A Naval Coalition Needed to Keep Entrance Into the Mediterranean Safe From British Piracy

Instead we're getting one with the pirates guarding the henhouse

What do you do when an Iranian ship headed to Syria entering the Mediterranean between Spain and Morocco is captured by the British?

Why you organize an anti-Iranian naval coalition of the willing to put into the Strait of Hormuz just off the coast of Iran:

While Bolton and Pompeo push the region towards maximum tension and Trump makes despicable threats to obliterate Iran, the US military has announced its intention to create and lead an anti-Iranian naval coalition in the Persian Gulf. Meanwhile, by Trump’s own admission, the United States is engaged in economic war against Iranians, as its armed forces have aggressively violated Iranian airspace and territorial waters, resulting in the humiliating downing of its most sophisticated drone by an Iranian surface to air missile.

A few naval ships from far off nations will not change the balance of power, but they will increase confusion and the chances for major regional conflict. Iranians will also view such an entity as an extension of a belligerent American naval presence.

Yes, there have been attacks on shipping near Hormuz but from what we saw it is just as likely, if not more so, that the attackers came from the side that would be involved in this coalition and not from Iran.

Meanwhile why it falls on the British to keep the entrance to the Mediterranean open or not? Last time I checked Britain was not even a Mediterranean nation.

Strait of Hormuz is at least the entrance into the Persian Gulf named for Iran. Which incidentally is chaffing under a ruinous oil embargo. Albeit it is not a military blockade, due to legal warfare very few Iranian tankers or tankers carrying Iranian oil are traversing its Hormuz strait.

What if Iran all but eliminated British shipping from the English Channel and then sent a highly moralized naval task force to keep that same strait “open”?

  1. Ralph Osbon says

    The Brits have a history of behaving like pirates

    1. cap960 says

      Old habits die hard.

  2. John C Carleton says

    Funny thing about pirates.
    Once you hang them, they never steal another ship!

    Thats a fact!

    1. Guest says

      It’s just like magic!

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