A Case Against Lockdown From a Medic Who Has Seen Its Horrors First Hand

"If lockdowns were a prescription drug for Covid-19 treatment, the FDA would never have approved it"


‘Do no harm’ are three words all doctors must follow in the course of their work. These words make me convinced that Covid-19 lockdowns are the wrong approach, and a growing number of doctors are on my side.

Medical students throughout the West are taught the principles of beneficence and non-maleficence as pillars of medical ethics. In simple terms, they dictate that the likely benefits of our treatments ought to substantially outweigh their potential risks.

In my practice, I prescribe medications like atorvastatin to lower cholesterol, or warfarin to thin the blood, because international, randomised, double-blind control trials have proven that their benefits far outweigh their risks. If I were to prescribe thalidomide (which causes birth defects) for morning sickness, or phen-phen (which causes heart problems) for weight loss, that would be unethical malpractice; their risks outweigh their benefits. Generally, prescriptions for such medications are not allowed because regulatory bodies like the Food and Drug Administration in the US or the MHRA in the UK take them off the market once their disproportionate risks become clear.

If lockdowns were a prescription drug for Covid-19 treatment, the FDA would never have approved it. The seminal Imperial College London paper and other mathematical models like it were used to justify their use, but clinicians would never prescribe a drug or propose a surgery based on such modelling. The now well-publicised failure of these models to accurately predict Covid-19 outcomes proves the rule.

Luckily, we no longer have to talk about mathematical models. We now have seven months of real-world data to look at. Some pundits compare Sweden to Norway to argue for lockdown. Others compare Sweden to the UK, or Florida to New York to argue against. Either sort is vulnerable to accusations of cherry-picking the data. In medical science, we rely on epidemiologists to take all the available data from all the countries and perform statistical analyses to correct for as many different variables as possible.

This has now been done for lockdowns. In August, the Lancet published an analysis of data from 50 countries. The researchers found that full lockdowns were ‘not associated’ with decreased mortality from Covid-19. These are hard outcome data; reality cannot be waved away with theories or projections.

So much for the purported benefits. What about the risks? We cannot answer this question fully because a worldwide lockdown experiment has never been run before. However, evidence for the harms of lockdown is now piling up. In the US, homicides are up 50 per cent compared to last summer. In France, domestic violence calls are up 30 per cent. In Canada, almost three times more people are contemplating suicide compared to last year; and in British Columbia, overdose deaths have tripled from pre-pandemic levels. When you deprive children of their education, adults of their livelihood, and elderly people of their social connections, desperation and despair quickly set in. While a thoughtful person might have predicted this, the mathematical models did not.

All of these numbers fit with what I see in my clinical practice. I have personally admitted dozens of elderly people to hospital with illness resulting from social isolation and neglect. Some were literally starving to death. One patient, in her eighties, lived in a retirement community but relied on family members to feed her meals. When they were socially distanced (banned) from the premises, she couldn’t feed herself and her health quickly deteriorated. Another patient, a 92-year-old woman, simply gave up on life and started refusing her meals once her family stopped coming to visit.

Both these scenes were catastrophically inhumane and will stick with me for a long time. Neither is captured in the government’s Covid-19 statistics.

So if a physician were to prescribe a lockdown to a savvy patient who asked about the risks, the physician would have to disclose that depression, suicide, homicide, overdose, wife-beating, and starvation are potential side effects. Rare is the patient who would agree to take such a pill, which brings me to the other pillar of medical ethics: autonomy. Physicians do not force treatment on competent, non-consenting patients. When we discuss treatments with patients, we strive to ground those discussions in the patient’s values and not our own.

I am a life-support specialist. At this point in my career, hundreds of elderly patients have instructed me not to put them on life support. Many have told me they are comfortable with their mortality and that if not much time is left to them, they would rather spend it eating ice cream or listening to music with their family, not hooked up to my machines. It is not for me or the SAGE group to tell such a person what they ought to decide. These are questions of values, not medical science, and values are personal.

It would be deeply unethical for me to put such a patient on a ventilator against their wishes. It would likewise be deeply unethical for the SAGE group to commit such a person to social isolation. I know that reasonable, educated people can decline to consent to further lockdowns because I, for myself, do not consent to further lockdowns.

As a medic, my verdict is clear: mandatory government lockdowns amount to a medical recommendation of no proven benefit, of extraordinary potential harm, that do not take personal values and individual consent into account. Physicians who call for their use should hearken back to these core planks of their ethical training.

Source: The Spectator

  1. ke4ram says

    Lockdowns are not medical procedures. They are punishment procedures used in prisons and the politicians along with the medical system have made the world a prison.

    The whole thing is a scam. Non Isolation of the virus aside one can tell the con by their actions alone. The Tells:… (or should I say fraud)

    Only small businesses are prohibited from opening. Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, open for business of course with their little counters out there pretending to limit customers in the store.

    Everyone that dies (heart attacks, cancer flu road accidents etc) is marked Covid if the medical establishment thinks it can get away with it. They don’t even try to hide it today.

    Assembly is illegal unless you are protesting racism or some other anti White agenda.

    The total numbers of deaths have statistically remained the same,,, this from a John Hopkins study pulled from media.

    Diseases that have been with us for eternity suddenly disappears. The flu.

    The CDC eliminates natural immunity from its publication.

    Governments pay for Covid diagnosis,,,the US government Medicare pays $13,000 for diagnosis and if put on a ventilator and extra $33,000 is gifted.

    Masks (bandana’s, holy rags) are mandated even though they accomplish nothing.

    The PCR test is completely useless in diagnosing anything. It can be used like a volume control by adjusting the number of cycles up or down depending on what the politicians require.

    Having perfectly healthy people taking this test and calling them asymptomatic because some viral fragments was discovered. Do they run around testing for flu? TB? Colds which are coronavirus which would likely trip their pet test.

    A mutant virus is said to be circulating when the “experts” have yet to lay eyes on the original.

    The moron tyrants making these ‘rules’ are also breaking them.

    Extremely large fines and imprisonment for not wearing the holy rag.

    And it seems many well known authors states flat out “There is a virus” without any proof except “My doctor said so” I recently read a post where a well known prepper claimed she had the virus and it was really really bad. Her proof…. The doctor said so. I mean,,, Come onnnnn!

    So the politicians lie and the medical establishment swear to it. All to get some of those freshly printed dollars.

    First do no harm has went the way of the Dodo bird, the US constitution and principles.

    I didn’t say Merry Christmas because these same A-holes, including those going along with this travesty have ruined the day. Many churches are closed and not celebrating the birth of their “King” because some politician demands it.
    Can you imagine on Judgement Day you are asked “why did you forsake me” and you reply “The governor said so” lol…. nice try.

  2. Maxwell says

    Look let’s cut to the chase here. Thousands of elderly people were murdered by State policies that were implemented as part of the government’s response to the Covid hysteria that those government bodies created.

    There needs to be full scale investigations launched and wholesale prosecutions.

    Check country after country and what you see is that the average age of those who died from this virus is around 82 years old. That tells you right away there never has been a pandemic. The vast majority of those elderly were nursing home/care center patients. The figures there are around 55-60% of the total death count- likely higher as the figures have been fudged by counting certain deaths as hospital deaths if they came from nursing homes but died in the hospital.

    And why so many died from nursing homes in such a short period of time? Because of those policy changes not due to some unique, other-worldly “killer virus.” We would have the same concentrated death ratio from nursing homes nearly every season if the policies put in place this year were implemented permanently.

    All of this is resulting in what we are now seeing as rather low death counts in country after country over the last several months. This is because the “low hanging” fruit has been plucked. If this truly were a “global pandemic” we would still be seeing residual death totals- we are not. In a global pandemic death does not simply put the brakes on (we have in fact gone in reverse) it continues forward for some time even as it abates.

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