A Trending Item in China Right Now: Donald Trump Toilet Brushes

Just 20 yuan on Taobao

  • Cleaning tools that look like the U.S. President are popular online in China 
  • One seller boasts his ‘Trump’ toilet brushes have powerful cleaning effect
  • Another seller gives out free toilet paper with Trump’s image on it to buyers
  • ‘Toilet brushes’ is a trending search phrase on Taobao, China’s answer to eBay
  • The shopping trend was reported after China waged a ‘people’s war’ on the U.S.

People in China are cheering for Beijing in a trade war against Washington by cleaning their bathrooms with ‘Donald Trump‘ toilet brushes.

Consumers have reportedly flocked to buy toilet cleaning tools that look like the U.S. President as a way to support their government.

‘”Trump” can be so useful,’ joked one Chinese blogger who also praised other products inspired by the billionaire politician, including stress balls, wine bottle openers and underpants.

‘Trump’ toilet brushes come in various designs. They cost around 20 yuan (£2) and are popular on Taobao, the Chinese equivalent to eBay.

One version spotted in Shanghai yesterday shows a stick with a cartoon Caucasian figure at one end.

The figurine, with an uncanny resemblance to Trump, sports a navy suit, a white shirt and a red tie. It has plenty of orange hair, which is used to scrub dirt off the toilet.

Brushes as such have apparently become trending items on Taobao.

The e-commerce platform now actively suggests people to buy ‘toilet brushes’ after the phrase became one of the ‘trending’ searches.

Once customers access Taobao on their computer, tablet or through the Taobao app, they may see the words ‘toilet brushes’ on their search bar, prompting them to buy.

One shop on Taobao claims its ‘Trump’ toilet brushes are ‘light’ and ‘stylish’, and can be used for cleaning squat toilets or normal flush toilets.

The 37-centimetre-long brush comes with an orange holder, which the cartoon figure’s hair dips into.

The shop says the brush has powerful, ‘360-degree’ cleaning effect and can reach ‘every corner and crack’.

Another seller on Taobao is chucking in a free roll of toilet paper with Trump’s likeness on it for those who buy the ‘Trump’ toilet brushes.

The shopping trend was reported after Beijing waged a ‘people’s war’ on Washington, urging people in China to stand up to Trump’s administration altogether.

However China is not the first country to sell the bushy-haired ‘Trump’ brushes.

Similar products first emerged last November in New Zealand.

Dubbed the Commander In Crap, the brushes are sold through shopping site Etsy to help Kiwis with daily cleaning chores.

Articles from Chinese media have used propaganda posters and Chairman Mao’s quotes to rallying public support and stir up nationalist sentiment for Beijing in the trade war.

‘All trade wars are paper tigers,’ said one Communist-style propaganda poster showing People’s Liberation Army soldiers stamping on a pile of skulls.

The poster, published on popular messaging platform WeChat, is inspired by a famous line from the country’s founding father Mao Zedong.

In 1956, Mao famously said ‘America imperialism is a paper tiger’ during a meeting with a delegation from South America.

Chinese state-run newspaper Global Times called Trump and his administration ‘greedy’ and ‘arrogant’ in a commentary earlier this week.

The column called the trade war the creation of just ‘one person’ and ‘one team’ – referring to Trump and his administration without naming names.

It also claimed that Washington has been ‘lying non-stop’ during the negotiations of the trade war.

While Donald Trump is not backing off from his ‘squabble’ with China over trade.

‘I think it’s going to turn out extremely well. We’re at a very strong position. We are the piggy bank that everybody likes to take advantage of, or take from. And we can’t let that happen anymore,’ he said yesterday as he left the White House.

Trump believes that he will be victorious and his tariffs on Chinese goods, which he raised to 25 percent last Friday, are putting the squeeze on Beijing, he’s signaled publicly and to his allies.

Source: The Daily Mail 

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