Site Update: Things May Get Slow Around Here, the Mind Virus Police Is Coming

Took the PCR roulette for a spin, as it is a travel requirement here and I needed to go for a visit, and I lucked out:

The forced PCR lottery strikes again, just another of its millions of victims.

There is no chance in hell I have any active virus or am contagious for anything. I’ve never been healthier or felt better in my life.

Nonetheless, I expect a phone call in the morning after which the COVID goon squad will make an appearance at my doorstep and give me 30 minutes to pack before the trip to a “quarantine facility”.

I’ll try to negotiate it down to home quarantine but have little expectation of success. (House arrest is usually reserved for contacts of positives.)

If in the coming days the site slows to a crawl you’ll know it’s because your editor is in virus jail.

Now I’ll step out for my last bout of freedom for a while. Between the late hour and the near lockdown we’re under, that means the neighborhood 7-Eleven.

  1. Sally Snyder says

    As shown in this article, one American state has recently passed legislation that will allow governments to subject its residents to mandatory vaccinations and forced quarantining:

    If governments can lock us down for health reasons, there are many other reasons that they can lock us down, force us into quarantine and isolate us from our families and each other.

  2. Dale says

    Remember, the commonest symptom of this plague is “I feel fine.”

  3. ken says

    I’ve been expecting this. Your site has been a truth teller and as far as I can tell a free speech center.

    As we all know the PCR tests are bogus. Apparently your articles and commenters are causing too much interference with their agenda.

    You wanted to go,,, took the PCR and They-got-ya.

    I notice they don’t give the number of cycles…

    Don’t know if you read the comments but……. how long is the normal quarantine?

    I worry for you as you will probably have to take the PCR again before being released.

    Man… Good luck to you!

  4. SteveK9 says

    Good luck. I see you live in the Phillipines. Haven’t heard very many good things regarding restrictions, coming out of there.

  5. GMC says

    It’s amazing to me , just how many backstabbers there are in each of these different countries – especially those in the medical field. Could be a serious reckoning, if this mRNA ends up sending people back to the clinics, hospitals and other so called medical facilities called the Morgue.

    Vietnam has just started hiring all those who had the virus and have recuperated – to work in the hospitals to help out – a paid job in fact. smart move !

  6. Miles says

    Ah bummer, get out soon dude. Sending man hugs… I ain’t afraid of no ghosts

  7. Mr Reynard says

    See that video @ @allan-kaplan & have a smile…

  8. Mark says

    Be well, Marko; it’s nothing to be afraid of. The rush is on to get everyone jabbed because as of December 31st the authorities in all the New Dictatorships will not be able to use the PCR ‘test’ any more, and it was ever so useful at signaling outbreaks and a surge of ‘new cases’ whenever a crackdown was required, as is happening here now in British Columbia; back to indoor masking and many companies ordering vaxx mandates now that the Pfizer wonder-juice has received the FDA’s stamp of approval.

    When the PCR instrument is gone, ‘case numbers’ will drop dramatically, and it will of course be attributed to vaccine efficacy. See? We told you to get jabbed – why wouldn’t you listen to reason?

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