A Pair of Hero Russian Doctors Who Issued 500 Faux Vaccine Passports Nabbed by the New Normal Goons

Were doing God's work for a paltry $30 per passport


Machine translated from Russian.

The police detained in Ulyanovsk two employees of the polyclinic and one intermediary, who fictitiously supplied vaccines against coronavirus. As TASS was told in the press service of the Ulyanovsk Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the number of fictitious vaccinated people is more than 500 people.

“For a monetary remuneration in the amount of 2 to 3 thousand rubles, health workers entered information on vaccinations in official documents and state databases, assigned QR codes and vaccination certificate numbers. In fact, no procedures were carried out, and unused doses of the drug were disposed of. At present, the number of fictitious vaccinated people is more than 500, “the message says.

The police also noted that searches were carried out in the premises of a medical organization, during which outpatient cards, a vaccine register, electronic media containing information with a list of vaccinated persons were seized.

“A criminal case has been initiated on the grounds of crimes under Part 3 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (” Fraud “), Part 4 of Art. 274.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (” Unlawful Influence on the Critical Information Infrastructure of the Russian Federation “).

Two medical workers and one citizen, acting as an intermediary, have been interrogated. The issue of choosing a preventive measure for him is being discussed, “the police said, adding that documents have already been prepared for the Ministry of Health of the Ulyanovsk region to make a decision on canceling the certificates. 

Source: TASS

  1. Maiasta says

    This is a perfect example of why attempting to dodge vaccine passports, by whatever means, is a bad idea. This segregationist bullshit needs to be met head-on with a clear and uncompromising REFUSAL

    Even some of the European MEPs get this:

    Rebel MEP Christine Anderson prefers jail to forced vaccination

  2. ken says

    Charged with Fraud!


    Running the biggest scam in human history this scum accuse others of fraud!

    The pot calling the kettle black for sure.

    Sure would like to hear Yuri’s thoughts.

    1. Art says

      Remember when Anti-Empire use to be providing solid info on the faux pandemic and it’s missing evidence and fraudulent numbers. No more.

      1. ken says

        I guess there has to be a mixture to keep the readers up on other events,,,
        Although the site does have many articles on the fake virus.

    2. Ron says

      This can be FAKE NEWS to deter other doctors from doing so. The reality is if both parties (doctor and patient) keep quiet, this will 100% work.

      1. waywardia says

        You don’t know how nosy former commies are, that includes the average person in your former commie styled apartment

    3. Raptar Driver says

      He’s too busy calling people names on south front, where he gets thumbs up for being a douchebag.

      1. ken says

        Well you know the old saying,,, It takes all kinds.

        Actually Yuri has had a couple of decent comments but he is pretty defensive of Putin.

        1. Raptar Driver says

          Sure maybe a couple out of 100.
          He is offensive when it comes to Putin!
          He’s just a retard.

  3. Ron says

    This can be FAKE NEWS to deter other doctors from doing so. The reality is if both parties (doctor and patient) keep quiet, this will 100% work.

    1. RJ1918 says

      Easy to say, hard to to do – because of the lowly snitches.

  4. GMC says

    What I see in Russian society is that government is trying to corral the younger generation like the old Soviets are. The Old Soviet people and their children are a very “trained” society – that for the most part, does whatever the Gov., tells them to do. Why do you think Israel has so many old Soviet people living there.? Because they are well trained and whens the last time you have heard of any protests from any of the 800 thousand living in Israel.? The Covid scam is 100% commie and is directed towards corraling the younger non conformist and the folks that see clearly thru the bs. Pravda.

  5. waywardia says

    I met some Russians who had gotten the fake vaccine passport. Drank and smoked ganja with them too. Unfortunately, former Soviet countries still act like current Soviet countries in many regards, including mass compliance and absolute scumbaggery by the older folks as well as the younger ones too. There’s a reason why America is so pro-freedom as a matter of fact and the rest of the world does not have that cultural aspect. In most countries outside America people are very content to just be enslaved.

    1. Raptar Driver says

      Don’t worry as Americans are catching up to the rest of the world.

  6. FedUpWithBS says

    The ongoing COVID-19 nonsense here in the United States exists solely and exclusively because our governments have failed to use the correct treatment. They used so-called “vaccines” when Japan has just proven, in less than ONE MONTH, that Ivermectin can wipe out the disease. IVM was awarded the Nobel prize for medicine in 2015. One of the 3 most important drugs in human history: Aspirin, Penicillin, and Ivermectin. Get your Ivermectin today while you still can! https://health.p0l.org

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