66% Covid Deaths in Minnesota Last Week Were Among the Injected (111 of 168)

It wasn't so long ago that Fauci claimed 99.2% of those dying were unvaxxed

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We will call this horror movie for the Minnesota DOH and the IB, The Night of Vaxed Dead. Dave Dixon’s superb chart will be available shortly, but in the meantime just a quick flash on today’s breakthrough event reporting by DOH.  Here is the headline:  111 out of 140 reported deaths in the last week were in the vaxed. That is right, you are reading correctly. And over 7000 new breakthrough cases were reported today since last week’s report.

I hate to be right about this, but this is heading toward an epidemic, if you can call it that, of the vaxed. The current vaccines are not doing a good job at preventing infection after a few months and they are not doing a good job at preventing serious illness, including death, in the elderly. Still waiting for an apology for your lies, Mr. Governor, Little Timmy Walz.

Update: Let me also point out that the overall death rate based on detected cases in Minnesota is .11%. The undercounted death rate on breakthrough cases is .074%. Yes, you need to age adjust and so on, and mathematically, the non-breakthrough rate must be higher than .11%, but the rates aren’t that far apart, and the breakthrough rate is increasing a whole lot faster than the overall one.

Source: Healthy Skeptic

I teased this in an earlier post, here is Dave Dixon’s actual updated table. You can read the numbers for yourself, you can see the truth of what is happening and the trend. Cases, hospitalizations and deaths all rising far faster in the vaxed than in the unvaxed.  Look at the week-over-week reported growth. I would love for DOH to whine about the comparison being inaccurate because of differential reporting lags, because they can solve that instantly by giving us dates of events. And vaxed events are undercounted.

Dave has slightly adjusted matching reported data since my earlier post, so only 111 out of 168 reported deaths this week were in the vaxed. The multiple corrections on this today are due to trying to figure out the best way to match breakthrough reported numbers to total reported numbers. If you look at the table it looks like DOH only tries hard to identify breakthroughs every other week.

Note also the massive breakthrough case and hospitalization growth this week. I will push and push on this til the state comes clean. You can count on that.

Source: Healthy Sceptic

  1. Maiasta says

    Short video that is doing the rounds sums up the dozens of sportspeople dropping dead in the field:

    What’s going on? Athletes dropping like flies.
    And an excellent article by Mike Whitney breaks down some of the stats on mortality rises in 2021. There’s no question about the skewed distribution of deaths specifically amongst the vaxxed:

    Excess Deaths Point to Depopulation Agenda

  2. ken says

    Still using the useless PCR…. (sigh) There is no SARS COV 2,,, there are no break through mutants but there is a disease called Covid. This disease is from the injections and it spreads to the unvaxxed and vaxxed via shedding. All brought to you by those fine upstanding people in white butcher coats. They are no longer doctors,,, they are butchers of the human species.

    Their poison not only brings on covid but a plethora of other diseases, sterilization and the elimination of human DNA. When they get through there will be no natural humans,,, all except the oligarchs and maybe some survivors that will be genetically modified.

    They are now in the process of injecting our offspring. They are testing babies 0 – 5 now. Yes, unfortunately so called parents are sacrificing their children. Be prepared for an onslaught of covid and diseases.

    There appears nothing that can stop this. Well over half the population of the planet are under their spell. Any resistance is immediately squashed and usually ineffective.

    At this point it doesn’t look promising. Hopefully that will change otherwise may God have mercy on our souls.

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