60,000 Children Have Died in the US Since 2020. 59,400 Didn’t Have Covid

Would you inject a child with untested mRNA to ward off drowning?

My friend Phil Kerpen (@kerpen) has put together an excellent table showing pediatric deaths by state since Jan 1, 2020. Since that start date over 60,000 children have died of any cause and 558 pediatric deaths have been attributed to COVID-19. [That’s a rate ten times higher than in England for which a very comprehensive study exists that looked at every single child hospitalization individually.]

That’s 0.93% of all deaths during that period of time.

So, for example, in Massachusetts, there have been 7 child deaths with COVID-19 and 750 deaths of children from other causes. Numerous states have registered zero of fewer than 10 deaths over this 22 month period.

As my friend Gummi put it: Parents you have 100 problems and COVID is just 1 of them.

Source: Rational Ground

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  2. ken says

    All these numbers by a test even they say is unreliable and are dropping it.

    1. Arnieus says

      Yet they still use it to mess with people, cancel games etc. Ridiculous what sheep Americans have become.

  3. paschn says

    It’ll take more than truth and science to slap this crown awake.

  4. seth rich says

    Still they list deaths “with” Covid, not “from” Covid. If someone had cancer and died in a car accident, does that get reported as “died with cancer?” Wake up sheeple.

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