieler the Vet… or as Germans say “animal doctor” whose R Koch institute is funded to the hilt by Kill Bill Gates of hell


    So called “Professor” Drosten (who has never proven that he has earned his PHD) The only copy was destroyed in flooding …wink…wink…nudge..nudge….squirt! Also on the Kill Bill gates of hell pay roll and Mr Drosten has made a killing with his bootleg fake knock off of the Kary Mullis PCR process that they lyingly call a “test”. And on top the evil and demented STASI Erika…owned by the CIA 5 minutes after the “Wall” was moved. Germans have seen all this crap before and rightly don’t want a NAZI freak show poisoning them to “save” the planet for the mile high Greta pedovore club.


  5. ken says

    “The news comes amid spiralling infection rates and a steep rise in the number of patients in intensive care units in Germany – most of whom are unvaccinated.”

    Stopped reading there. They don’t consider a person vaxxed until 14 days AFTER the SECOND shot. Considering 80% of the adverse events take place in the first ten days after the second shot it is obvious how they come up with this bullshit.

    Notice how this statement was innocuously stuck in this article. This is called priming. You feed the marks what they want to hear then stick in your propaganda.

    Apparently we really are this stupid….

  6. Ron says

    Lies, lies and more lies……no test to test a non-existent scam-demic so how are numbers going up? We live in “clown world” where things are just made up and published as truth.

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