A Death Sentence, For Your Own Protection

The most systematic assault on people's livelihoods and freedoms since the Khmer Rouge

Governments worldwide are censoring information about Coronavirus, obstructing testing, slowing cures, falsely imprisoning millions, destroying trillions of dollars of wealth, and killing untold thousands with dictatorial measures.

As these words are written, governors throughout America have issued orders (without resort to any statutes or legislation) shuttering thousands of businesses and terminating tens of millions of workers. Some 70 million Americans are now imprisoned in their residences, needing government permission even to walk to a park. The U.S. Justice Department is calling openly calling for indefinite detentions and a suspension of habeas corpus.

The United States is under the strictest level of martial law in history.  All borders are sealed.  Tanks and armored personnel carriers now roll through the streets of New York City, San Diego and other cities.

All of this is in response to COVID-19, the “Coronavirus,” a disease whose mortality statistics are almost certainly far below three percent for all who contract it. [Actually, it’s far, far less.]

The sheer folly and carnage of government overreaction to this threat will go down as unparalleled in American history. Social science has established few correlations stronger than those linking high unemployment rates with higher rates of suicide, homicide, overdoses, alcoholism, and mental illness. Studies have found that every 1 percent increase in unemployment likely increases violent crime by 14.3 per 100,000 residents, increases property crime by 1.8 percent and increases opioid death rates by 3.6 percent.  A 2015 study found that the unemployment associated with the economic crises of 2008 likely contributed to some 5,000 excess suicides in the following years.

Yet now, in 2020, the world’s governments are mandating astronomical unemployment and social isolation—in the name of preventing deaths.  These government responses to COVID-19 will almost certainly kill far more people than the dreaded disease itself. 

Perhaps saddest of all is that the U.S. government response has been something of a copy of draconian responses by the world’s most tyrannical dictators.

The COVID-19 outbreak is said to have started in the Wuhan Province of China, although this is contested in some circles. The Chinese government’s reaction to Coronavirus was both Orwellian and totally ineffective. Thousands died unnecessarily.

According to The Guardian, “China’s response to the outbreak included a month-long government cover-up in Wuhan . . .  that led to the rapid spread of the coronavirus.” Chinese police punished and imprisoned doctors for “spreading rumours” about the virus. The government denied for months that the virus was spread by human to human contact. Officials suppressed reports of potential cases and turned people with symptoms away from hospitals.

When the Chinese government could no longer contain the “rumours,” it ordered the entire province of Wuhan locked down, in the middle of the night with an eight-hour gap before the order went into effect. Thousands fled.

The government then ordered 50 million people quarantined. It was the largest prison camp in history—a record that lasted only a month and a half before it was surpassed by regions of the United States.

When panic over the virus first hit American shores in January, officials at the FDA and CDC stymied private and academic development of diagnostic tests while pushing defective government tests. The U.S. government stopped Seattle’s Dr. Helen Chu from testing for coronavirus because Chu’s lab “was not certified as a clinical laboratory under regulations established by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.”

Hundreds of Americans will likely die as a direct result of the CDC and FDA decrees in Seattle. It was not until March 17 that the FDA first gave emergency approval to any private company to distribute nongovernment COVID-19 tests to hospitals.  (The agency still prohibits distribution to private individuals.)

“Health officials” have always sought to monopolize testing within government (and government-certified hospital) ranks. And these impulses have caused the deaths of untold thousands. (AIDS and HIV ravaged the U.S. for three decades before the U.S. government finally permitted—in 2012—a private, at-home HIV test.  Prior to that, the stigma of that disease undoubtedly kept hundreds of thousands from getting tested at government-controlled clinics.  Thousands undoubtedly died as a result.)

The U.S. government has also banned production of nonapproved protective masks until manufacturers submit detailed applications to the CDC’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).  (Meanwhile government inspectors are grounded from travel to inspect the manufacturing facilities.)

The U.S. government (and state governments within the U.S.) followed the Chinese model of COVID-19 response to the letter. Just as in China, American officials (1) enforced regulations which stalled and obstructed all efforts by private, local or academic medical experts to test or report on the virus, and then (2) overreacted to public concerns by implementing Orwellian measures to illustrate the government’s supposed control.

Today, Americans are being told they may not gather in groups larger than ten. Many large families are, in fact, in violation of such decrees. Chicago’s mayor has ordered citations and arrests for those who go outside for exercise. On March 26, L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that “nonessential” businesses which defy shutdown orders would have their water and utilities shut off. (The designation of whether a business is essential or nonessential is known to change in seconds during press conferences or phone conversations.)

As I write these words, virtually every school, university, library, food court, gym and civic center has been closed by government decree (not laws, codes, or statutes, mind you).

And while politicians spoke in velvet tones about health and fresh air, they have shuttered every available national park and almost every campground.

As always, those within government, and prominent pro-government celebrities, are getting preferential treatment for testing and treatment. And while governments are locking down millions of inhabitants, demanding government permission documents for all travel, and banning gatherings of more than a few people, these bans do not apply to government itself.  Cops and National Guard units now march through the streets by the score.

In Italy, the government is using Coronavirus as an excuse to build ever-more expansive facial-recognition and social media databases and surveillance systems.

The Italian government now scours over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts in search of curfew or quarantine violators.

Stay tuned!

Source: LewRockwell.com

  1. Jozo Magoc says

    In 2033 is Novus Ordo Seclorum at Annuit Coeptis!!! Jew World Order….

  2. Rowdy-Yates says

    The overall “sound of Humanity” has dropped. I noticed that the din of traffic and the constant sound of the town has dropped to a Weekend silence. Multiplied across the planet noise pollution has suddenly dropped so dramatically that the last time planet earth was this quiet was around the time of the Industrial revolution.

    I am sure if there are aliens observing Earth from a distance must wonder what took place for this sudden silence.

  3. JustPassingThrough says

    You’ve got to ask yourself, why?
    Why is everything in lockdown?
    If it’s not the virus, then what is it?
    What is everyone afraid of?
    Or what is the lockdown and job closing going to be an excuse for?
    Think about it.

    And BTW panic articles like this don’t help anything.
    This author sounds like he’s ready for a straitjacket.
    He probably was nowhere to be seen when Patriot Acts 1 & 2 were passed.
    He probably doesn’t even know what they are.

    Facial recognition and social media db are already in place in many places as are CATV cameras. We don’t give a s**t – it’s more important that F*book spread my selfie all over the globe.

    Childish fear-mongering by people like this makes one wonder what side he is on. Stirring s**t up like this is a great way to keep people fearful and confused and non-thinking.

    Another BS article.

    1. CHUCKMAN says

      Another BS comment, saying nothing of significance to anyone.

      1. JustPassingThrough says

        i know questions such as these overtax your mental abilties.
        that’s obvious from the drivel in your posts.
        keep on mumbling.
        and that goes for your lapdog.

  4. Michael says

    There is around 1.5 billion to 2 billion under shutdown. There is a bright side to this outside of less smog. Traffic is way down so road kills have dramatically dropped. For the first time in modern history the wildlife has a moment’s respite.
    Insecticide is not sprayed and insects get to multiply which then supports a chain of life
    Fishermen are staying home since the markets are closed. That means ocean marine life gets a few days or weeks to multiply. Just the Shrimp’s population alone will feed a range of fish. From commercial fish like Tuna and Salmon are now free for just a few days if not weeks, of the fisherman’s net.

    Industrial affluents are way down and that means discharge into oceans is also way down. Coral reefs, the rainforests of the oceans which contain 40% of marine life but only make up 1% of the ocean, have a few days less pollution.

    From rabbits to every little furry things are taking a collective breath of relief.


  5. Jihadi Colin says

    I stopped reading this article at the point where it quoted the Guardian. If Marko wants his site to become irrelevant, he should consider posting Guardian quoting articles daily.

    1. Per says

      even a broken watch show the right time twice every day,, remember they have rules to follow.
      Lesser magik (crowley style) MUST tell the “victims” what they will do, otherwise it will not work.
      That is why hollyweird drop breadcrumbs and the msm is owned by the same people, you will find much truth hidden in the ms media.. Do some digging on the subject, you will be surprised if you open your eyes. vigilantcitizen.com site have a ton off esoteric info and other weird/scary stuff. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bfb9fe81fa1ca25c0c20f2ac32725efa788b35585a72ecfe8a24f940b5a92caf.jpg

    2. itchyvet says

      My thoughts exactly.

  6. Per says

    If the people off the west accept these tyranical measures for much longer it proves to me that our civilisation is near death and most of its inhabitants incapable off independent thinking.
    Numbers matter, 25000 ppl of 7billion is a joke tbh..
    I feel for the families that lose their elders a little prematurely yet i do not think we can ever cure death, we will all die one day and i would prefer dying as a freeman instead off dying locked up without being a criminal.
    Wake up and let us get rid off the rentier class once and for all, the tree off freedom needs watering.

    1. Jozo Magoc says

      In 2033 is Novus Ordo Seclorum,dated 11 x on the 1$ bill, great seal,US flag,US Skyscrapers calendar( National Geogr.Magazine,Feb.1989,pages 156-157), plus the oficial,zionist 911 Database,and the SOLSTICES street layout in Fashington,District of Crimminals!
      The fat, obese goyim of USAtan bow to any slavery for they ate too lazy,stupid and inactive! Brain dead goyim….

      1. Per says

        the situaton in “western” Europe is similar,, most citizens are izombies and brainwashed.

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