A Big Thank You From the Global Oligarchy

You've been so very obedient it warms our evil hearts! A little.

Dear People,

We are now almost two years into our great transition, and although there’s still a very long way to go, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your help in allowing the project to run so smooth thus far, and to encourage you to allow us to continue making progress.

We must begin by saying how very pleased we have been by the levels of restraint shown. Given the nature of the plan, we naturally factored in the potential for high levels of civil unrest, but we have been surprised — pleasantly surprised it must be said — by the general absence of turmoil. Yes, there have been a few outbreaks of late, and they have meant we needed to take appropriate steps — for the good of humanity — to ensure that such disquiet is not broadcast around the world. But by and large you have got on with your thing — whatever things it is that you do — which has allowed us to get on with the important business of the day, largely unhindered and with extraordinarily little fuss.

Even more pleasing than the restraint, however, has been the exceptional levels of compliance and acceptance of restrictions which — speaking candidly — we had some reason to doubt we’d be able to pull off, such were their nature. Indeed, when we ordered your governments to implement the mass quarantining of millions of healthy people for the first time in history; the wearing of bits of cloth over your faces; and the entire human race to be injected with a new technology gene therapy which had never even been used in a vaccine, nor had any long-term safety trials, there was a real possibility that you’d smell a rat and simply refuse to comply. But thanks to our colleagues in the behavioural science teams across the world, and to you for so placidly and willingly going along with their messaging, it has all gone off far smoother than we could ever have imagined.

Of course, this has not been true of all of you. There have indeed been some misguided attempts to push back against our important agenda, and this might have been problematic had such troublemakers been given a platform. However, given the nature of our position and status, it was of course little trouble for us to silence the most egregious violators, denying them the ability to air their views, which most of you will hopefully agree was justified in the interests of serving the good of humanity. As for the more bog standard offenders, most of this was taken care of by the majority of you, who helpfully took up the cause on our behalf, refusing to listen to these “conspiracy theorists” and “anti-vaxxers”, and hearteningly taking all your news and views from our official and trusted media outlets.

This is not without irony, however. Though it has been an important part of our plan that so many of you use our pejorative labels to describe those who claim the last two years has been about something other than the official narrative we have set out, the truth is that throughout the transition we’ve been at pains to be as open and honest with you about our plans as we were able. Very little has been done in secret. From the outset, and long before anyone had so much as a needle in their arm, Bill was telling you that the plan was to jab every human on the planet. Then of course Klaus made it clear that this was a one-off window of opportunity to reset everything in the way we’ve been hoping to do for many years. He even kindly went on to drop a few more clues when he talked about your future being a fusion of your digital, physical, and biological selves. Klaus’s marketing team even put out that thing about you owning nothing but being happy. Of course the bit about being happy was added as a bit of light-hearted banter, but the point is this: we’ve been entirely open about our plans, and nobody can say they weren’t told.

Nowhere has this been seen more clearly than when we got the whole crew across the globe using the same phrase — Build Back Better. And so it has been a genuine source of amusement for us that when people have pointed to all this as evidence of some sort of agenda to destroy the existing socioeconomic order and replace it with a Transhumanist Technocracy replete with a Social Credit ID System, they have been scoffed at and called Tinfoil Hat Wearing Nutjobs, as if they’d based their opinion on the Conspiracist’s Gazette, rather than the World Economic Forum or Bank of International Settlements. Most amusing!

As we look to the future, however, we must ask that you continue to be patient. A transition of this size and scope clearly cannot be done overnight, and there are lots of moving parts which will need to run in some form or other for a number of years. Thankfully, years of mass priming on the climate stuff should take care of that. We will of course require that every one of you take all the Covid booster shots offered to you over the coming years, and whilst our hope is that you will avail yourselves of this important part of our plans without the need for coercion, I’m sure most of you will agree that those who refuse or resist — the Anti-Vaxxers — will only have themselves to blame when we are forced to deny them access to all the basic essentials of life, since the good of humanity is at stake, is it not?

We would also ask that you spare a thought for us. Although the last couple of years has gone far more smoothly than we could ever have imagined, it has nonetheless been a stressful time planning each next move and wondering whether the majority might start asking awkward questions and taking steps to thwart the agenda we have committed the planet to. Many sleeplessness nights have been had. Many a day of uncertainty. As has been observed of the movers and shakers of the world down the ages, “ours is a high and lonely destiny”. But we press on, as we must. For the good of humanity.

Best wishes,

The Global Oligarchy

P.S. Those who read this and conclude that we really are attempting the most audacious reordering of the world that has ever been seen, remember: that’s just nothing but a Conspiracy Theory. Stay safe!

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  1. ken says

    Sounds just like what I think the conceited bastards think.

    Listening to Stew Peters interview a certain Vincent James, Stew asked him what he thought the main agenda behind these shots are.

    James replied the usual,,, power and money. It seems strange that people cannot or will not see the truth. The truth is,,, you need people if you want power over them. This shot is killing thousands and will likely kill millions/billions before all is said and done.

    The depopulation program will eliminate at least 90% of the population,,, maybe more as we all know they are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. They are so cocksure they just might end up eliminating Mankind.

    But the point is,,, Mr. James did not include depopulation in his answer. It’s amazing how people cannot see what is before their eyes.

    1. Maiasta says

      I’ve literally showed people documents and videos in which these fascists openly discuss their eugenicist project (always dressed up in the language of “family planning” and “sustainability”), and those people have still denied it. I think the concept is too much for most folks to contemplate, and so they just block it out.

      But you’re right. None of this is about money & power in the traditional sense. The “Good Club” already had all of the pwer. What is happening now is a transiition into a wholly new system, with a steady-state economics and a digital transaction system pegged to the consumption of natural resources. But if successful, most of us won’t be around to enjoy the utopia.

      1. ken says

        Yeah,,, you have better luck talking to a wall….

    2. steve kastl says

      Yes, but it is Western countries that will be depopulated. Chinese and Russian vaccines are traditional, not mRNA. Am I missing something? Isn’t the West committing suicide with this Jonestown mRNA vaccine?

    3. jimbogoofball says

      It is amazing that people are not hunting these rich pukes down and eliminating them. One by 1. That is really unfortunate. These rich baz–TURDS need to be destroyed. Stand up. Go after them. Make them afraid to be outside. Stand up to them.

  2. Maiasta says

    The rational answer to these people (aside from hanging them) is this:

  3. Mr Reynard says

    Dear Global Plutocracy, we appreciate you thanks & we are making an appreciative answer for you …

    1. ken says

      Too quick…. Maybe the boxes with sand flies Fraudci used to torture the puppies. But unlike the puppies do not cut his voice chords. Seems fair.

      1. Mr Reynard says

        I buy that !

  4. Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist says

    Coup in Sudan
    “ISIS” in Afghanistan
    America out to create more trouble in Eastern Europe
    Zionists cyberattacking Iran,

    But clearly anti empire thinks it’s better to obsess on and on and on and on about
    The covfefevirus shenanigan.

    1. Maiasta says

      When you’re being dragged off to a quarantine camp and/or they’re shooting their innoculation into your arm, you may feel differently.

      But never mind me. Please do tell us what you personally are doing to stop the coup in Sudan, ISIS in Afghanistan, Eastern Europe and Zionists cyberattacks.

  5. Raptar Driver says

    Ain’t no problems, what comes around goes around.
    You’re descendants will feed the crops that will feed my people.

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