98% of New York Covid-19 Deaths Had at Least One Other Underlying Condition

COVID-19 fatalities continue to be tallied in a way that is not true for any other infection

From NYC health statistics found here updated through April 2:

1145 + 24 = 1169

24 * 100 / 1169 = 2

Of the 1169 deceased with covid-19 for whom it was possible to say if they had another illness (perhaps because their medical records were available), just 2% had none.

For Italy it was 1%: 99% of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy Says. 50% Had 3 or More

  1. chris chuba says

    That’s a lot of links to follow. What do they mean by ‘underlying condition’? If by that they mean over 50 and obesity then the bad news is that this means that 50% of us have at least one underlying condition. If they mean type 2 diabetes and multiple heart surgeries then perhaps this matters.

    When the smoke clears will this be good for the Social Security Trust fund or will the Republicans still find an excuse to get rid of it to fund the military? I know, it’s still a heads I win, tails you lose scenario.

    1. Udo Bauer says

      The official list: 1) cancer/chemotherapy (immune sys destroyed); 2) diabetes (narrow arteries); 3) heart disease; 4) very high blood pressure. Most covid deaths are 75+ with 2+ co-morbidities. Covid is a bad flu.

      1. chris chuba says

        I give you credit for looking into the list (for this lazy fat American :-)).

        Flu’s are pretty nasty, just looked at how flus kill and yes, same pattern. They enter through the nasal passage and most people die because their immune system overreacts trying to fight the unknown pathogen and respiratory distress is frequently the last straw.

        Flus are nasty.

  2. Emmet Sweeney says

    Marko, Keep up the good work. The truth will get through eventually and the globalist media will have lost the last shred of credibility that they had. This is the greatest and most malevolent hoax ever perpetrated and it must be exposed.
    The way I put it is this: Previously, if a patient had AIDS and then developed pneumonia and died, the cause of death was given as AIDS – and quite rightly. Now, if a patient has AIDS and also then gets coronavirus and subsequently dies, the cause of death is given as coronavirus – a complete shifting of the goalposts and outrageous abuse of statistics.

  3. K says

    Hey brother, get on Gab! Links to AE articles are becoming increasingly popular over there

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