57% of Israelis Are Fully Vaccinated. They Contribute 55% of the Newly Infected

Fortune reports:

Last Friday, 55% of the newly infected had been vaccinated, the website said.

55 percent? That sounds a lot. But surely it’s only 55 percent because so many Israelis have been vaccinated. What is the proportion of Israelis that has received the injections? 95 percent? 90 percent? 80 percent?


Israel had one of the world’s most effective coronavirus inoculation drives. Some 57% of the general population is fully vaccinated

57 percent? That means the vaccinated are contributing cases at almost the exact same rate as their portion of the population. Yeah, we can bury the idea injections prevent infections. The COVID Rouge has been overlooking (purposefully glossing over) natural T-cell immunity from exposure to other coronaviruses, yet their own injection works no better and also can not prevent initial infection.

The piece goes on to say that the vaccine nonetheless is highly effective in preventing hospitalizations and deaths, but doesn’t provide any data to back that up. We certainly don’t get a breakdown of outcomes by vaccine status.

  1. Ultrafart the Brave says

    “The piece goes on to say that the vaccine nonetheless is highly effective in preventing hospitalizations and deaths, but doesn’t provide any data to back that up.”

    Here’s some data…

    Corona Chan “Delta Variant” Mortality 8 Times Higher in Vaccinated Than Unvaccinated
    [ https://vaccines.news/2021-06-29-mortality-delta-variant-eight-times-higher-vaccinated.html ]
    [ https://gnews.org/1357351/ ]

    Corona Chan “Vaccines” Cause 82% Spontaneous Abortions in First & Second Trimester Pregnancies
    [ https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-07-01-depopulation-alert-shocking-new-study-reveals-covid-vaccine-terminates-4-out-of-5-pregnancies-via-spontaneous-abortions.html ]

    Corona Chan “Delta Variant” Caused and Spread By “Vaccines” – 62% of Corona Chan Deaths are “Vaccinated”
    [ https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-07-01-report-majority-now-dying-with-covid-are-vaccinated.html ]

    1. Raptar Driver says

      I’m starting to think that the virus may be real.
      And they are using the vaccines to spread them.

      1. Ultrafart the Brave says

        Another possible angle might be that the Graphene Oxide lately reported to be in the “vaccines” may be specifically intended to mimic Corona Chan, to aggressively support the nonsense of “breakthrough cases” and Corona Chan “variants” to justify creepy Bill’s planned “booster shots” (seeing as how Graphene Oxide allegedly produces a raft of symptoms identical to Corona Chan).


        Graphene Oxide in Corona Chan “Vaccines”
        [ https://www.orwell.city/2021/06/covid-19-is-caused-by-graphene-oxide.html ]


        Early days yet – further clarification of these claims is probably needed.

  2. Sally Snyder says

    Here is an interesting look at the links between Pfizer’s board of directors and other key players in the pandemic narrative:


    Piece by piece, the puzzle comes together.

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      Thanks for that link.

      It really helps to paint a picture of the true corruption going on behind the public’s back.

  3. ken says

    That’s because it’s the vaxxination doing the killing. Everyone ignores the obvious. Many have died almost immediately after jabbed. Others will take longer.

    But what is really idiotic is most only believe the government gods saying (without any proof) it wasn’t the vaxx. Everyone else is an idiot.

    This worship of government is getting really bad. Just watched a video of a person who just got the jab being carried out on a stretcher jerking about like he landed in a ant mound. The rest of the zombies just kept their place in line, most not even looking at the poor soul. Talk about hypnotized!

    In only five months the vaxx has killed thousands,,, and that is only the ones being reported. In the US we grieve over the 3000 that supposedly died on nine-eleven. Hell,,, we’re twice that now and when you mention it…. You’re an anti-vaxxer!

    You damn right I am….

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      “In only five months the vaxx has killed thousands,,, and that is only the ones being reported.”

      A 5th July 2021 interview by Dr.Joseph Mercola with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko sheds some insights on this subject…


      A pertinent quote from Dr. Zelenko…

      “… I estimate, there are already around 200,000 dead Americans, directly related to the vaccinations.”

  4. Joe_Below says

    They couldn’t get enough Zyklon-B the first time around? Anyways, the numbers of vaccinated will decline over time.. as they die off.

  5. Counting says

    As Trump told us ‘the vaccines are a miracle’ and as we know miracles don’t exist.

  6. Jerry Hood says

    That Rat-child kapo deserve to be ” chambered” with one dose!

  7. Jimmy Scott says

    Just stop. 20% of all flu’s are covids and always have been. There is no specific test for “covid 19” so if someone has had the flu 5 times the odds they will test positive is almost 100%. This is all a lie so they can blame the crashing Federal Reserve Note on the flu and China.

    The banks that own the media and the hospitals got a 4.8 trillion dollar bail out at the beginning of this fake pandemic so they have 4.8 trillion reasons to lie as well.

  8. Tzvi says

    And yet the push is ON to inject those 12-15 year olds in Israel…they don’t want big families anymore:

    “Over 150,000 men now in these schools are indoctrinated in the faith that stricture and rabbis supersede the laws and officials of the state.”

    “Thus the community doubles itself every 16 years, four times the rate of the rest of Israel. The haredim have grown to about 12% of the 9.5 million people – almost 20% of the country’s Jews. Unless something changes – and the attrition rate is estimated at less than 5% – they will constitute a majority of Israel’s Jews in a few decades.”


    and then there is the doublespeak in this article:


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